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  1. Hornet

    504 Plan

    One other thing. As far as I know, there is no formal referral process for a 504. It is a federal accommodation plan for general education students. It is completely unrelated to special education, which requires many formal issues such as a psych eval to see if there is a learning disability. Be sure you don't get the issues confused as the departments and the processes are completely different.
  2. Hornet

    504 Plan

    Have they gotten sick frequently and miss a lot if school. Accommodations need to be reasonable to the student and illness. I think anything relating to food, cross contamination is important and perhaps a health class should be done to teach kids about Celiac, so they can both understand it and that they cannot catch it. It is best for teachers and cafeteria workers to know about this too. It is also important that the teacher leave instructions for a sub, where there to be a party or holiday celebration. I'm not sure about the need for an extra set of books, unless they miss a lot of school. I think every parent would like that for their kids. Just have the 504 focused on each child, the illness and try to anticipate issues. The 504 can always be amended. You don't want it to become a stigma so your kids will potentially be sources of bullying. Good luck.
  3. From my research xanthan gum gum can come from soy, corn or seaweed. It most often comes from soy but not listed as an ingredient. The only way to find out is by calling the manufacturer for the info. I have a soy issue and found this out the hard way. Be very diligent in checking out all ingredients and don't assume they are gluten or soy free if it is hidden in ingredients. Good luck and read all labels carefully!
  4. I saw Dr Leffler one of the big guns in Boston. Gave a list of all the symptoms I'm having. Not sure what I have. Had a systemic allergic reaction to a drug I've taken 100's of times and everything makes me itch. Have been gluten-free since May which he did not think was very long. He did several blood tests including the genes and wants me to do the camera pill to find out why I am losing iron. Has anyone had such allergic reactions it doesn't matter what you swallow? Won't have results for a few weeks. Feeling discouraged with so many health issues and need a smarty to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  5. Hornet

    Stool Color And Many More Questions

    Self diagnosis is not safe or healthy. You could be doing your body more harm than good. Yes all those things will change stool color, but you need an MD and maybe a nutritionist to help you do what's right.
  6. Hornet

    Exposure To Something

    I have a new problem with soy and I have learned that it depends if it is the soy protein that is used. My understanding is that is where the allergens come from. I don't know why this soy garbage is permeating the gluten-free food and so many others. Processed soy uses all kinds of chemicals if my sources were accurate. I try to avoid it all together. If it bothers you and makes you feel worse eliminate it.
  7. An allergist/immunologist would be the one to make this determination. They can do some through blood tests and others through skin tests. If you don't want to do that you can eliminate each food one at a time and keep a log of your reactions. If you do it all at once, you won't know which one you are either intolerant of or allergic to. Hope this helps.
  8. I avoid all labels that say gluten-free but are not made in dedicated gluten-free facilities. I don't know in reality why it can be called gluten-free if there may be traces of gluten, soy or other allergens. Ultimately you have to decide what is best for you and if eating traces of wheat poses a problem for your health.
  9. Hornet

    Two Months In. I Feel Awful

    Lots and lots of pop up food allergies, weight gain, worse constipation, migraines, lots of itchiness and benedryl. You are not alone. Everyone reacts differently and I am told it can take years for your gut to settle. Hang in there and feel better!
  10. I am not an MD and I believe you need to get your medical ppl together or see a different GI doc for a second opinion. I can't speak for others who will reply, but I would not change anything until you meet with your doc and discuss what is better, what isn't and get these questions resolved. Good luck.
  11. I am going to see an MD for a dx in a few weeks. I am told to stay on my gluten free diet until I see him. Can someone provide an accurate list of lab tests by name do I can discuss these when I see him. I have read look the sections and haven't come across a specific list. Thanks for helping me out.
  12. I started with severe stomach pains under my left ribs. One day I could eat gluten the next day terribly sick from it. Told to start an elimination diet. Out of the blue got suck from soy. I have had all sites of issues like fibromyalgia, iron defiant anemia and the latest is to get an itchy burning face, feet and eyelids whenever I eat anything, including my meds. Then yesterday I got this pain that runs down my back on the right side from the shoulder blade to the ribs. Nothing like heat, ice or Tylenol helped that. This really hurts and there is some thought this is liver related or gallbladder but all labs were normal for this on 6/28. Allergy doc said itchiness is not a symptom of celiacs, but rashes are. I have no rash. Has anyone had similar types of symptoms. The itchiness from ingesting anything seemed to relate to taking a Zantac. The back pain was out if the blue. I am so confused and yet to be diagnosed. Any ideas are welcome. I see the celiac specialist on the 27th. Thanks
  13. Hi are you the one who was to see Leffler at the BI CELIAC CENTER in Boston? I was told he only sees patients on Fridays!!! Are you are you appointment was with him or Dr Kelley? I only ask because I could maybe see him sooner. Good luck
  14. Hornet

    Celiac Specialists In Boston

    Thanks. I have an appointment with him in a few weeks. Hope he can helP me with all of my strange symptoms.
  15. Has anyone had any experience pro or con with Dr Daniel Leffler at BIDMC? He is the head of the department.thanks.