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  1. ShannonA

    Muscle aches & pain

    Thank you! I went gluten free for a year only tolerating soup & came back to life so to speak. Burning in my head...
  2. Hi, I am trying to locate an article that was written giving the physiological breakdown of what gluten does to the...
  3. Hi, it's been a while since I've been on here and I am trying to locate an article that was written giving the physiological...
  4. ShannonA

    Fermented foods

    Yes looking through the info, I have the the symptoms/food intolerances. Would you recommend a DAO enzyme to take?
  5. ShannonA

    Fermented foods

    hello, it's been a while since I've been on here. 4 years later & still healing. I actually had a nerve stimulator...
  6. Well I got my DNA results and I do not have the celiac gene so that does rule out celiac but I do have 2 gluten sensitive...
  7. Yes the Naturopath that I saw did say I had leaky gut back in June. I just started being able to tolerate probiotics...
  8. Thanks did not know that. With insomnia the last 6 months, I've been drinking about 3 pots to help me going through...
  9. So I have now been off of gluten for 10 months and 8 months ago I had to get off of corn,soy, dairy. That said my diet...
  10. yes I will, I was just curious if this happened to anyone else after 4 months gluten free.
  11. Well the last couple of weeks I've noticed when I eat watermelon my abdomen blows up to make me look 8 months pregnant...
  12. ShannonA

    Neurotransmitter Testing Results

    Yes I eat chicken with every serving or fish depending on what kind of soup I made. Plus the protein shake, I know that...
  13. ShannonA

    Neurotransmitter Testing Results

    I have tried so many vitamins and have reacted to all except liquid geritol. There is always corn, soy, or lactose or...
  14. My Naturopath completed a neurotransmitter test on me and I just got the results in. Of the 14 neurotransmitters tested...