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  1. tctwhite

    Had My First Pity Party Last Night

    Yall are so awesome with your words of encouragement. I feel sorry for my hubby. He is so supportive and feels so bad for me that he won't get anything. No matter how much I beg him to do so. Maybe that will get better in time too. At least there are some treats I still allow myself. I have found that dairy bloats me up, so I limit that as much as my sweet tooth will allow.
  2. Had my first pity party last night at the fair. We have a HUGE fair that comes once a year and thats when I splurged and get straight up junk. Well I couldn't have a thing last night. Thats been the only time in the past 2 months where Ive really felt the blow to the gut (no pun intended ) with the gluten free life. I didn't give in though, and Im proud of myself for that. I have done so well that I give myself a pat on the back. Figured I'd come here and whine for a minute just cause yall understand.
  3. I guess I got CC'd somehow. We grabbed something quick for lunch because we are heading out for camping this afternoon. BIG mistake. I ate their grilled nuggets and fruit cup. Last time I was fine, this time, not so much.
  4. That sounds good! Im definitely going to try that. I can't do white rice, it makes me sick. But I love brown rice and just bought myself a rice cooker yesterday.
  5. Im not sure how much they sell it for on amazon but check out I placed a huge baking order and they have a ton of gluten-free stuff. And their shipping is 6.00 no matter how heavy your order is. Also if you spend 20, u get free shipping. If you spend 40, u get free 3 day shipping. I just placed another order on Wednesday and it will be here today. They are an awesome company. I actually had an AP flour that had been damaged (imagine a flour explosion ALL over everything) and they had me a new bag in 2 days.
  6. Its been a little over 6 weeks since Ive been gluten-free and Ive been eating the same things over and over because I know they are safe. Well its time for me to venture out and try new things. I bought me some cream of rice. I know its similar to oatmeal and needs some doctoring up to make it tasty. Well I doctored it up with some fresh blueberries and a bit of maple syrup. Its still gross! Maybe Im just not a cream of rice person. I also got me some granola to eat and OMGosh its so good but expensive. Our budget will not allow me to buy it often but wow its nummy! Anything you can tell me to try will be greatly appreciated it. Im willing to try anything.
  7. I have a Sunbeam bread machine and just use the regular bread cycle. Its a bit older and doesn't have a gluten-free cycle.(someone who had one that never used it gave it to me) Ive also read where you can use a rapid cycle because gluten-free bread doesn't need to rise as much as a regular bread loaf. I haven't tried that yet though because Ive had much success with the regular bread cycle. The only downfall to that is it takes 3 hours and you really need to be there when it finishes. gluten-free bread cannot sit in the machine to cool because it will get soggy.
  8. Im just a bit over 5 weeks into the gluten free life. Ive done remarkable if I do say so myself. I've started walking just about every day of the week. The only reason I don't do it everyday is because my kids running around lives have taken over mine recently. But the thing is, I feel like doing it. Im also contemplating running again. Ever since my fibro fully kicked in just over a year ago, I had to completely stop any exercising. So this is huge for me. My ONLY complaint is I have been bloated non-stop. Here I am thinking I am getting fat because of the new diet but the scale hasn't moved either way. I used to have severe gas and bloated occasionally (mainly after a heavy meal). But this is all the time. Im on probiotics which I believe have helped me in being as regular as Ive ever been. Ive read a lot on here and some suggest digestive enzymes. What exactly are those and how do they work? Also, where can I find them for a good price? We are a one income family and with all my daily meds, Culturelle is a bit on the expensive side for me. What all ingredients do I need to look for in a good digestive enzyme tablet? Ive learned about what the probiotics need, now its time for me to learn about this. Thanks in advance!
  9. I've been getting braver in the health foods section and have ventured out into the alternative milk world. I should say that I HATE coconut and anything that has it as an ingredient. But after reading on here, I was convinced that the milk might not be as horrid as I thought it would be so I gave it a shot. Its good. Has no hint of the typical coconut flavor that I immensly dislike. I've been using it a lot in my cooking. My question is, what is the difference between coconut milk and coconut milk beverage. I was doing some reading on the internet and saw a comment that says they are 2 different things and upon doing more research I couldn't really find anything worthy of an explanation.
  10. Well, Im not allergic to any foods on the allergy test. They tested me for 80 different things. Which Im happy about. My allergist is more in the know about celiac than my internal Dr. Figures. He knows that I have been gluten free for over 5 weeks now but still wanted to run the celiac panel just to see if maybe we could get a dx for me. He understands the not knowing and just guessing. He and I both know that its likely for my panel to come back negative but he just wanted to see. And since I pay nothing out of pocket for any kind of labwork, Im ok with that.
  11. tctwhite

    Crazy Amounts Of Energy

    Its great reading someone's results after a year with the gluten-free life. Im only a month in and Ive had more energy this month than Ive had in YEARS! If it gets any better with time, I might have to take up marathon running! I do still have days where Im exhausted and just need to rest. But I believe that is because Ive been without energy for so long that I wear myself out. Im actually sleeping at night with NO medication. DH wonders why Im so tired at night. I said isn't that how normal people are? Im still bloated so much of the time, but the pains are disappearing as are the quick dashes for the bathroom.
  12. tctwhite

    Gluten Free Toaster

    I bought myself a toaster oven. And boy we didn't know what we were missing with that thing! I use it so much for so many other things rather than toast. Since its mine, it is 100% dedicated to gluten free. Ill let DH use it, but not for anything with gluten. He loves it too and says if we had more counter space, he would buy him and the kids one.
  13. Ok since my Dr botched my endoscopy and Ive been gluten free for a month now, I have decided to do food allergy testing. Have many of you been diagnosed this way? Will a good allergist diagnose you with celiac? I would really like a diagnosis but not enough to gluten challenge myself. If this doesn't work for a diagnosis, Im just going to throw in the towel with the professionals and keep doing what Im doing. I would just like to be able to say I have celiac diasease and therefore absolutely cannot have gluten at all. I know yall know what I mean with that. Im going Tuesday to have the testing done. Ive had seasonal allergy testing done, but never did I think I needed to do food. Im allergic to SO much that Im scared what will come back. I just hope I can eat still something after I have the testing done. Im sure I will have to have my allergy shots recalibrated and start all over again. It will be worth it though to have definitive proof.
  14. tctwhite

    Still Finding It Hard

    Something I noticed right off the bat was the coffee. A lot of people are sensitive to coffee. I am one of them and it makes me so sick. Im a coffee nut and its a huge set back for me. That could be part of your troubles too. Maybe you are having too much dairy. I can only handle so much at the time. And yogurt gets me every time for some crazy reason.
  15. One thing that will prove to him just how intolerant you are and how sick it makes you, will be after you've been gluten free for awhile and then get accidentally glutened. Sadly, if that doesn't prove to him just how bad off you are, then nothing will. My husband is very supportive of me doing whatever it takes to get well. He had doubts about if the diet was helping me until last Friday. I was making him a loaf of regular bread and accidentally glutened myself. I was sick as a dog and he felt horrible for even remotely doubting that I needed to be gluten free. Maybe as time goes on he will start to see positive changes in your health and get on board, and start to support you. Just stick to your guns and do not allow him to sway you from what your body needs.