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  1. I think it was a combination of things that set off my illness. Before the end of August when the severe symptoms came out, I had noticed symptoms such as a rash - I actually convinced myself it was some weird parasitic rash because it seemed...
  2. On a appointment with my neurologist, it was discovered that I'm having neurological impairments. I knew the obvious signs of memory issues, confusion and such but apparently I'm unable to walk heel-to-toe and unable to close my eyes without...
  3. So far I've eliminated: gluten, xanthan gum, rice, and corn. I take a Lactaid pill when I eat dairy. I need to drink milk to take my meds else I will get ill, I also eat cheese and cottage cheese for protein. My newest symptom: ingestion...
  4. I have issues eating regular ice cream because they almost always contain xanthan gum - are you able to eat that? I know that I tried regular ice cream multiple times because I missed it so much and kept getting reactions - not cotton mouth...
  5. Bexxa

    No Friends

    I understand this completely. I'll be 22 in a month and I am in a similar situation, stuck in the past. When I was on a successful gluten free diet I was really outgoing, now I think I may be reacting to something or another or possibly...
  6. Bexxa

    Headache Meds

    I used Excedrin Migraine and Excedrin PM when it was on the market and it worked lovely. After it was removed I took the generic I found at Walmart. Equate Migraine Relief and Equate Acetaminophen PM. It's identical in primary ingredients...
  7. Oh my gosh, that is so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of that. The only problem is that I can't find any information about gluten-containing drugs. Invega has absolutly no information on it. And then I take generics for all the...
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still trying to navigate being gluten free (and whatever other intolerances may be lurking...). I think I will take your advice and cut out the corn, I've been dragging around lately in general (taking...
  9. Prior (1 week) to arriving at college I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I had been avoiding gluten and had improved greatly when suddenly my symptoms started to re-emerge. I found xanthan gum made me immediate feel like I was going to...
  10. Bexxa

    Newbie Here!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a simple intro topic. I come to this site looking for advice on my rather recently known condition. I'm in my third year of college and was having a great summer until about the middle of August (2...