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  1. ok noboday reads. the gluten is from the CUTTING TABLE, THE KNIFE, UNDIGESTED FEED. I never suggested the chicken's meat is contaminated in any other way except the butchering process.
  2. If your eating a chicken breast from a restaurant, marinated buttered, ect. You probably wont feel the effects of the gluten from being diluted. For those of us that buy a whole chicken, SOME of us DO have a problem. I was trying to be funny when I mention it in detail (not paranoid). Bottom line...
  3. First off I just wanted to say, I'm not one of these whackos suggesting eggs have gluten, ect. The following is a real issue and I hope everyone takes it seriously. Keep getting glutened from chicken and think its the added solutions? Could be, but there is another problem. The problem comes from...