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  1. I have a question regarding dry eyes, but will start with some background info...

    I was diagnosed with Celiac in February after starting to see a Naturopathic Dr for signs of inflammation. I have suffered with seasonal allergies for at least 25 years, taking prescription drugs for them for almost 20 years, and getting allergy shots for the past 6 years - and still had allergy symptoms worse than most people (both in severity, and in duration). In the past 5-10 years, I have been having cornea erosions (which are the most painful thing I have ever endured). When I get them (even a small one), I am out of work for a full week. The cornea erosions have really changed my life - I will go to extreme measures to prevent getting anther one. Once it starts getting cold in the fall, I need to have a humidifier going in my bedroom (and bring one along if I travel anywhere). I use ointment in my eyes every night before going to sleep. I use Systane drops in my eyes frequently at work when the air gets dry. At one point, my eye doctor commented that some of the erosions seemed to be caused by inflammation in my eyes (during allergy season), and that if we could get that under control, we might be able to control the erosions as well. This inspired me to see if Naturopathic medicine might be able to help me since it seemed that my problems were systemic. The Naturopathic Dr is the one that made the Celiac diagnosis.

    I have been gluten/dairy free since February and have noticed a big improvement in my allergies (though they are not completely gone yet). I am hoping that next year will be even better, since I will have had more time to heal. It is starting to get colder/drier, and I have noticed that my eyes have been really irritated lately. I was hoping that maybe I would not need the humidifier any more, but I was wrong. Last night I put the humidifier on, and my eyes are much happier today.

    So, my question is about Sjogren's...

    I have heard that there is a connection with Celiac and Sjogren's and have been wondering if there is a possibility that I have Sjogren's as well. When I asked my eye doctor, he said he didn't think the dryness was severe enough to be Sjogren's. When he told me this, I believed it. But, now that my eyes are as dry as ever, I am starting to wonder again. I know that it is possible that my body is probably still healing from the damage of Celiac, but I am curious what other people with Sjogren's have experienced, and if it is worth pursuing getting tested. I don't really know much about Sjogren's - I first saw it when I was researching the recurrent cornea erosions. When I was diagnosed with Celiac, I saw it again on the list of 'companion auto-immune diseases"...

    Hi, I have Sjogren's and have a gluten intolerance, I also have many allergies and about 10 years ago (before either diagnosis) began have dry eyes along with bouts of dehydration. It took 8 years to diagnosis the Sjogren's and another year for the gluten-intolerance. I tried Restasis with some relief but after both diagnosis my eye doctor prescribed an allergy eye drop that really helps! I put in 2 drops each eye every evening and in the morning I can open my eyes easily, and I have begun wearing contacts again! Just an idea if you want to ask your eye doctor. laenie

  2. Hi, Everyone:

    I am new here, and this is my first topic ever posted! Wheeeee!

    OK, here is a theory:

    I have read on the Internet that a large number of celiacs in the U.K. have Rh-Negative blood types. I was fascinated, because I am with type O-Neg blood.

    It is claimed that 20% of everyone in the U.K. is Rh-Neg anyway, and in the U.S., it is closer to 15% of the national population.

    People with rare blood types are usually hypersensitive to things (like gluten/gliadin), so if any one out there is Rh-Neg, please RSVP! I want to see if there is a connection.....



    I am RH negative and have gluten sensitivity. laenie