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  1. surviormom

    I Think We Have A Flare Up (Pics)

    I am putting this in as a reference if anyone has DH questions. I finished my gluten challenge 13 days ago, and the spots started during the challenge, but I did not explode with them until last night. Today I am covered. So, 2 weeks later, it is still in my system and I am in a full attack and polka dotted.
  2. And if it helps at all, I have found that one slip up going out to dinner and I am doomed for a month.
  3. That is a good one for me to remember. I always want immediate results and that just does not happen.
  4. I walked into a Panera Bread after being Gluten Free for about 6 months, I was only planning to have a coke and meet a friend there, I had to leave and we had to make a quick change in plans. We ended up at a PI Wi near by. My eyes watered, I felt almost like I could not breath. It was awful. I could not understand feeling that way just breathing it, but I did. I got out of there fast. I have not gone back since. I have been in other restaurants where I know they are baking, but not a bakery. Do not like the bakery in a grocery either, I avoid it. I did not realise a problem before going gluten free. Only that my eyes watered a lot and I had terrible allergies. Well, I do not have terrible allergies anymore and my eyes do not water a lot. There has to be some connection.
  5. surviormom

    So Frustrated Not Better Yet

    A lot of things that are happening to me boil down to inflammation, after you get past the damage gluten did, that is where my sugar bashing came from, my husband, wants me low fodmap, but I think it is sugar, and yes, I am addicted, sugar and chocolate.
  6. surviormom

    So Frustrated Not Better Yet

    I am trying to drop sugar. All fructose, adding low Fodmaps, but I think the real culprit to my not getting better is sugar. Food testing has onions and garlic as safe, but sugars off the chart. Good luck, I feel your pain, I have been going through it too. Did everything right, yet still not better, and in some cases worse (my esophagus). We will figure it out. I am not giving up.
  7. You are not alone. You can PM me anytime as well. It is exhausting and you want to scream, cry, give up, after talking to a GI you can even think am I nuts? But, no, you know your body, and the test proves the food issues even if the GI tests are not showing all of them. Being able to wear something one day and then not the next just because you ate something wrong. Only someone that goes through it can understand it. The C my hubby and I joked about it for years, until we realized how serious it was. Last time in they weighed me, and I said really I gained 7 pounds in a week? They will not do a colonoscopy, as I am not 50 yet?? Mostly what I eat these days are protein shakes and veggie juices. I have a list of reflux friendly foods, low fodmap foods, of course gluten-free, and my food testing list, I match them up and see what I can have, and go from there. I do not even like to go out anymore and I used to love to go out to dinner, we live around awesome restaurants. Anyway, I get it. You are not alone....
  8. surviormom


    Just want the Barrett gone.
  9. surviormom


    So she is right I can get this done sooner rather than later. Thank you very much.
  10. surviormom


    Sorry for the snappy note. Thank you. I agree with him on this I just really hate the ppi and some of his other ideas. My throat was sore for 5 days and I still feel not normal.
  11. This looks like a good place for this. Lots of Endoscopies. Who knows the answer to this. Me and a friend are debating whether my quake, um dr. is right. He just diagnosed me with Barretts and wants to burn it out in 6 months to a year, depending on the FISH results that are not back yet. She thinks he is wrong to wait that long, he is telling me I have to heal from this procedure at least 6 months. I know I hurt inside, so I know I need to heal, therefore, on this I actually believe the quake, um dr. So, does anyone know the answer? How long does it take to heal. Erosive Esophagitis, Barretts, a dilation, and lots of Biopsies. I have to wait regardless or swap doctors, was planning to swap doctors, but the one I am going to is actually an expert in Barretts. I would be fool to change now, I think, whether I agree with him on all matters or not.
  12. surviormom

    Acid Reflux And Ppi's

    I know what I need to do, but why do the doctors want to shove the PPIs down our throats. A little humor there. Does anyone know? If they are not good for us, and there is a better way, why?
  13. surviormom

    Acid Reflux And Ppi's

    Stupid question here, but why does my GI keep trying to force the PPI on me? My husband is doing it now too. The GI has convinced him it is the only way to help my Esophagus. If there is a better way, shouldn't a doctor be on board? This man claims to be an expert in Barretts, I think he is just an expert in collecting $$$. Yes, I am looking for another doctor, but in the mean time, my husband is now believing him, and he wants me on 40 twice a day. Does anyone know why the doctors that we are paying are not doing what is in our best interest? I was doing fine when I was adding Betaine HCL, my husband had me go back to the PPI and boom, I am worse, go to the doctor, I am worse, oh I need more PPI. Really!!!
  14. surviormom

    It Hit Me Last Night

    Its the doctors that frustrate me now, not the food. I love real food. So do my kids and husband. Shop the perimeter and cook real food. It is delicious. i still have my pains, now and then, so I still have a problem and the doctors frustrate me, that will not go away soon unless you have a great doctor. But the food we can fix that.