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  1. I stayed there in 2016 and it was fabulous in every way. It's 5* and the gluten free dining was no problem. They even made me a gorgeous gluten free cake big enough for fifteen people for my 100th dive. Can't wait to go again.
  2. This was written in 2011 on the Livestrong website but raises concerns to me. Does anyone have any more info on this? Soy, or soya, lecithin is a gluten-free food because it is not made from wheat, rye or barley. While soy lecithin by itself does not contain gluten, additives to lecithin may contain gluten. Consumers must do their own research into ingredients and gluten content, which can sometimes be confusing. Read more:
  3. This forum is wonderful, just when you're feeling weird, you see others are having the same issues! I've been fighting dehydration for years. It makes me very tired and my lips and mouth are always very dry. I hope someone can chime in on the reason.
  4. PennyH

    Swollen Hands After Waking Up

    When I wake up I can't even move my fingers they are so stiff and painful. It takes a few minutes to slowly limber them up. They are mostly pain free for the rest of the day but by the end of the day they are sore again. I've had this for almost a year and it's the same after 6 weeks of gluten-free diet. I have very painful feet as well. I'm looking for answers, too!
  5. Is there anyone else out here on Cape Cod dealing with Celiac?
  6. Thank you for the support. This is tricky. I'm a mature woman finding myself back out in the dating world so there is a lot to discuss on first dates!
  7. Kissing can gluten us?! I'n a newbie and just learning new things. My niece had been very sick after years of gluten-free relief. After much research, and then self testing, she figured out that when she kissed her boyfriend after he ate gluten the cross contamination would make her sick. I've also read this on the internet. This is scary news. I'm dating - how do I protect myself and communicate this without sounding like a crazy person? Bring my date a tooth brush with gluten free toothpaste??? Anyone else dealing with this? This gets overwhelming, I keep finding out more dangers. I'm new to this and I find I can only research a little bit each night without getting anxious.... friendly support out there?
  8. PennyH

    Accidental Exposure

    I'm five weeks into this and I am terrified to eat out! I've been sick for so many years I don't want to take any chances. Do you ever get over this fear? I recently learned that if you kiss someone who just ate gluten that that's cross contamination! My niece found that out the hard way with her boyfriend. She was sick for weeks before they figured it out. I'm single and can't even imagine how I deal with that on new dates. It's embarrassing enough to make the fuss to get a gluten-free meal..... yikes. anyone have advice? Penny
  9. It's so good to hear that someone has had success with gluten-free and chronic pain. Your pain areas sound so much like mine. Going gluten-free is really my last hope right now. If I have full-blown Fibro AND Celiac, that will really through me. Here's hoping!
  10. I was just on the Colgate web site and they don't guarantee that their products are gluten free....
  11. You are wonderful to reach out, thank you. I have lived with pain most of my life but 4 years ago it became crippling. I push through because I have to but much of the time I'm too sore and tired!!! Fatigue is awful. I have absolutely no social life as I can't even imagine doing anything but go straight home to the couch after work. My life is severely limited. It is depressing and I try and fight that but I am, as they say, sick and tired of being sick and tired. The Celiac is the added bonus I got two months ago after being sick all winter. I hear the gluten-free diet can help all this pain but I hope to find someone who can attest to that. It was great to hear from you, I hope you feel better. Penny
  12. Very interesting information, thank you. I'll try anything at this point. I own and run two stores and a design loft so I can't stop for pain, no matter how crippling. So that has resulted in pushing my body beyond the beyond. I have trouble staying on my feet (they really hurt) and I can't get into the shop until 11 in the morning because it takes so long to get my body going. I never do anything after work but go straight home. I never have food in the house because I'm too tired to shop. I will try all those ideas! Thanks again. Penny
  13. Thank you for your advice. I have been checked out for everything that is why we are at Fibromyalia. But I've heard hopeful stories that Celiac's often have the same type of pain that can go away with the gluten-free diet...
  14. PennyH

    Tax Break For Celiacs

    You can deduct the difference between regular food and gluten-free food. For instance, My gluten-free bread is $6.50. If regular bread is $3.50 then you can deduct $3.50. You do need to keep receipts. You can also deduct the mileage for gluten-free shopping and doc appts and nutritionists. Hope this helps.
  15. Hello, I'm 5 weeks new to having Celiac Disease. For over 3 years I've had crippling chronic pain over my body and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I've gotten shots in my hips and spine, been on Neurotin, Cymbalta, pain meds, you name it. Nothing worked. Does anyone have experience or clear info on whether Celiac can mimic Fibromyalgia? I also have horrible stiffness and pain in my hands and my feet. I am hoping and hoping that a gluten-free diet will help but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. I would love some feedback/encouragement. 5 weeks on the diet and I haven't noticed anything yet. Thanks!