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  1. FruitEnthusiast

    First Party Bringing My Own Food

    Thanks guys, good to know I'm not alone!
  2. FruitEnthusiast

    First Party Bringing My Own Food

    Next time someone gives me that look of pity I'm going to say, I like to eat healthy because it makes me feel great, like I'm in my twenties again. I don't think I'm going to say anything at all about what I "can't" have. I'm going to make my food choices all about being healthy as if I have decided to eat that way by choice. I'm going to turn it into a positive. I will say I eat Paleo, bring some fun containers, utensils and yummy things to eat, like organic raspberries. I won't be the one to feel sorry for, but the one to be inspired by!!!! Yes!
  3. FruitEnthusiast

    New Nutritionist Is Helping Me

    Sure. It seems that many people who suffer with C have a problem with having enough moisture in their colon, even though they drink enough water. She told me she had helped others like me, and it helped me too. She suggested supplements that bring water into the colon. She had me take one called Triphala in the morning that contains fruits from India. Then at night she had me take Magnesium Citrate capsules. I have also read that many people tend to have a Magnesium deficiency which can cause C, but I'm not sure if that was part of my problem or not. I was already taking Miralax which works the same way, but is a synthetic powder. I still take it along with the things she recommended. I hope to discontinue the Miralax and stick with the natural supplements as my body gets used to working better on it's own. Technically all of these supplements that bring water into the colon are called "osmotic laxatives", but I think that's misleading because they don't contain any stimulants so they are not habit forming. They just give the body the moisture it needs to do it's job. Hope that helps. If you're interested in more detail than that, please feel free to send me a message directly.
  4. FruitEnthusiast

    New Nutritionist Is Helping Me

    Thank you
  5. FruitEnthusiast

    First Party Bringing My Own Food

    I don't think I explained this quite right. My friend wasn't giving me a hard time, she just felt bad for me because I couldn't enjoy the things others could. It was my first time at her house and a very small gathering, mostly just her family. They were all so nice and wanted to make sure I was having a good time. My family knows about my restrictions and they don't make a big deal about it, but I think some of them feel uncomfortable eating things in front of me that I don't eat. I just try to keep it as light as possible and let people know it's no biggie, I'm just happy to feel good. I think it's just awkward for me when it seems like people are feeling sorry for me and wish I could skip the conversation about food altogether and just blend in like everyone else.
  6. I finally found a healthcare professional who is helping me get better!!! She's the Nutritionist on the Celiac/GI team at UCLA (but I see her through her private practice for a lower fee). She has Celiac herself (I'm NCGI) and was willing to do sessions over the phone until I was well enough to make it into her office. Maybe she could do the same for someone who lives too far away to see her in person. First she resolved my severe C problem which seems like a miracle after struggling with it for 5 years, (and after seeing 5 different Doctors). She thought my C problem was helping to cause my food intolerances, not just the other way around. Now she's helping me re-introduce new foods into my very limited diet one at a time, in very small amounts (like 1/4 cup at a time). She explained that eating a normal size portion of a new food can cause a reaction just because my body is no longer used to it, when very small amounts to start can be ok, then can be gradually increased. So, I'm testing foods one at a time, and some of them are working out for me. Lots more testing to do, but each new food I can eat gives me a little more freedom. Never give up... there is always answer
  7. Today was the first party I've been to bringing my own food, and the first party I've been to in 3 years - that's how long it's taken for me to feel well enough to go to a social event since my food intolerances began - quite a milestone!!! I've been seeing a new Nutritionist who has helped me get there. I'm going to post more info about that in another topic. Now I understand what all of you were talking about when you shared your party stories. The host, my friend (who knows about my food limitations) couldn't seem to understand when I turned down everything she offered me. She was even surprised when I didn't want a piece of her homemade cake that had several things in it that I don't eat - gluten/grains, dairy, eggs, sugar, etc. She seemed hurt that I couldn't enjoy something special she had made, it was hard to disappoint her. She was uncomfortable seeing me not eating or drinking anything, so I took out the water and food I brought. Then people were upset that I was eating out of plastic baggies. It didn't bother me. I was surprised that everyone was so concerned, I'm so used eating with no frills. Next time I'll bring my food in containers or put it on a plate before I eat it, so the others will feel more convinced that I'm enjoying myself Or if anyone has suggestions on how I can blend in better next time, and not stand out so much, I'd love to hear them.
  8. FruitEnthusiast

    Is A Celiac Dx Necessary?

