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  1. probably the crispy ones contain the rice krispie like ingrediant...I just stuck with the old school original....it's been awhile since i've had one!
  2. oh kim thank you!!! i bougtht a pack and they're taunting me...thank you!
  3. Are regular Klondike Bars gluten free? The label seems ok, but I just wanted to know if anyoone had any experience with them?
  4. Chiropractors have been my saving grace more times than once. I remember a point where I saw every doctor imaginable because i was getting these really bad headaches and passing out, even a neurologist didn't understand. Turns out my vertibrae was off balance and pinching a nerve. Honestly, I played...
  5. before you eat eggs from anywhere be SUPER careful!!!!!!!!! some breakfast places put pancake batter in the eggs to make them appear fluffier....i know that IHOP does this for sure, ever since then i've asked everyone. that suprise was not a good one.
  6. um your son is the cutest thing that i have EVER seen
  7. i was just telling you what i was told when i talked to them......i never claim to be an expert it's a pretty normal occurance for me to be wrong..i've not had a reaction with the activia and i only ate it to give it a try....sorry for being wrong...glad that you set me straight! yogourt isn't...
  8. they just say that they can't be 100% positive that it is gluten free to avoid the hassle.....most all yougurt is normally considered gluten free....dannon just apparently is like that...i eat the activia and i do fine with it, it's supposed to help regulate your digestive tract which could be why...
  9. thanks for the link to this thread, i apparently just overlooked it while searching around..........my experience with IC isn't so much the urgency to go, but frequency and issues with completion....but the painful sex is the worst part for me.. all of this is so frustrating after going through...
  10. I got my tonsils out at age 21, no appendex problems as of yet...I'm only 23 though. The tonsils experience was hellish, it might have been because i had double surgery with my knee getting done too. Who knows though!