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    The spiritual aspect of living dominates my life.

    I am a student of politics and economics, particularly how they affect investing. These topics help in understanding the progressive outworking of civilization, with its ups and downs, but ever upward. And from the spiritual perspective, how it's all ultimately governed by the celestial overseers of our planet.

    I am focused on alternative health solutions to remedy problems and optimize health.
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  1. I normally go to a radiology group for bone density testing. However, one year I went to my local hospital; closer. Wow! Significant loss compared to steadily increasing density over several years. I suspected it might be in inaccurate test, and sure enough, two years later returning to my usual radiology service the results showed an increase from my last test there four years previous. Two years later I did another test and there was an increase of 8% and 13% in the two areas and other than a mild ostopenia I had regained by bone density after a ten year effort. This I attribute to being truly gluten free for several years (finally figured how to order at restaurants), and exercise regimen focused on bone strengthening exercises, and taking 750 mg strontium for four years. It may be the strontium wasn't needed, but added it after researching. One last thing: I am focused on natural health remedies and optimizing health with what I eat, supplements and avoiding the direction of the traditional medical establishment as much as I can.
  2. I've taken it twice upon the recommendation of my alternative medical practicioner. It is used to discover "cross-reactives," foods which your body treats as eating gluten. Here's a good explanation of it: http://www.thepaleomom.com/2013/03/gluten-cross-reactivity-update-how-your-body-can-still-think-youre-eating-gluten-even-after-giving-it-up.html The results of the #4 Array test came in positive for several foods, which I had substantially reduced. I am now planning on abstainng from them as I do from gluten. (Since I lack outward symptoms, I don't have the same immediacy of motivation as those of you who react awefully.) A little background: My gastroenterologist is close to labeling my condition as refractory sprue. Antibody tests over the last 18 months show that I successfully avoid gluten. So my thinking is that the cross-reactives may the problem. I'll see the results when I take another antibody test in the futre.
  3. Hi, I saw that you visited me. I hope that you do well with your goal to be more strict. I understand that it can be hard when you don't get immediate feedback in the way of symptoms. I guess I should count myself lucky for that, but I don't.

    Best Wishes

  4. Confusion About Levels Of Sensitivity...

    Thanks for answer that it could take years to heal depending on how long this has been going on, which is 17 years undiagnosed and another 12 where I wasn't strict enough. Let me add that in the early years before diagnosis I did have definite symptoms of severe diarrhea after eating. But after finally being diagnosed lactose intolerant, that ended. I suspect gluten sensitivity prevented lactose digestion. By the way, after I was diagnosed with Celiac 12 years and eliminated gluten - but not strictly - I was no longer lactose intolerant. As for what my symptoms were like, that's an easy one after I dealt with the lactose intolerance: nada, nothing! And it remains that way. It's the endoscopy that discovered the state of the villi, with the high IgA antibody count. Notes on the last endoscopy:
  5. Confusion About Levels Of Sensitivity...

    This is a late reply to this post. Just joined the forum and thought my experience may help. I was diagnosed around a dozen years ago, but because I lack any symptoms at all and lacked medical professionals that understood the disease to properly counsel me, I was not strict. After an endoscopy two years ago, my gastroenterologist told informed me my villi were pretty much gone and asked if was strict on my diet. Of course not, but I determined to become so, and two years later dropped from and IgA of 44 to 7. Just had an endoscopy which was even worse, and the bone density mineral supplement (Probono) that had increased bone density by 7% no longer was being absorbed, as evidenced by a significant bone loss. That's when I realized I had to be knowledgeably strict - thus my registering for this forum. I am seeking zero IgA next time I measure it. Can anyone comment if that's a realistic goal? Of if there's a different test other than the gliadin antibody you would suggest? The point of all this is that the consequences of even a very small amount of arsenic - I mean gluten - has consequences. As noted in this post, it may extend beyond affecting the intestines and then be known by a different disease, but still caused by gluten.