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  1. Okay, the company finally phoned me back. For everyone's reference, Phillip's Butter Ripple Schnapp's DOES contain gluten in the added flavoring, so it is NOT safe for Celiac. Too bad! Does anyone know of a gluten-free butterscotch flavoring? Maybe I should just stop being lazy and make my own!
  2. Has anyone consumed this product without ill-effects? I see that it has natural and artificial flavors in it, as well as caramel. I have tried to contact the company multiple times (through phone and e-mail) without any avail, and I haven't found any information online, try as I may. Are you guys okay with it...?
  3. Thank you, GFinDC! That's a great idea - I was considering a mono-diet to see what foods are all right, and which cause problems. I have colitis, so I thought perhaps it was just my intestines being cooperative again, as they don't seem to be happy with any food. However, my instances with wheat were so pronounced after immediate consumption that it frightened me away from gluten altogether. Perhaps I am just overreacting and should try again?
  4. First and foremost, I offer my extreme apologies to get back to this thread so late, especially since all of you were so kind as to reply in such a prompt manner. Secondly, thank you all for your opinions. I have been contemplating the issue quite heavily (especially the posters that have pointed out that it may be a wheat allergy and that reintroducing wheat may be a dangerous affair), and I have come to the conclusion that I am just too worried about using the 'traditional' method to test for gluten intolerance. I have decided that, when I can, I will just pay for Entero Lab's tests, since I am not forced to consume gluten for a proper result. Again, I thank you all so dearly for your words, which were both well-meaning and sage. I hope to see you each often in these forums in the future!
  5. I'm sorry to ask again! I have taken a general gluten intolerance test (bloodwork) about a year ago that measured from 1 - 16 (1 being no sensitivity whatsoever, 16 being extreme sensitivity) and measured a '15'. I was offered by my doctor to do a complete blood panel - however, I am in another country and will be for quite a long time before I can perform the official, wide-spread test for Celiac. A friend has offered to purchase the 'Biocard' at-home test for me to attempt, as it is highly accessible in many of the stores here. However, I understand that with any test, I need to be eating gluten for a proper result. I know that Entero Labs offers a test that does NOT require the consumption of gluten for an accurate test. However, I am but a college student that can hardly afford my little loaves of gluten-free bread (goodness knows I wish I could jump on the cheap Ramen diet like every other starving student - my food costs more than my tuition, if I ate properly). Here is my plight: The last few times I ate gluten, I had reactions so severe I was sent to the hospital on several occasions. I'm talking restricted breathing, extreme diarrhea, vomiting, fluttering pulse, and uncontrollable shivering and quaking (as if my body went into shock). This was consistent with every encounter, even with as little as half a slice of bread. Out of the astronomical fear that has developed from the memory of these unfortunate events, I have been strictly gluten-free for 7 months. I won't even allow my S.O. to place his bread next to my gluten-free crackers. I am quite literally terrified to begin the 'gluten challenge' to properly assess a gluten intolerance, but I think it is important to know for sure if I have Celiac's, as friends and family are chiding my terrific fear of all things gluten as a phantasm of my imagination. I must admit that I am apprehensive to attempt this challenge being in a foreign country (though I am only about 4 miles from the hospital if a complication were to arrive). I do feel a bit better after reading this article of the possibility of not torturing myself for months. However, I am extremely leery due to the exceptionally violent reactions I encountered in the past. Has anyone been in my shoes to this caliber?