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    The spiritual aspect of living dominates my life.

    I am a student of politics and economics, particularly how they affect investing. These topics help in understanding the progressive outworking of civilization, with its ups and downs, but ever upward. And from the spiritual perspective, how it's all ultimately governed by the celestial overseers of our planet.

    I am focused on alternative health solutions to remedy problems and optimize health.
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Married 40 years (I like to say it's an accomplishment in these days of difficulty of relationships remaining intact.) I teach and write on spiritual matters.

I was diagnosed in 2000 by an endoscopy showing atrophied villi. It's all hazy now, so I don't recall having been told to stop gluten, although I must have because lactose tolerance disappeared. Unexpected and oh so nice!

But with no symptoms, I didn't take gluten avoidance seriously enough until a 2010 endoscopy with bad-news villi and IgA still high at 44. Then became serious; in 2012 IgA reduced to 8, but villi were not only still badly atrophied, but collagenous sprue was added to diagnosis.

I embarked upon a severe effort to restrict ALL gluten with success. Found a local alternative medicine practitioner who's actually knowledgeable about Celiac. Been gluten shortly after beginning this effort. Nice!

  1. Hi, I saw that you visited me. I hope that you do well with your goal to be more strict. I understand that it can be hard when you don't get immediate feedback in the way of symptoms. I guess I should count myself lucky for that, but I don't.

    Best Wishes

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