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  1. Brownie88

    An Aussie G'day!

    My biopsy results did come back positive so I have been gluten-free for about 2-3 months (not long). Yes, I love corn thins.. I acutally have them for lunch today. They are great because they are high in fibre and can replace bread! I normally top mine with hommus, ham and tomatoes.. mmm. I am yet to find a corn tortilla that I like, do you know any good brands? I found a gluten-free wrap (a bit similar to lebanese bread), I plan to make a pizza with it!! In the new year, I will cut out dairy and alcohol for a while I think and see if that helps as I am still experiencing some sickness
  2. Brownie88

    An Aussie G'day!

    WOW that is a big move! Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I think I am lucky to be in Australia as I have been discovering great gluten free foods... sometimes I think it would be a bit easier to live in the city (as there are more options). But Geraldton isn't too bad.. there are quite a few restaurants that cater Gluten-free that are great! And Woolworths, Coles and most IGA supermarkets here have vast gluten-free sections. There is also the farmer's markets. Some restaurants you may want to visit in Geraldton are, (Geraldton restaurants are more expensive than Perth) L'Italliano's - has amazing gluten pasta, they also occassionally have gluten-free pizza bases but never had them the two times I wanted it!! So yet to try. But if you called in advanced and booked I am sure they could ensure they have it. Salt Dish - has the freshest and most flavoursome food. Only open for breakfast and lunch, Tues-Sat. Although, a bit expensive - it is probably my favourite treat! Has gluten-free items marked on the menu, and there is a few. Tide's Restaurant - Overlooking the City (good way to see surroundings), yet to try but have heard only good things. My dietician, who is coeliac recommends it. Also, a cute place to visit is Culinary HQ, they sell gourmet foods but you can buy pre-made meals to dine-in or takeaway but you can actually buy the sauces, toppings, and some of the ingredients to make the meals yourself. The staff can tell you what is gluten-free. And they also sell delicious macarons (naturally gluten-free). But I am a bit of a foodie myself so I feel lucky I enjoy making (and eating) whole foods which helps. I also buy my veg from a vegie stall from a local.. tastes so much better. Hope that helps with your Geraldton visit!! If you want help with more info about geraldton, I'd be happy to help.
  3. I have been really good this week and I really appreciate the advice. I have been putting in reminders to my email and leaving post its about so I can remember stuff.. it seems to be working as I haven't forgotten anything so far... at least that I know of!I I disinfected my pantry and removed the bread and wheat flour (finally) - have relocated the bread to a cupboard/benchtop in the laundry (ditched the flour) which will store Mr. Contamination Vector's gluten treats and toaster, his OWN cutting board and knife. I also brought new chopping boards. Next I will be cleaning out my cutlery drawers as I am sure some bread crumbs have made there way from the bench into the open drawer at some stage. Also, I really need a good check of my makeup.. I have checked most of my lip stuff, does the other makeup matter if it goes on your face and that? (is that a silly question?) When I wrote my comment on here I was so upset. But I am actually looking at things with a clearer head now that I have had time (and with some help) and have come up with solutions and I feel a bit better. Sometimes I do panic and get overwhelmed (damn anxiety) - but I must be positive!!! Thanks Veggie Gal, I am very excited about my new job and feeling better about it .. I drink 2-3 litres of water everyday!! But yoga and a juice detox may help too. Maybe buy some gingko tablets. I'd try anything at the moment! I just went through the gluten challenge myself recently so I know exactly how hard it is!! So I wish you luck and hope you get the answers you seek.
  4. Brownie88

    An Aussie G'day!

    Yes I will need to do this. I really need the extra support!
  5. Brownie88

    An Aussie G'day!

