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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Steroid Shots

    I used to be a professional athlete and had a ruptured disc in my cervical spine. After one round of cortisone, feeling returned to my hand and the pain subsided but never stopped completely. I recommend nightly (light) muscle relaxers and IBuprofein several times in the day (unless you start to vomit blood). You can look into surgical options but I have had the fortune to speak to some of the best surgeons and sports doctors in the world from France, USA, Germany and New Zealand and the information I received from them and my fellow athletes with the same injury was AVOID surgery, if you can. Also, you can try stretches and rehab. Once you become gluten free, you may find the swelling goes down and life is more tolerable- I did.
  2. Gluten Neuropathy

    I do not have your same symptoms but i am familiar with people thinking you are making it up, a hypochondriac, lazy, crazy, etc.. Forme, I think this was one of the harder sides of my celiac. When I became soooo ill and they kept misdiagnosing me, my family, doctors and many of my friends thought i was making it up, bulimic (from the constant vomiting), lazy, hypochondriac, etc.. The incredible thing is, one cannot 'make-up' our symptoms. It certainly does shake your trust in people and doctors. Hope things get better!
  3. That is so interesting! I used to get panic attacks and since I have been gluten-free, it has largely subsided. I do get anxious when I accidentally eat gluten. I thought it was from the fear of the pain I would or was feeling. Is this a physical reaction caused by celiac?
  4. I definitely have more severe symptoms or perhaps similar to my worst attacks prior to diagnosis. The other day, I was in so much abdominal pain, I seriously considered going to the hospital for a morphine drip. The last time i even had soy sauce, I was sick for 2 weeks, vomiting, diarrhea, joint pain, foggy head, hung over feeling. It does for sure get worse but i also wonder if it feels more severe because the constant, intense, debilitating pain that I had (particularly in the year before I was diagnosed) isn't present. I think when yu feel that bad every day and it finally stops, maybe your pain threshold decreases.
  5. I have had celiac since i was a child but was only diagnosed last year after 10 years of misdiagnosis. I had severe vomiting and constant nausea for as long as I can remember. Since i have been gluten-free (almost 1 year), it has improved dramatically but i still get nauseous a few times a week. As my guts heal, will this improve or should i expect to deal with this forever? Is there any medicine anyone is taking to encourage this healing process? I am willing to try almost anything. Also, now that i am gluten-free, if i am exposed to wheat, the reaction is MUCH more severe. I accidentally ate something the other day (pepperoni) and seriously considered going to the hospital for morphine, due to the intestinal inflammation/intense stabbing pain. Has anyone else found this. is there some way to calm down the immune system without being on steroids? Thanks guy!