    Yes, I was wondering about that too, something to consider. Thanks.
  9. I already know I'm gluten intolerant. I'm wondering how important it is to have an official Celiac DX, and I could use some opinions. I just went to see a new GI at UCLA who specializes in Celiac/Gluten Intolerance to address my ongoing chronic C that is closely related to the multiple food sensitivities that started after I went gluten-free 2 1/2 years ago. I'm still sick and figuring out what I can and can't eat. Of course this new Dr. thinks it's important to know if I have Celiac or not. I asked him how Celiac treatment would differ from NCGI treatment. He said Celiac is an autoimmune disorder with inflammation which makes it more serious, and it would be more important to monitor my vitamin/mineral levels to guard against bone loss, Vit D deficiency, Thyroid problems, etc. I knew all of that already from what I've learned on this site and my other readings. So far he's given me a Celiac Genetic blood test, but I don't have the results yet. Will that test tell me anything? I've always said I won't do the "Gluten Challenge", and he hasn't asked me to - yet. Honestly I don't think I'm well enough to do it. I have enough trouble getting what I can eat in my body… and out again (sorry if that's TMI) Does anyone think doing the "Gluten Challenge" and getting a small intestine biopsy is worth it for a certain DX. Or can I continue to monitor myself and get tested for deficiencies/imbalances as if I had Celiac to be on the safe side? Is it necessary to know for sure if I have Celiac? I'm going to continue being gluten-free regardless, and continue taking extra good care of myself.
  10. FruitEnthusiast

    Discussing The Newbie 101 Topic

    I just wanted to mention in the list of blood tests to have/vitamin + mineral levels to have checked, I noticed vit D wasn't on the list, and I'm pretty sure that's an important one for all of us to watch.
  11. FruitEnthusiast

    Life Savers Candy Made Me Sick

    That's so discouraging. The only way I keep making it through this is to try and stay positive and hope for the best. Just the thought of still being sick after five years is more than I can stand to think about right now.
  12. FruitEnthusiast

    Abnormal Screening Mammogram...worried

    I had the same thing happen, exactly, and it was nothing... but anyone would be terrified, of course. Sometimes, with dense tissue as I also have, they just want to be sure by taking an ultrasound. Then they have something to compare it to the next year. I thought it was a sign that they were doing a good job and being thorough.
  13. I know, Life Savers making me sick, it's ironic… I had a moment of weakness in the grocery store. I had some hard candy before that was made in Germany that I ate sometimes, just sugar, a few ingredients, never had a problem. I can have a small amount of sugar and it doesn't bother me… but I ran out of those and nothing at the grocery store was available without Corn Syrup. Pretty sure that's what got me, unless it was the artificial coloring, but I doubt it. I hadn't had anything with corn in it for over two years. Now I'm sick again, and I was doing so well. What I still don't quite understand is why my digestive system is still SO sensitive. I stopped gluten over two years ago, and since then I've had trouble with one food after another. I think it's because I still have never had a long enough time just being well without another flare up - I assume it's leaky gut, but it's so touchy, like it has a hair-trigger. I don't think my intestinal lining has had a long enough chance to heal in one stretch. I've improved a lot though lately. I started to get much better as soon as I discovered the most recent thing that was causing me digestive problems: for me histamine was a big piece of the puzzle. I have a diet now that my body likes which is HUGE progress, as long as I don't add one single different thing to the equation. My motility is much better, so I can eat more protein, so I'm putting on some weight. Hopefully it won't take so long to recover from this mishap… fingers crossed. I had just gotten over the last fiasco when I tried one omega 3 fish oil capsule. It took 2 1/2 months to get over being sick from that. It has taken that long to get over each thing my body has a bad reaction to since the beginning. I'm seeing a new GI soon at UCLA who is supposed to know something about functional digestive disorders - my last GI was useless. I would feel better if I understood better what exactly is happening in my body! I like to understand things. If I find out anything useful at the new doctor appt, I'll share it. I've been too sick to write much on here the last few months, but just knowing I'm in good company helps a lot, so I'm glad to be back on here… it's lonely out in the world of people who don't understand this stuff.
  14. FruitEnthusiast

    Brain Fog Is A Curse!

    She may not have even noticed, and if she did, probably wrote it off as "oh, he probably didn't get enough sleep the night before, or something like that." Next time you see her, you'll be starting all over again. If you want you can say that you were tired, not yourself, or whatever reason sounds good. You get good at explaining away brain fog when you have it for awhile... you weren't feeling well, or out of it that day, or don't know what's come over me today, not yourself. If you want to be really brave, turn it into a compliment, you know something like that you always get tongue-tied when meeting an attractive woman. A lot of women would be flattered to have had that effect on a man, and think it was cute. Or just start over fresh. She may not even remember. No permanent damage. Just be yourself next time. If she's nice, she wouldn't hold it against you. Try again when you see her next time. Good luck