    I was def in too much of a hurry to eat out I think..and taking too many 'risks'. I am not being careful enough and paying the price! especially experiencing bad 'brain fog' atm. But at least I am realising and know now that I have a LOT to improve on. I think it is good advice to just say "no thanks" to food.. cos I feel like coeliac is all I talk about lately (I must sound annoying as). I am struggling to find more wholegrains in my diet and squirm at paying $7 for a loaf of gluten-free bread or for a small box of gluten-free cereal. Why does it have to be so expensive. Oh and I have been using my slow cooker heaps lately! Heaps easy. Thanks for your comments and advice.
  6. Yeah sometimes he'll eat something then touch my hand or something.. and I'm like "Thanks for wiping your gluten germs all over me". And the other day he was washing up dishes and I was trying to cook. I asked him to wash a cutting board and he was trying to tell me was clean, I was like "it is COVERED in bread crumbs". Frustrating! So I think I need to talk to him about it as he just doesn't think sometimes.. but I would love to not have gluten in the house all together - I think he knows how upset I am at the moment so I think I can get him to agree (at least until he can more careful). Post-its are a good idea.. I'll give that a try. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys.. it is hard not to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, isn't it? I was quietly crying at my desk this morning because I became so overwhelmed with frustration and hopelessness. I never thought that coeliac (celiac) could affect so many aspects of my life.. it is exhausting at times. I am able to have a free blood test this week to have everything checked (vitamin and nutrient levels, etc.), as part of a health survey I did so I will definitely follow through with that. I will also do the gluten clean out and if I am not feeling better by doing that then I will try cutting out all grains, and/or dairy. I just want to be all better now so I can stop feeling so bad. Thanks for your comments
  8. Hi everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with coeliac and have been on a gluten-free diet since September. Lately, I have been experiencing 'brain fog' and it is a nightmare. I have always considered myself to have an awesome memory and always bragged about my short-term memory as I would be able to look at my notes just before being tested in an exam and remember what I had looked at quite accurately to get those extra marks. But lately my short-term memory is stuffed and I am only just realising. I have not liked my job for some time as I get so bored and there is no urgency in what I do. I started to not be able pay attention or concentrate well and put in down to "creating bad habits in a job I hated". It is not so much the inability to concentrate but my forgetfulness is now shocking. I am building a house and it took me three days to remember to send through the title, I forget to put numerous things onto my shopping list. And worse, I have been offered an awesome new job and received a phone call to pick up my job contract over a week ago and just plain forgot. Even my boyfriend asked a couple days ago if I heard and I said I hadn't, even stating that it was "weird" I hadn't heard from my new boss about my contract. It took me a whole day to remember that he had called to come pick it up. I feel so awful and promised myself to pick it up today.. however he called this morning and asked me if I picked it up and sounded disappointed I hadn't. How can I explain it is not my fault and unlike me without sounding like it will affect my new job as I have so much learn. I read that it can be an affect of cheating on the diet.. I am so careful, however my partner is not and still ingests gluten at home and I still get sick on occassion. I have decided that tonight I am going home and disinfecting the whole kitchen and removing all gluten from the area (at least until I figure out how to create a gluten friendly kitchen with gluten in it). But does anyone have any tips on how to improve my short-term memory and inattention or stop gluten contamination from happening to me? I am so scared I will not be able to concentrate or remember things in my new dream job
  9. Hi Everyone, I wanted to get back to you with my results but have been travelling and just haven't gotten around to it. My endoscopy results came back positive and I feel sooo relieved to say with total certainity I am celiac. I have been gluten free for about 10 weeks and feel heaps better. Thanks for your help
  10. Yeah I feel the same way.. I never would have wanted it but if it means being healthy again then I am more than happy to say goodbye to gluten. Thanks Diana. Ok I have Celiac, from now on that is what I am. I will not let myself be "food bullied", will not stop it from getting on my nerves though. I know a lot of people struggle with this and other people understanding the consequences of celiacs eating gluten. Thanks MitziG. Haha.. nah not that slow. Yes it was very stressful. We moved because my partner got a job. I had to leave my job of 7 years and had some interviews set up but nothing in stone. I had never been to the town we moved to, we didn't know anyone and the 4 day drive was a stress and a half! Lots of car issues. But you are probably right. I was very stressed at the time it started and I do suffer from anxiety.
  11. oops just realised I wrote 37km away from home instead of 37 hours lol... It is actually about 3,000km away from home lol my bad.
  12. Brownie88

    An Aussie G'day!

