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  1. gatita

    New Research On Ncgs

    ^ Yup! Agreed, Irish.
  2. Awww... As someone diagnosed with wheat allergy, I liked the idea. Just a little sub-forum, nothing major LOL. But I...
  3. gatita

    New Research On Ncgs

    I'm glad to see Dr. Fasano chimed in on this. I was wondering what he thought. Being a journalist myself (and a careful...
  4. Yes products can be manufactured on the same equipment or in the same facility without having to disclose it. That's...
  5. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

  6. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

    This reminds me I've had this song stuck in my head for a year... it's to the tune of "I feel pretty" from West Side...
  7. gatita

    Ode To Celiac

    This is off the hook... love it!
  8. gatita

    How Do You Deal With The "haters"?

    I try not to let these people stop me from asking the questions I need to, but I admit I sometimes get tired of being...
  9. Thanks Kamma for the warm thoughts. Unfortunately, Dr. H said my brother's MRI did not appear typical for gluten...
  10. gatita

    Wheat Allergy?

    I have been diagnosed with wheat allergy although I may also have a non-celiac gluten intolerance. Diarrhea was my main...
  11. One thing that always amazes me about the gene test is most experts say 97% of celiacs have DQ 2 or 8. Which means...
  12. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    You know, I'm thinking he doesn't like gluten either, like you and Raven suggested... his eyes are all runny today. ...
  13. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    LOL!!! Not to mention mine peed on my bedroom carpet last night!!! First time I ever banished him from the room and he...
  14. gatita

    Glutened By My Cat? Really?

    Yeah, I def do have the allergic reaction going on. I always thought the offending item had to be ingested to get that...
  15. For months I was careful to buy my kitty gluten-free food. But lately I've been broke and the wheat-gluten-full food...