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  1. Hi, I'm still pretty new to all of this, my 7 yr old hasn't officially been diagnosed yet, but we are following a gluten free diet. Anyway i was wondering if forgetfulness can be one of the symptoms. I know that all children are forgetful to some degree, but my little girl does not go through a day without forgetting one of her belongings either at school, or a friends house, or somewhere. I mean I hear "oops I forgot" many times everyday. So that's why I was wondering that if anyone else has experienced it with their children too, then I can recognize it as one of the symptoms and be easy on her, otherwise she hears a lecture on how to be responsible for her belongings everyday.
  2. Yes!!! On the FAQ section of their website it says all their flavors are gluten free! So enjoy!!
  3. Thank you all for all your responses, im new to this forum/site, so I hope by replyig to this post, you will all be able to see it. Well the Ped GI said, my 7 year old was indeed tested for the full panel celiac. According to the results everything was normal with the exception of DGP (Deamidated one) which was at 41, I guess normal would be somewhere around low 20s. Other than that she said everything else was normal. I had them check her blood zinc level, vitamin D, calcium, as well as allergy to wheat. So the second blood work showed "slight" allergy to wheat. I am trying my best to follow a gluten free diet for her, but no one else in the family is celiac (at least we dont think anybody else is)so it has been quite a challenge. I have been buying all gluten free products, snacks for school, and frozen foods for quick meals. Even though I am being very cautious I still feel paranoid. I forget to check juice lables, or pasta sauce lables, I gave her shredded mozzerella cheese from Costco, until I realised it could contain gluten in order to keep the cheese from sticking to one another, so it really has been a challenge, but I am hoping as time goes on I will become more comfortable and hopefully I will see visible results in her growth to keep me motivated.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a 7 yr old daughter who tested positive with the blood works for celiac but after having the upper endoscopy done the doctor said there are no signs of celiac nor any allergies ( they took samples from small intestine, stomach and the esophagus) The only symptoms she has are that she has always had very foul odored bowel movements sort of on the looser side, and she dropped on the growth chart drastically!! In 3 yrs she went from 50th percentile in height to only 7th percentile. Other than that she seems healthy, she is active. Oh and also recently when I took her to her physical her eye sight had gotten really weak, I mean she is close to a negative 4!!!( I don't know if that can considered one of the symptoms of celiac)! When going under biopsy the GI said she notices that her stomach lining was bruised, and she asked me if my daughter had been taking medications like Tylenol or Advil (because apparently those meds can bruise the stomach) which my daughter hadn't . So after reading many different posts on this site I decided to register and see if anyone had any suggestions to me. I have started her on gluten-free for 5 days now, and because she has never really had immediate "symptoms" I don't even know if I will notice any difference by following gluten-free diet. I am so confused, if anyone else has ever experienced anything similar please advise me on what to do next.
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