    Hi all, I am a 23 year old female from Geraldton, Western Australia. I have had positive blood work, am awaiting my biopsy results and have had a positive reaction to my new gluten-free diet. I have been gluten-free for only two weeks!!! I am working on creating new eating habits, being very careful and not being tempted (as yet). But I am feeling healthier everyday, so I don't feel I could be tempted. Still have a lot to learn, so if anyone has any advice they would like to offer that they maybe wish they receive when starting this diet that would be great!
  13. Thanks for your reply. It makes me feel better about my decision to become gluten-free. I do hope for the positive diagnosis though (maybe more for other people to recognise it), if it is negative am I still able to class myself as Celiac because of the positive blood test? Because you cannot be a little bit Celiac. Yeah I will absolutely tear that the biopsy report to pieces if it comes out negative I think! That is if I ever get to see it.
  14. Hi all. I am a 23 year old female from Australia. I never thought I would be dealing with the possibility of coeliac (celiac) disease and am currently awaiting the results of my biospy which is taking forever!!! I just want to know how long it takes to get your results? I have been waiting for three weeks and am waiting to hear back from the doctor's office today as to when my appointment is (I thought it was today but it is not ) I want to know if anyone thinks I will get positive results. What happens if it is negative? And if you think my symptoms describe coeliac? It all started last November when my partner and I made a big move across the country (about 37km away from home). I was probably eating the most unhealthy foods I have ever had as we drove for four days and then the unpacking, I was eating lots of takeaway and gluten foods. A few weeks after arrvial I began to feel nauseous, and sufferred from stomach cramps, fatigue, constipation and then later diarrhea. And I improved my diet, opting for healthier foods but was still sick. My first visit to the doctor was in about Feb. and my doctor attempted to diagnose me with IBS and gave my some horrible medication that made me feel like the walking dead. So I went back weeks later and he decided to test me for Coeliac. I must say I was completely shocked (and so was he) that the results were positive. Especially since my regular diet consists of less gluten than the average person as I eat little bread and always choose rice over pasta as that is my preference. I booked in for my biopsy in April but had to cancel due to my asthma, which has never really been problem, got really bad that I was coughing way to much to undergo the procedure. I was relieved though as my surgeon was very rude and impatient to the point of inappropriate. Also, he told me that my blood results were low so he did not think I was coeliac but still ordered a biopsy. I then waited till I felt better and my asthma treatment was working, I booked with a new doctor, knowing it would take longer - this was about 3 months later. I had cut down on gluten for about 3 weeks (which was wrong but I was over it) and as soon as I was booked in for my procedure, I decided to begin the horrid, "gluten challenge" - approx 6 weeks leading up to the procedure. Two days before my procedure I was the sickest I have been, stomach cramps, nauseous, diarrhea - so I didn't eat that day. I also experienced severe pain in my knees - they were just aching. I had two biopsies taken from my stomach and after the procedure I continued eating gluten for 5 days and it was unbearable. My doctor hadn't told me whether I could be gluten-free and was worried I might need more tests. So I did some research and saw others had gone gluten-free straight after, so I did. Three weeks later, I am feeling much better... I do not feel completely recovered but I feel like I have started the journey to full recovery. I am worried I have not done enough to get a positive result. I just want answers and am hoping I can get a diagnosis and move on to live a healthy life again. Also, I think what triggered the Coeliac is that I visited Malaysia and ended up with Traveller's Diarrhea and last year visited Thailand only to get ill over there too. I feel like I have been waiting forever and am scared that I will get a negative result even though I feel like a am coeliac. Thanks for reading my essay lol. Sorry it is so long.