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  1. Just had my follow up EGD yesterday,good news was my duodenum has healed no ulcers. But still experiencing esophagitis. Started on Carafate along with the Protonics I was taking. I drink a significant amount of coffee in the morning and diet pop. I also have a great deal of stress in my life besides the Celiac diagnosis. Do you think the caffeine could be a real issue with not healing well? I'm learning how unhealthy any kind of pop is for your body. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi, I have a question regarding OTC glucosamine supplements. I called the toll free number on bottle to find out safety. I was told immediately that their product was gluten free and no chance of cross contamination. Her attitude was very flippant and any further questions were answered with same replies. The supplement is schiff move free triple action glucosamine for joints. I should have trusted my instinct and not taken it but I did. Four hours later severe nausea and chills followed by 7hours of vomiting and diarrhea. It's been 24 hours now, feeling better but GI symptoms still there. If supplements aren't monitored byFDA can they leave out gluten or possibility of CC on label and when you call? Any other calls I've made they have asked for lot numbers, not the case yesterday. Thanks for any info and help.
  3. MdkIrish

    Food For 9 Day Bus Trip

    Thank you for your help. I've lived on gluten-free bread and gluten-free yogurt for a period of time to feel better, I think I can do it again. It's a trip with my mom and the memories are so worth it.
  4. I was diagnosed in October 2012 and am finding I'm feeling a little hopeless. I had been planning a 9 day bus trip from Mn to New York in April. Having done this in the past I know all the stops for meals are at fast foods like McDonald's. how can a person with celiac possibly.do this? We had been planning this before my diagnosis but know think I should cancel. Any suggestions that could make this still possible? Thanks!!
  5. MdkIrish


    Good advice. I'm learning each time I log in I feel better every day without gluten in my diet. Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Hi, I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease 4 weeks ago. I thought I was getting a handle on the dietary needs by reading all the info I can find and meeting with a dietician. Today at my Dr. appointment he said I also had to be aware of cross contamination with Soy. I guess I'm back to the deer in the headlights feeling. I'm wondering if I could get some advice on where to start sorting this out? Thanks for any advice.