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  1. ^ Yup! Agreed, Irish.
  2. Awww... As someone diagnosed with wheat allergy, I liked the idea. Just a little sub-forum, nothing major LOL. But I can also understand the points raised above.
  3. I'm glad to see Dr. Fasano chimed in on this. I was wondering what he thought. Being a journalist myself (and a careful one), I can only cringe when I read my fellow reporters jumping to these kinds of ridiculous conclusions when it comes to "science." Yikes! *hides head in sand*
  4. Yes products can be manufactured on the same equipment or in the same facility without having to disclose it. That's voluntary. I've had problems with Nacho Doritos before too. Sometimes they were fine but other times not, so now I just avoid them. Sometimes, I do buy products that don't state what the manufacturing situation is, especially if they've been safe for me in the past. But I try to avoid them and if there is a certified gluten-free alternative, I will always buy that instead.
  5. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

  6. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

    This reminds me I've had this song stuck in my head for a year... it's to the tune of "I feel pretty" from West Side Story. It's "I been glutened, oh so glutened..." but it's never gone any further.
  7. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

    This is off the hook... love it!
  8. gatita

    How Do You Deal With The "haters"?

    I try not to let these people stop me from asking the questions I need to, but I admit I sometimes get tired of being the super-annoying one. For this reason I mostly avoided eating out for a year. Then recently I've had good luck at restaurants, even without raking the poor waitress over the coals. Which led me to be TOO casual about it... then guess what -- glutened. Doh. So I guess the bottom line is 1) eating out is always going to mean we have to ask, ask, ask; and 2) some people are going to be annoyed or even rude about it. C'est la vie!
  9. Thanks Kamma for the warm thoughts. Unfortunately, Dr. H said my brother's MRI did not appear typical for gluten ataxia, although he stressed that MRIs are not definitive. My brother's neuro has him back on gluten after several months gluten-free, because she wants to do a celiac endoscopy in a couple of months. I don't see the point since he never had gastro symptoms and his bloodwork was negative. My understanding that many gluten ataxia patients never have intestinal damage. The only good news is he is able to swim and that gives him some pleasure. I've heard that some neuros recommend gluten-free diet to ALL their ataxia patients just to reduce inflammation, so he is considering going back on it. One day at a time... thanks for all the input and kind thoughts.
  10. gatita

    Wheat Allergy?

    I have been diagnosed with wheat allergy although I may also have a non-celiac gluten intolerance. Diarrhea was my main symptom but I am told wheat allergy can cause that, too. When I eat wheat, within two hours my nose is stuffed up, my lips and face swell, and my eyes water. Not a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction, but an allergic response nonetheless. The next day I have hives on my stomach. If I use cosmetics on my face with wheat in them, I also get the swollen lips and face thing, stuffy nose, and teary eyes. But I still have severe gluten reactions in my gut, and I don't know if those are from the wheat allergy or a gluten sensitivity thing. And I get joint pain when I get accidentally glutened. Either way, I have to stay away from the stuff!! It is possible to have both an allergy and an intolerance. I know that in Europe, wheat starch is considered safe for celiacs, but personally, I would stay far away from it! ps. I don't trust allergy blood tests either. The last one said I had no problem with tree pollen, I was like really?? I go nuts when the acacias blooms here. My doctor relies on the old tried and true elimination test for food allergies.
  11. One thing that always amazes me about the gene test is most experts say 97% of celiacs have DQ 2 or 8. Which means 3 percent of celiacs don't have either one! And yet doctors always act as if a negative gene test is proof you don't have it. Since I'm DQ9, I often wonder if I'm just one of the 3 percenters.
  12. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    You know, I'm thinking he doesn't like gluten either, like you and Raven suggested... his eyes are all runny today. I've had his kidneys checked out pretty good, he has lots of health issues but the vet agrees he pees on my carpet whenever he's mad at me. Gotta love that. Well, I went out and bought only food with no wheat in it for him today. Learned my lesson good!
  13. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    LOL!!! Not to mention mine peed on my bedroom carpet last night!!! First time I ever banished him from the room and he complained all night.
  14. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    Yeah, I def do have the allergic reaction going on. I always thought the offending item had to be ingested to get that reaction (like when I was a kid and was allergic to strawberries), but perhaps not. Since I do have the D, too, I figure some gluten got in my guts somehow. And yes, he does like to "pat" my face with his paw to wake me up! (I should make him wash HIS hands). He also like to lick the tip of my nose when I'm asleep. Scary thing to wake up to! I always wash my hands after I feed him or pet him, but maybe like you said I yawned or something and didn't realize it during the night. Baffling!!!
  15. For months I was careful to buy my kitty gluten-free food. But lately I've been broke and the wheat-gluten-full food was on sale and...well... 1. Cat eats gluteny food. 2. Cat immediately licks self all over because he likes to be clean after a meal. 3. Cat sneaks into bed with me in the middle of the night. 4. I wake up with swollen lips and itchy all over. Get the runs the next day. But seriously, is it really truly likely my cat glutened me?? I do wash my hands when I wake up, and I don't believe I lick my cat in my sleep (although he does lick me sometimes) -- so how did it happen? Or did I just get CC'd somewhere and I'm blaming my poor lil guy for nothing? Note: I have a true wheat allergy along with gluten intolerance. Not allergic to cats.