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  1. Copied from website - Different than sodium.

    Each of the twelve cell salts are thought to be helpful for many conditions, but the following information covers the main uses of these remedies.

    Calc Fluor is used for bones, teeth, blood vessels, and connective tissue. It can be used in treating hemorrhoids, fibroids, varicose veins, swollen glands, and weak ligaments and tendons.

    Calc Phos is also used for bone tissues, restoring strength after illness, and for muscle cramps and spasms. It can also be used in osteoporosis, broken bones, poor development of bones or teeth, hiatal hernias, uterine prolapse, and chronic infections.

    Calc Sulph is used for wound healing, building new tissues, and to help the liver detoxify the blood. It is also used in superficial burns, acne, ulcers, boils, abscesses, mucus membrane inflammation, bronchitis, sinusitis, and pinkeye.

    Ferr Phos helps the blood carry oxygen, strengthen the blood vessels, and fight infections. It is used in low-grade fevers, bruises, trauma, excessive nosebleeds, and anemia (especially during pregnancy), bleeding ulcers, irregular menses, toothaches, and inflamed gums.

    Kali Mur is contained in muscles, nerve, brain, and blood cells. It is used with to treat closed eustachian tubes, laryngitis, pleurisy, dry eczema, diarrhea, vaginal discharge, dry coughs, and can help thin mucus.

    Kali Phos regulates and regenerates the nervous system. It is used in fatigue, stress, exhaustion, vertigo, spasms, numbness, depression, nervous headaches, skin eruptions, stress-induced high blood pressure, numbness, and anxiety.

    Kali Sulph carries oxygen to the cells. It is also used with chronic ear infections, skin problems, joint or nerve pain, and chronic thick mucus.

    Mag Phos is found in the blood, bones, teeth, spine, nerves, and brain. It is used with muscle spasms and cramps, sudden loss of energy, back pain, pre-menstrual cramps, irritability, teething pain, and heart arrythmias.

    Nat Mur helps with the proper distribution of water in the body and corrects excessive dryness or moisture anywhere in the body. It is used with wet eczema, dry mouth, tinnitus, cataracts, diarrhea, blisters, fever, hayfever, and swelling.

    Nat Phos regulates the acid-base balance and the assimilation of fats. It can help with heartburn, arthritis, poor digestion, acid stomachaches, gall and kidney stones, excess perspiration, morning sickness, and fibromyalgia.

    Nat Sulph removes excess water from the cells and the connective tissue and improves liver function. It is used in diabetes, enuresis, poor appetite, jaundice, swelling, influenza, and poor digestion.

    Silica is found in connective tissues, bones, hair, teeth, nails, and nerve cells. It is used to improve kidney function, exhaustion, adrenal weakness, poor absorption of nutrients, and patients who are easily chilled.

  2. Here is a bit of research for you:


    If all of us got onto these kind of websites then the 'usage' as described in the above link could be recognised:


    This is what I added to urbandictionary:

    Word: gluten

    Def: On many celiac/coeliac and gluten intolerance related websites/forums our community uses gluten (glutened/glutening) as a verb. To be glutened means eating gluten unknowingly. It happens to us all with cross contamination and others not understanding our need for NO gluten not 'a little bit is okay' gluten.


    I was [glutened] today at our local restaurant.My latest [glutening] resulted in a trip to hospital.

    Tags: gluten, celiac, coeliac, wheat, barley, rye

    Thanks, stole to share on facebook... you rock.

  3. We have been having a heatwave in Michigan- no rain and over 90 degrees for 2 months.

    I have been struggling getting my guts back in a harmonious balance, during my female cycle it always makes my guts a mess, no matter what I eat. Sometimes when it's in a bad cycle it wants to stay there.

    On my regime, lots of peppermint tea. Good vitamins that I can take, lots of fiber and tons of water.

    Started taking Bioplasma again , had forgotten about cell salts.

    Within a few hours of taking the Bioplasma it helped me with the weakness and the headache from the days of D.

    Just sharing. :)

    I gave it to my kid and my hubby, since we are sweating so much because of the heat wave it works better than Gatorade which is a lot of sugar and food dye.

    Bioplasma cell salts... who knew

  4. It takes time for your body to heal and cross contamination is a VERY big deal I have learned.

    Your intestines are trying so hard to heal and even the smallest crumb will trigger a reaction.

    I avoided Dairy for a long time to help the healing process too. Dairy if hard for your damaged villi to digest, especially if your guts are very damaged.

    You are probably detoxing from the wheat too.

    You are early in the process and packing a lunch is a good thing to do. Restaurants are dangerous places for us Celiacs and they don't understand how militant we have to be to keep it away.

    I have found strong peppermint tea to be helpful. Peppermint oil pills from the healthfood store can help with some of the 'hot belly' I would get.

    Keep your diet simple for a while and keep track of what bothers you and what doesn't. You may discover a certain thing that triggers that makes no sense.

    I cannot have any citrus fruits at all. NOT ONE SIP! or 5/6 days of terrible gut pain.

    It's tricky trying to heal something you use every day. You can't tell your intestines to go on best rest, it is a useful part of your body that has to heal and work at the same time.

    hang in there... We have all gone through this too.

  5. I was diagnosed in 10/2010

    Still healing, quit dairy for a long time and hadn't had any problems with it for a few months.

