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  1. Howdy, I'm new to the forum, and I'm hoping to get some answers for my symptoms over the past year. I've been having joint pain in my hands, wrist, hips, knees, and most recently in my shoulders. Over the last six months I've been to five different doctors (two rheumatologists). They've checked RA factor, uric acid levels, Vitamin D levels, blood sugar, CBC, CRP, and sedimentary rate. I've also had a bone scan done. All tests have come back negative. I am still feeling like I may be sero-negative RA, and they just can't detect it. Pain started in my hands coming and going over a period of about 3-4 years. This last year it's progressed to wrists, hips, and knees. I'm to the point of not being able to bike without a lot of discomfort, so I swim a lot. Recently, I visited a nutritionalist and I'm having a food allergy test done over 96 different foods. The nutritionalist told me on my first visit that she would bet that I am allergic to gluten and that it is causing my joint pain. She claimed that gluten intolerance is on the rise and that she sees rashes in children and joint pain in adults. I hadn't really heard much about food allergies causing joint pain, but I am learning more and more that people with RA and other autoimmune disorders are usually gluten intolerant. I'm just wondering if there are other people dealing with RA or other joint pain symptoms on this board and if they have any insight on where I should go next or how to address these issues. I don't have stomach pain, just joint pain with no visible swelling. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I finally made the trip I've been looking forward to for quite some time. I'd been to 7 different doctors, and none could tell me what is wrong with me or what is causing my symptoms. I thought the Mayo Clinic might finally provide the answer, but once again, no answers. A brief history: Two years ago, I ate whatever I wanted (very poor diet consisting of fast food, sodas, and a lot of sugar) and never experience an allergy to anything. I had a hemorrhoid issue that was causing stress to life, but that was my only real health issue. In March of 2012, I had a banding procedure to remove internal hemorrhoids, and suddenly my health changed. Within a week, my hands began to hurt to the point that washing dishes, turning a door knob, or picking up my 18 month old daughter was almost unbearable. I initially thought I had RA, but after seeing four rheumatologists (including one at Mayo), I'm pretty much convinced I don't have RA or Lupus. The hand pain eventually migrated to my wrists, knees, hips, and finally jaw. Over time, I began getting popping in my wrists and shoulders. I know have considerable popping in those two areas as well as my jaw. In September of 2012, I saw a nutritionist who did IGG/IGE bloodwork for food sensitivities. She told me I was intolerant to 30 foods tested: Egg, carrot, coffee, lemon, green peas, rye, tuna, yeast, asparagus, cashew, crab, lobster, peanuts, safflower, walnut, yogurt, barley, cauliflower, gluten, malt, black pepper, sesame, watermelon, cantaloupe, cheese, grape, milk (cows), pineapple, tomato, wheat. Because I was willing to do anything to feel better, I tried to cut out all foods on the list. I noticed that the change in diet began to make the joint pain better (although it didn't go away). However, this diet has caused me to go from 156 pounds to about 130, give or take a few pounds depending on the day. My metabolism is just too high to maintain weight with this diet. From March of 2012 to February 2013, I went from my GP an orthopedic surgeon, to a nerve specialist, to 3 different rheumatologists. I also saw an allergist who told me I didn't have food allergies. After the third rheumatologist told me to come back and see him when I was in more pain, I gave up and started planning to make the trip to Rochester for the Mayo Clinic. I've never had any SWELLING in my joints even on my worst days, but they do get warm. So here I am today. I've had numerous blood tests done and just finished a battery of them at the Mayo Clinic. I also had a joint scan done and urine/stool tests. I've previously had a bone scan as well. All results are normal. I've spent thousands on tests, MRI's, X-Rays, bone scans, joint scans, and consultations only to be told I'm a healthy person according to all the doctors. I was also told at Mayo that the IGG/IGE tests done by the nutritionist were a scam and I need to go back to eating more foods. He told me there was no such thing as "leaky gut," that it was a hoax. The problem is that food is tied to the joint pain and the POPPING! If I eat things high in sugar or off my list, my joint pain gets worse almost immediately. I can tell a difference in the popping within 10 minutes of swallowing some foods. I'm now having stomach/gut pain (started about 2 months ago). It comes and goes, and the real problems are the joint pain and the popping. I can't go 10 minutes without my shoulders popping, and it's frightening. My wrists begin to feel tight like they're going to lock up, and then they pop when I move them. While I'm not certain I'm intolerant to the 30 foods listed, I am certain that I am to ones I've tried. And food is tied directly to my joint pain and popping. I am having my first colonoscopy and endoscopy done this week (mainly to rule out anything crazy like a tumor or something). I haven't eaten gluten for 9 months though, so they won't be able to do a biopsy for Celiac. Mayo did a gene test for Celiac and I do not carry the genes, but they told me that doesn't completely rule it out (confused). Has anyone had popping in their joints or joint pain without real stomach issues? Even if I don't have Celiac's disease, I know I've become intolerant to many of these foods. I've never had any bleeding even with the hemorrhoid issues. I'm very frustrated. I feel like I'm on an island with no help in sight. But, I'm still looking for answers. I thought maybe someone on this board could provide some insight or clues to my issues.
