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  1. Gluten_Freed

    I Do Not Fit In

    I've felt the same way at times. It's hard and it makes dating tricky. Anyways, I don't really have any answers, but I think it gets better over time. Just remember to stay strong and that nothing is worse than undiagnosed celiac.
  2. Gluten_Freed

    Gluten-Free Dating?

    I'm a male in my late 20s who is trying to figure out the best way to deal with celiac disease when going on dates with women. Specifically, I was wondering what experiences people have had going on dates with people who don't have celiac disease. For example, is it best to avoid food-related first dates?
  3. I was wondering how long it takes after starting a gluten-free diet to see large improvements with bowel issues and bloating. I started a gluten-free diet two weeks ago in response to positive blood tests / confirming biopsy. Since then, I've been gaining weight and have more energy. However, I haven't seen as much improvement with bowel issues. As far as this lifestyle change to gluten-free, I know I'm doing a pretty good job by not eating out, even at places with gluten-free options for now, and watching for cross-contamination by checking manufactures' practices for unclear items. I'm also watching for hidden sources of gluten, e.g. vitamins, soup bases.
  4. Gluten_Freed

    Biopsy Odds

    As an update, the biopsy was positive and confirmed Celiac. Will ask for Marsh classification at my follow-up.
  5. Gluten_Freed

    Biopsy Odds

    Thanks for the quick replies.The ranges on the lab they used was above 8 as positive for anti-ttg and at or above 20 as antibodies detected for anti-gliadin. I'll definitely post an update with biopsy results. Yeah, looking forward to receiving that decoder ring in the mail. Just looking forward to feeling better.
  6. Anti-TTG IgA 63. Anti-Gliadin IgA > 100. Endoscopy showed inflammation and scalloping. What are the odds of the biopsy confirming celiac? Thanks.