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  1. Thank you Posterboy, Only glanced at thread so far but noticed a mention of B12. I am trying to get a definitive diagnosis for a very severe B12 deficiency, and my folic acid is low too so the Niacin sounds pretty interesting. I’m anemic too but waiting for tests on that. I take the daily m...
  2. Yes eveyone has a different situation, with it’s own challenges for sure, so we just have to do the best we can. I know of no problems with unprocessed frozen foods at all, it’s never been a problem for me.
  3. ...also the way I combat all those long lists of ingredients is I don’t eat anything processed - too much stuff in there. I make everything from scratch using all whole foods. Lots of work but worth the results! Avoiding canned foods helps and whatever you do avoid canned fish - look up Histamine p...
  4. trents, glad my post was helpful, I too wish to be finding more help available here in the US. One deflating aspect of this is that it’s being treated in other countries like the UK. Which means we are behind in America on the holistic side of things. Maybe all us HI people could get a special r...
  5. Hi cycling!! Thanks, was hoping to find more progress made in the Histamine arena by now. I don’t have symptoms of MCAS I’m aware of, just HI. No symptoms of Chrohns, just chronic C, no pain involved. I’ve asked several Drs about Sibo, none have thought I need to be tested for it. ...
  6. Thanks so much for remembering me icelandgirl!! I found GottaSki’s email! Sent her a note!!! So good to be on here again. My computer died but I’m able to do this on my phone!!! Thank you for your support, it means the world right now! 🙏
  7. Thanks for yor response trents! NCGI is Non Celiac Gluten Intolerant. Yes I am aware of histamine levels in foods. I can eat some fruits not others, cherries are on my “can eat” list. I haven’t been on this site for years. Is it still a place for NCGI people to come with issues or has that chang...
  8. Hi friends! Been a long time, back here seeking info, ideas, referrals or treatment for my Histamine Intolerance. Referrals, info, ideas? I’m NCGI, completely disabled, losing weight. Need to find professionals who treat HI in So Cal?
  9. I just wanted to mention in the list of blood tests to have/vitamin + mineral levels to have checked, I noticed vit D wasn't on the list, and I'm pretty sure that's an important one for all of us to watch.
  10. This is exactly the thought process I go through. It is a real physical illness, and the psychological symptoms are part of it. The hardest part for me is to give myself permission not to worry about what I'm not getting done, and get the extra rest I truly need. Extra sleep helps me a lot. I also...
  11. I have positive messages I've written in bold print on 81/2 x 11 paper hung up here and there. They help snap me back to reality when my anxiety hits. That way even though my anxious thoughts feel real, I can remember they are only a symptom, not what's really true.
  12. Oh no, I should have stayed out of this. I thought someone was encouraging others who didn't already smoke to start. I don't take it lightly as I used to smoke cigarettes, and after I quit, there were smokers trying to get me to start up again. I think that experience clouded my judgment here. Cigars...
  13. Really? Why encourage Celiacs who have enough problems already to smoke? Smoking isn't "safe" for anyone. You can do as you please, but c'mon we're trying to get healthier around here for cryin' out loud
  14. I have found lists online of foods that contain histamine and that are histamine liberators, so I have those. I'm doing better, as I find which foods are working for me and which ones aren't. I am finding the lists to be mostly accurate for me, sometimes not. I'm still testing foods and as I eliminate...