  3. Hello, I've posted in the past on this board, but it's been a few months. I've been on a year and a half journey that all started with severe joint pain. I thought I had RA, but I've seen numerous doctors (including the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota), and four rheumatologists have ruled out arthritis of any kind. I'm still not sure that I'm not suffering from some kind of arthritic condition, but with a very healthy diet (zero processed foods, no eggs, gluten, dairy, tomatoes, and elimination of all sweeteners except fruit spreads and honey) I have progressed to the point where my joints aren't hurting like they did when this all started. Before this all started I ate terribly but was never overweight. On a normal day, I'd get Starbuck in the morning (Caramel Frap), breakfast tacos, and fast food for lunch and dinner were common for me. I drank mostly cokes and sweet tea and never drank water. And I snacked on candy and chocolate daily. I was basically the posterboy for a poor diet and was likely on my way to being a diabetic. Yet I only weighed about 155 pounds. However, a little over a year ago my shoulders and wrists began popping. The popping was sporadic in the beginning, but now I have popping all the time in my shoulders and wrists. I also went through a phase where my jaw was popping, but that isn't happening as much lately. What is troublesome though is that my knees and ankles are beginning to pop. I fear that if the popping that I experience in my shoulders and wrists moves to my lower limbs that I will have some severe mobility issues down the road. I'm a 39 year-old male who was in great shape 3 years ago. When the joint pain began, it was so extreme that turning door handles or picking up a pot off the stove was painful. Washing dishes was painful. Working a mouse was painful. My diet seems to have corrected the joint pain issues (although if I eat outside my strict diet, they come back). I had a food allergy blood test a little over a year ago and have removed over 30 foods in question from the blood tests. I have been drinking water and eating strict for over a year. I went gluten-free before I knew much about Celiac, and I'd been gluten-free for too long to get an accurate test on my upper endoscopy. Mayo also did a genetic test for Celiac, and all signs point to me being non-Celiac. My villi looked good from the biopsies my gastroenterologist took. The only thing I have gotten from all the medical doctors that I've seen is that the inside of my stomach is inflamed. All bloodwork (numerous inflammation markers, uric acid, blood sugar, etc), stool tests, joint scans, bone scans, CT scans, etc have come back normal. It's been a long, frustrating road, but I'm thankful to be alive with a wife and 3 year old daughter who I love. My goal is to get my health back. I've accepted the idea that I probably won't be able to eat pizza, hamburgers, tomatoes, salsa, and many other foods I love. I just want to get this POPPING under control. I've been through numerous doctors including endocrinologists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and other holistic types. My latest doctor believes I have a leaky gut issues. The nutritionist who did my food allergy test over a year ago (last September) told me the same. I've suffered through many rough days at work and not taking Advil or pain relievers in an attempt to heal my "gut." I've refrained from Pepto-Bismal and Kaopectate when I've had occasional stomach pain over the last year. In short, I have put water and healthy food into my body for over a year (drastic change from terrible food to healthy as possible). The joint pain is manageable. The popping in my shoulders, wrists, knees, and ankles seems to be progressively getting worse. I might add that I've had numerous other issues since this started including numbness in two of my toes, fiberglass-like sensations on my knees where my pants rub at work, cold hands, and intestinal pain when I eat too much salad. I've lost almost 30 pounds since I started my diet. I weight about 156 pounds before this all started. I now weigh 130. Doctors have pretty much told me there's nothing they can do for me. Mayo told me "the stomach is a mystery we still haven't come close to figuring out." They told me they could give me a new heart and even do wonders on the brain, but the stomach is a real challenge. So now I'm in debt, and I'm going to more holistic types b/c I'm not giving up. I really believe I have a condition/disease much like Celiac. Except for me, when I ingest food I don't have stomach issues. I have joint issues and most significant is the popping. I have food intolerances like someone who has Celiac but went undiagnosed for a long time. And even after a year of water and organic/healthy food, I still have inflammation in my stomach. Why? I don't know. But, my real question for the board is: Does anyone else have issues with JOINT POPPING or know of others who do? The popping is a mystery no doctor has been able to explain. It's like I'm the only person they've ever seen with popping in my joints. Maybe I am. But noone in my family has had issues like this, and I ate any and everything I could get my hands on until I was 38 years old. Now, so many things create a response of popping or joint pain. And with no answers, I'm in the dark here. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Anyone know if there are other ways to diagnose someone as Celiac besides going through weeks of eating a gluten-diet? Are they making any breakthroughs regarding alternative testing? I have many Celiac-type symptoms, but I just don't think I can go back to eating gluten. However, I still share a kitchen with my family who eat gluten.