    It's fun cause our dogs are gluten free now too and so much healthier. My older dogs were having seizures and hasn't had any since we switched to 'Taste of the Wild' brand.

    I was the kind that gained weight while I was still undiagnosed and starving. I have been steadily losing weight and wondering if any of the fat I am losing was storing gluten.

    I have heard that can happen with leaky gut... Not sure if it's true.

    I am hyper viligant about all the extras, but fruit like apples peaches pears, etc just kill me. No citrus of any kind, not even a sip or horrible D for days.

    It's funny cause the last two days of taking 1000mg mg mag/cal/D in 250mg increments has actually helped my D.

    Just trying to be smart and write everything down.

    thanks for the support! :)

  6. Had a rough patch and really struggling to keep eating when my guts are killing me. 5 days of D and now slightly afraid to eat. All my safe foods are bothering my delicate system.

    My legs are crampy at night and now the extreme headaches have started up.

    I started taking Magnesium and Calcium and it's slowly helping. I am starting to think I need to head back to the doctor. Worried about anemia and mineral deficiencies. Most multiple vitamins make me sick and really hurt once they are slightly digested. So tired of the IBS label that explains nothing.

    The sublinguals cost so much that I opt out of them too often because the cost of my groceries is so high, my budget is toast.

    I know that I just need to be patient but being able to share my issues somewhere does make me feel better.

    Now to find the energy to cook something...

  7. I hope I don't do that but I have studied a lot about health. I find that people seem to find me. I talk about eating gluten free on facebook a lot and now get messages from people asking questions.

    I always send them to good places to get info and tell them to get educated.

    Celiac has a myriad of symptoms so it can be a good thing for more people to look into it if they are struggling with their health.

    There is always a balance with being healthy. No one has all the answers.

    Doctors who do all the schooling and make the Big Bucks still only call what they do "PRACTICING"

    I got myself checked completely on a whim of my Mother-In-Law. Who casually mentioned a friend who had it and ... my agony better because of a casual conversation.

    It is worth it, just to educate one person at a time.

  8. People are stubborn. I have a brother who is at least saying he might try the gluten-free diet now, after years of being sick. So they can change sometimes.

    Don't forget to try the gluten-free peanut butter cookies on her.

    1 cup peanut butter

    1 cup sugar

    1 egg

    1 handfull of Enjoy Life choco chips.

    bake 10 minutes.

    Thanks for sharing that. I could use a cookie today. Looks simple. :)

  9. Maybe invite her over for a delicious gluten-free meal? Maybe once she sees that gluten-free can be just as tasty as gluten foods she'll give it a whirl. If you could just get her to go gluten-free for a week or two I bet she'd start feeling so much better she'd be GLAD to go gluten-free.

    I just shared a piece of gluten-free chocolate cake with her. It was a great recipe. So glad to see that she liked it. Just wanting her to know it can be done.


  10. A close relative I will call Peggy, was diagnosed a few years ago with Celiac Disease. Before I was actually. None of my family knew anything about the disease.

    Now several members of my are diagnosed and living gluten free but Peggy refuses to go gluten free cause she doesn't thin it will help. Her body is in pain all the time and her Kidneys are failing and growing horrible stones and now she is vomiting undigested food. I am so worried about her.

    Just the other day I begged her to try and go gluten free so her body could heal. She said she would and then two days later she was eating a foot-long sub.

    I love Peggy and want her to feel better. Not sure how else to tell her that her choices could be killing her. She moved away from the doctor from the original diagnosis so she has no one besides the family members telling her to be careful.

    So frustrated and scared.

  11. This is a process. It was weeks before I really started feeling better and a year before I had really 'good' days. Depending on how much damage you did to your intestines it can take a while.

    While cheating may seem harmless it is doing damage to you. You need to pay attention to those labels. It will only help you in the long run to know what helps you feel better.

    I never let anything past my lips if I didn't thoroughly read the label.

    Your pain and suffering is all up to you. You are worth it.

    I like breyer's ice cream. If dairy is giving you headaches or stomach pain you might want to go easy on it for a little while. A lot of celiacs have problems with dairy while their guts are healing.

  12. I don't have any good answers but I have major problems myself trying to overcome every virus and cold bug that comes my way. It seems to go away for everyone else in a few days. For me it takes a week or more.

    Hoping you feel better. Soon!

    For your ear you might want to try a drop of lavender essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil. Drip it into your ear and plug it overnight with cotton or a piece of flannel. I find that really helps with ear eaches that get out of control.

    Lavender is naturally antiviral and is great for all sorts of healthy benefits, burns and such.

    Hope that helps. :D

  13. I have been gluten free 1 1/2 years. I have been glutened a few times. Cross contamination was usually the cause, or just label reading mishaps.

    We have to ride it out but I have found a few ways to get through the pain and yucky parts.

    Strong peppermint tea is a must, I read somewhere that peppermint has the ability to bring gut pain down as well as cool down the gut. I love the peppermint oil pills that I found at a health food store.

    I found them cheaper at Amazon Peppermint pills

    Other things I do when things go bad, 2 teaspoons slippery elm (loose) in hot water. I sweeten it and it helps calm down an inflamed gut too.

    I also add bentonite clay to my tea, it helps to coat the intestines and after a few weeks the pain got better.

    Sometimes I feel all this body maintenance is a full time job. But it's worth it when I get to live again.

    Leah B