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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. Another Mom (who has only a son) said she was going to check at her son's school. My kid's are homeschooled, so I'm at a loss there. Gina
  3. So my son, thanks to this forum, now has a pen pal his own age in Sweden to trade emails and letters with - which is great! But my 9 year old daughter is sad now that she doesn't have one (any of you with 2 or more children know exactly what I mean ) I looked on line, but I couldn't find anything that I felt "safe" signing up for. I don't suppose anyone has a suggestion on how I can get her a pen pal, or better yet, has a 9(ish) year old girl that would also like a pen pal? Thanks for any ideas on this. Gina
  4. Here is what the website says: Is there Gluten in your products?: Unilever Ice Cream is a member of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and the Food Allergy Resource and Research Program. We recommend consumers read the label each time before buying our product. If gluten is present, it is clearly listed in plain language on the ingredient label (i.e., wheat flour, rye, barley, oats, and malt). We do not publish a list of gluten-free flavors. We work closely with ingredient and packaging suppliers to verify gluten in all ingredient components including natural flavors, colors, and spices. Some flavorings may contain ethyl alcohol. However, because the alcohol is distilled, they would not pose a threat to anyone who is gluten intolerant. We apologize for any inconvenience, but it
  5. Thanks Peter, I appreciate your response. The Scoutmaster was aware. Lane had been on other camp outs (always with his father) and all were aware of his condition. It was just this one mother this time. She knew his condition but told him it wouldn't hurt him to do the clean up. Very frustrating.
  6. Hi Martin, First of all I would like to say that I am jealous of your upcoming trip. Nothing like a good road trip! That being said, whenever we travel long distances (we drive from Virginia to Illinois frequently) the only certain way we have found to stay gluten free is to stick with the big chain restaurants that have gluten free menu (some listed below that I know of right off) and to buy our own snacks and lunches from grocery stores that carry gluten free items. P.F. Changs Cheeseburger in Paradise Outback Steakhouse Chick Fil A Carrabbas Kroger Grocery stores usually carry a section of gluten free items. I hope that is somewhat helpful. Have fun! Gina
  7. Hi Nina, I'm glad you found this board. I agree with you on the baked goods. The gluten free breads, cookies, etc. in the stores are so expensive and not that tasty. My family is from Stockholm. And my husband wants to move to Malmo. He is even trying to learn a little Swedish. Anyway, welcome! Gina
  8. So I broke down and finally decided that my 11 year old son could go on a weekend Boy Scout camp out without my husband to go with him and watch the potential food problems. He is really good about not eating or even touching anything that we didn't give him. We even went out and bought him a new cooler and stocked it with what he needed for the camp out. Anyway, long story short, my son just called me because one of the Mom's that went on the trip was yelling at my son to wash and clean up the other boys dishes that were covered with hot dog buns and other horrors. My son told her he couldn't and apparently she told him it wasn't going to hurt him and just do it. I talked to the woman on the phone as calmly as I could (shaking on the inside with anger) that Lane could end up touching his face or his own food and cross contaminating himself. Not to mention he breaks out everytime he comes in contact with anything. And how smart is it of this person to insist a child touch something that knowingly makes him sick? So there is my gripe. I'm sorry for that. Has anyone else had any success with getting through these kinds of things?? Gina
  9. I could never find out about Slurpees, but I found that Icees are a good substitute. Their website lists their flavors and ingredients as well as gluten free. www.icee.com Gina
  10. My sons most obvious symptoms were behavior related. We kept overlooking the obvious until his outbursts became age inappropriate. I hate now that we waited so long. He lost a lot of time in mental, physical, and emotional growth. He has been gluten-free for 2 years now and is getting caught up, but I will always wish we had realized the what was goinig on sooner. We also had to provide school with all his snacks, edible rewards, etc. But he still was getting contaminated every other week or so. We actually homeschool now. And for the first time in his entire life (he is 11 now) his acne has cleared up, his dark circles are gone, and his focus is maintained...not to mention he does roll around on the floor and have temper tantrums anymore. Best of luck to you. Gina
  11. Those sound delicious, but I have never seen blue cornmeal in the store. Would it work the same as regular cornmeal? Gina
  12. Sublingual B12 perked me up a bit. And then unexpectedly took away a bit of my edgy-ness. I don't feel as panicky. I told my husband either his driving was getting better, or that B12 has really helped. He assured me his driving had not improved. Gina
  13. Thanks so much for sharing that info! We are planning to be in that area next summer, and that's one less thing to worry about : ) Thanks! Gina
  14. I got my son's doctor to really listen when I kept a food diary complete with how he acted every day. It showed the difference between being gluten free and what happened when he had a small amount or accidental gluten. He gave me a "clinical" diagnosis that day for the sake of school, and then referred us to a specialist. Not sure what to say as to how to avoid gluten-licious treats at home. Our house is gluten free, and my son knows how bad he feels when he eats something he shouldn't, so he never cheats. Good luck! Gina
  15. I bought some of these mixes. The sponge cake did not make me sick, but the one that was wheat bread (which is said to have been modified to remove the gluten) made me horribly sick...although they did not affect my son. I won't touch them again, though. Gina
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