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  1. I've been gluten free, confirmed Celiac for about eight years now. I have a feeling another AI disease might be starting. A few times in the last few months I've had an inflamed gland in one or the other armpit, aches, and a really sore spine. I often have canker sores at the same time. Right now...
  2. My motor issues have improved a lot in just a few weeks. The other day I was wearing shorts and I asked my husband if he noticed anything different. He looked down and immediately said, "There aren't any bruises on your legs"!
  3. Isn't metal tasting sometimes related to anemia? That's common with celiac, especially for a man. Was that checked?
  4. I've been wondering about this too. My son has pretty bad motor delays and I've always been very clumsy, in addition to forgetful and flaky before my diagnosis. I know in young children fat is essential to the developing brain. So I do think the malabsorption of fats could play into it. I think the...