  5. This is a question that I have had as well. I went from eating any and everything I wanted with no problems (although I has upset stomachs a lot growing up). Then I started having mild pain in my hands over the course of 2-3 years (tingling and sensitive), and then in March of 2012 it went full-blown crazy. My hands were hurting terribly, then it moved to my wrists, knees, hips, and other parts of the body. It was then that I realized that the food I was eating was causing much of this pain. After removing dairy, gluten, nightshades, corn, and eggs, along with other foods that came up in a IGG blood test, my pain got better. To this day, I am not sure about the blood test, but I do know that food is causing my problems. I had an upper endoscopy done last summer, and my villi were normal (I'd been off gluten for about 7 months). This makes me think that the other foods I'm eating are causing damage to the villi. However, my stomach lining was reddish and explained as gastritis. So perhaps the foods I am eating are causing inflammation in the lining of my GI tract even though it isn't necessarily damaging my villi? I don't know. I am eating as healthy as possible, and trying to gain weight (which isn't happening). I have a malabsorption issue and wonder if some of the foods I'm still eating are playing a role in preventing healing.
  6. pghkid33, Just curious, but do you weight loss as well? I was taking Creon and Zenpep for a few months, b/c my doctor discovered I wasn't absorbing fat. It didn't help me gain weight, and I stopped taking them b/c the prescriptions were expensive.
  7. Thanks nvsmom and janpell. I usually feel my best when I haven't eaten for several hours. I'm on a mission to gain weight though, so I've been eating as often as possible. Usually when I finish a meal, I feel it in the wrists first. Some days are better than others, but the popping is always there even on the good days. I've gotten to the point that I don't expect answers, but I still hope for them.
  8. I posted about my issues with joint popping a while back, but I wanted to try and again to see if I would get any more responses. Does anyone have chronic joint popping? It started with my wrists and shoulders. I had it a while in my jaw but it went away. However, it never stops in the wrists and shoulders and progressed to my knees, hips, and now neck. Once in a while I can feel my back pop as well. I am curious if there are others experiencing this, how their symptoms have progressed over time, and if they have found a way to address it. I have been off gluten now for about a year and a half. My joint pain in my hands, wrists, and knees is pretty much gone since going gluten free. But, the popping is the one constant. My hip joints hurt because of the popping and if I eat some foods. I've also begun experiencing muscle spasms/twitching in my thighs and arms over the last couple of weeks. I'm wondering if this is a vitamin deficiency or just another unexplained symptom like my popping. Thanks.
  9. They haven't been able to explain it which is why I'm reaching out to this community. However Irish, they didn't say it wasn't a rheumatic condition. Well, SOME (I've seen four different ones) have said I don't have arthritis. One said I have inflammatory arthritis and that he could feel inflammation in my joints. The initial rheumatologist I saw said that nothing was showing up in my tests at the time and encouraged me to check into a research hospital or the Mayo Clinic. To be clear, two of those rheumatologists simply reviewed previous blood tests. That is why I went to Mayo. My GI doctor knows that I'm not absorbing fat through fecal tests and said it's certainly possible that I am not getting other nutrients do to malabsorption. They put me on Creon and Zenpep (two pancreatic enzymes) and those didn't change the absorption issues. An odd thing happened earlier this week. My rheumatologist who I hadn't seen since last spring called to check in on me. He asked if any new symptoms have emerged (rashes, swelling, etc). When I told him that the GI doc found that I wasn't absorbing fat and that my stomach lining was reddish (found during upper endoscopy), he said he'd like to be added to their system so he could see my medical records. He said different GI issues are related to joint issues and that it was more pieces to the puzzle. Irish, I've had six straight days of Vinyasa yoga classes, and I feel pretty good. Yoga has been great, and I will continue doing it daily through the summer. I'm still trying to find the culprit to the joint popping. Since removing gluten and changing my diet, most of my symptoms, from the extreme joint pain, to the neuropathy, to the mouth ulcers, seasonal allergies, and energy levels (at least in the mornings) have all improved (although I do have setbacks at times). The one thing that has gotten progressively worse has been the snapping and popping in the joints. What started in the wrists/shoulders moved to the jaw, hips, knees, and now neck. It migrates from hips to knees. I've started feeling my back pop as well, and it's definitely not cool.
