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  1. The heart failure & damage is the current issue. We have dealt with the heart attack since it was a few years ago. Hopefully he has many more years but like you said it could happen anytime or he could live forever. I believe he said they have him on 12 medications total now. I am trying to not be sad & to focus on the here & now but .... boy, is it hard to do.

  2. To make a long story short......my dad had a heart attack a few years ago, has been in a coma, is diabetic & has always had asthma. He had heart failure the Friday before last & was in the hospital until yesterday. He has blockage all over & his heart is too weak for surgery or stints. I was wondering if anyone knows any info about life expectancy regarding this or has had a family member suffer this before. He is 65 & has never smoked a day in his life but for some reason he has always had problems with breathing, his lungs & his heart.