  10. I never said neither of those things. I said I had difficulty lecturing when I was experiencing the jaw popping, and I never said it wasn't a big deal.
  11. karen, I've seen numerous doctors and have been a pin cushion for blood work. I've had a joint scan and bone scan. Those were both done a while back though, and this all started two years ago. So I'm not sure what an x-ray would show today on the different joints. The last time I asked about it, there were a few people who gave some good feedback. One person in particular I have PM'd. She doesn't post on the board much and hadn't posted for months though. I guess the idea was to simply see if some new eyes may see my post who have similar issues. I never saw the dentist about TMJ. The popping in the jaw lasted only a few weeks and I feel it every once in a while if I eat things that required a lot chewing (for example whole almonds). The rheumatologists I've seen can't explain the joint popping. One said it was likely due to inflammation in the joints, but I've never experienced swelling. I've more than a handful of doctors who have told me my symptoms are rare and are likely caused by an autoimmune response from the gut. The internist medical doctor I saw at the Mayo Clinic was probably the most helpful of the bunch, and he said there are just a lot of questions about the GI tract don't yet understand. I've abused my body for years with food, so I realize healing takes time. Many of my symptoms have improved. The popping hasn't. It continues to get worse. Ftr, I appreciate all the feedback. I've had several discussions with Irish through PM, so she's more familiar with my symptoms. She's been a great resource.
  12. I move all the time. I teach fourth grade and I am constantly on my feet and moving. I've also been in a great deal of pain over the last two years while working and wondered if I can continue as my symptoms progress. It's very difficult to stop stressing when you're in pain all the time and symptoms are getting worse. I've been doing yoga daily for the last week since out for the summer break. I've been doing a lot to stay stress free. I've been eating well even though I'm not sure how much my body is taking in with the malabsorption issues.
  13. Thanks for the John Hopkins link. Have seen it many times, and it is not describing my particular condition. This is not normal popping that comes from lack of motion. Irish I'm not sure how many times I need to explain this or if I'm simply not explaining it clearly. My bones SNAP. This isn't crackling like when you rise out of bed. My wrist want to lock up, my hips have movement that is painful, and there are times when I've had to use the elevator at my job, b/c my knees hurt so bad from the popping. Another example is that when I'm driving my shoulders snap on a consistent basis simply by turning my steering wheel. I'm forty years old and was on a mountain bike almost daily 3 years ago. I've been active in sports my entire life. I've dislocated my kneecap playing football, broken a wrist in tumbling, and have never had issues with joints until fairly recently. When I started experiencing severe joint pain two years ago, there still was no popping. It started a few months later in my wrists and shoulders and has migrated to other parts of the body. And it is magnified with specific foods, weather, and if I am stressed. So it's not some issue that stems from age, wear and tear, or osteoarthritis. And as I've stated it's extremely difficult to carry on happy-go-lucky when my body is readily available to remind me there is something not right going on. This is the SECOND thread I have posted on this site in over a year asking specifically about joint popping. The first time I posted a thread about it there was one person who responded who seemed to have similar issues. I am curious if there are others. Thanks again.
  14. There is pain associated with the popping. I had difficulty lecturing to my class when the jaw popping went on. My hips hurt almost daily from the clicking in them, and when the knee popping gets bad, it is painful. When my wrists pop, they don't generally hurt, but in feels uncomfortable and they feel as if they are locking up at times. Sometimes with a harder snap, it is painful. Same with the shoulders. I don't have noticeable visual swelling, but there is definitely pain involved. It's not typical, get out of bed popping in the joints that I am experiencing. This is movement in the ligament/tendon issues that was never there 2 years ago and has quickly progressed to different areas of the body.
  15. Do many of you have problems if you eat foods high in sugar even if they are natural sugars coming from fruit? Sugar triggers joint pain for me. Just wondering if there are others who experience symptoms from eating a lot of sugary fruit and such?
  16. http://www.metasavvy..._7_oz_p/uix.htm http://www.orthomolecularproducts.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=b0c1e737-8ee7-443d-a639-0d3c5354187e Anyone take either of these and have any advice on them? Have you found that products like these are beneficial for healing?
  17. Those two protein powders are the ones mentioned in Esposito's book. She claims to have used them to help healing.
  18. Try this one nvsmom. http://www.orthomolecularproducts.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=f787892f-e6e3-47f4-854a-986653021fe2
  19. I'm 40, male, and have had Celiac symptoms that I didn't recognize until I started having major joint problems 2 years ago. I've been thin my entire life (couldn't gain weight), had a lot of stomach aches/diarrhea growing up (went away for the most part during my college years and through my 20's and early 30's), delayed puberty, chronic canker sores, sore throats, slight anemia, and other symptoms that now lead me to believe I likely have Celiac's disease. My gastroenterologist has told me I'm not absorbing fat and my pancreas has been checked through a CT scan. It appears my pancreas looks fine, but for whatever reason, my body is not absorbing fat. I told my doctor I think this has been a lifelong issue, b/c I used to eat loads of carbs, fats, and calories and never really gained weight. I've had a six pack since I was about 8 years old. No matter how much beer I drank or how many fast food meals I ate, I've never been able to gain weight. But I could at least maintain weight. Two years ago, after coming down with severe joint pain, I was told (through a blood test) that I'm intolerant to at least 31 different foods (all the majors: wheat, egg, dairy, tomatoes, and a bunch of others). A year later my stomach could no longer tolerate salads, and beans do a number on me. I went from 155 pounds to now 128, and I can't put weight on. Since that joint pain started 2 years ago, I've had just about every test imaginable done to rule out RA, Lupus, parasites, MS, gout, diabetes, Crohns, UC, and many others. I went to the Mayo Clinic last summer for many of those tests. The problem with ruling out Celiac was that I stopped eating gluten several months before I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done. Everything checked out ok except that my stomach was reddish inside. So I've posted in the past on this site. My joint pain is much better now that I'm off gluten and the other problem foods. However, my joints began popping a few months after the initial pain started, and it continues to progress throughout my body. My neck is now starting to pop which really concerns me. My hips are also popping/moving, and it is painful. I went through a period where I thought I was getting better, but now it's coming back again with a vengeance. My GI doc said that he wants to move forward under the notion that I have Celiac. I am having more stomach issues and I can't gain weight. Basically, I have major absorption problems, and I am thinking I am likely not getting some important vitamins/minerals to support my joints. My doctor wants me to swallow the camera pill next to have a look at my small intestine. She also wants me to get another food intolerance blood test to see what new foods my body is reacting to. I'm having it done this week and fear that everything I am now eating will be on the new list of trigger foods. Right now, I eat a lot of rice, chicken, almond butter, avocados, bananas, apples, sun butter, fish, quinoa, buckwheat, and certified gluten-free oats. I also eat a lot of Lara bars for snacks along with fruit. I thought eating these foods all the time along with my daily probiotic and digestive enzymes would be fine. But now my doctor is telling me that eating any particular food more than once every three days puts that food at risk for becoming a trigger food. This is all based on the "leaky gut" problem that my body is turning on foods that I eat a lot of. So, where do I go from here? Were any of you intolerant to almost everything, and how were you able to battle this problem or the malabsorption problem that I seem to be having? Do any of you have popping in the JOINTS?! I would love to know what is causing this, b/c no doctor has been able to explain it. But, this isn't harmless popping. This is getting worse by the week. I've seen a couple of nutritionists who believe it stems from malabsorption problems and possibly a shortage of a particular protein or something. What kind of supplements should I be taking to heal the gut and fix the malabsorption problem? Do any of you use Chelation therapy or IV Vitamin drips? Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Irish, I bought some asparagus this morning and plan on making it this week with some fish. That was another food that I had cut out due to the blood test two years ago. We'll see how it goes. I'm excited about trying some new things.
  21. Yes, I eliminated nightshades from my diet over a year ago. I still eat an occasional sweet potato, but they do make my hips hurt the following day. I may be trying a taste or two of some gluten free salsa today (Green Mountain Gringo).
  22. If not food related, what do you think is causing it? I think most of our health problems today are food related. Just curious where you think the arthritis and other pains stem from?
  23. I don't believe I have osteoarthritis. Possibly, but I have no swelling/nodules or any disfiguration in my joints. I've never had swelling. My hands look like any other healthy forty year old. Something triggers pain when I eat certain foods though, and it's an autoimmune response. The other day I made a tight fist and I had a terrible pain in the top knuckle like I almost pulled the joint apart. That's the kind of strange stuff I deal with.
  24. Irish, I'm canceling my visit this week. You probably saved me $300-400 this week.