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  1. I have a doctors appointment for tomorrow actually. I've asked to be checked for any nutrition deficiencies. Ir got various other symptoms going in, that I'm seeing a specialist for. However, the area I live in doesnt offer any physicians who are in the know about celiac or gluten intolerance. My family doctor actually told me not to come in if I already knew I had an aversion to gluten. I say self diagnose because I experimented with the diet, and when I' try to eat gluten now, I get very I'll. I'm nursing right now and mentally can not handle to go back on gluten for one month+ just to get a positive test result. I'm trying my best to get referred for a biopsy, but the area I live in makes this hard. So, right now all I can do is eat a gluten free diet ad try to make sure Im absorbing the nutrient I need to be healthy. financially, getting this all sorted out seems nearly impossible.

  2. Im newly (self) diagnosed, via elimination diet. I've been gluten free for about 1.5 months, aside from one accidental exposure, and again to see if I had another reaction . Both times the reaction was severe. Anyhow, now that I know that the gluten has been the culprit, I can look backI on the past 3+ years of my life (Im only 21...) and so many symptoms can be accounted for: severe depression, joint pain, mouth ulcers, fat in my stool, diarrhea, premature labor, headaches, severe bloating, difficulty losing weight, etc. Some of these symptoms indicate a nutrition deficiency, or malabsorption. I know that is one of the major problems created by celiac. I know I ought to get vitamin levels checked ASAP; Which ones would be recommended? Also, in time, does the body heal and start absorbing nutrients again? Should I start taking enzymes? Please, share your experience with me. Have a blessed evening.

  3. Hello all!

    I've, essentially, diagnosed myself with a gluten intolerance (via elimination diet) and have some concerns about symptom alleviation. I've been gluten free for about 1.5 months, aside from accidentally consuming it once and then again to see if I had a reaction. I definitely did. I know that it can take months for inflammation to go away, and for things to start healing. Right now, I'm having some discomfort in my lower colon area; my naturopathic doctor believes this to be inflammation from the gluten. Anyhow, I'm interested to know, what changed for you after you went gluten free? Did you have more energy? lose weight? gain weight? healthier skin and hair? more regular bowel movements? get rid of depression? any bloating? How long did it take to see changes? What symptoms have not gone away? Did being an un-diagnosed celiac for a long period of time cause any one to have any permanent, un-healable damage or other diseases or syndromes? You guys are a wonderful community, and appreciate all of your advice and shared experiences. Have a blessed day.

  4. So, yesterday after being gluten free for almost 1.5 months (aside from 1 accident), I decided to eat some gluten and see what happens- To see if I got really sick like before, so that I could be certain. I called my doctor and asked if he'd write me an order for the necessary blood test. He says, "well, if you feel better off of gluten, just don't eat the stuff!", "why would you want to pay to get tested if you know your sensitive to it?" I suppose this is true to a certain degree, and I really can't afford the tests right now. But, I need to know, just in the case that there's another problem going on. Anywho, to break the gluten fast I ate a bowl of gluten containing cereal, and a piece of sourdough. Within 20 minutes, I was in the worst mood of my life. I just felt angry, anxious, and very irritable. I felt in a fog. I did feel bloated, and I had diarrhea today, but no serious, unbearable bloating like before when I accidentally consumed gluten. Is this normal? What should I do about getting tested? Another symptom I didn't mention is colon pain. I had an ultrasound done to make sure it wasn't my ovary, so the only other thing it could be is my colon. It feels especially painful today. For the past month it has just felt inflamed, and sometimes the pain even goes down my leg. Do you think a colonoscopy would reveal any damage? My naturopathic doctor said it could take 6 months for any inflammation to go away.

  5. I know it's advised to eat at home in beginning, but lunch date planned months ago. Had my blood work thins am (already decided going gluten free today-not willing to do biopsies when it doesn't change treatment). So I had Mexican buffet-lettuce, cheese, refried beans, beef with onions, chicken with onions/peppers, tortilla chips. That's it other than diet coke. Any ideas?

    I had a very bad reaction to restaurant corn chips not too long ago. They're fried with flour tortillas. And, I highly doubt that they're made of JUST corn.

  6. About two months ago, I started getting infections like crazy. Kidney infections, mastitis, BV, and an array of other random pains in my body. I felt like I was falling apart. During the midst of getting all of these things treated, a CT scan revealed that the kidney that had been infected was very underdeveloped. This urged me to figure out what was causing the infections so I could prevent any further damage to my kidney. Somehow, one of my friends recommended that I read about gluten sensitivity (or celiac). Everything started to make sense. I could look back on the past year+ of my life and all of the bizarre symptoms I had fell into place. Some symptoms I had were very loose stools, stomach cramps, bloating, gas, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, brain fog, pelvic inflammation (pain) and obviously, a weak immune system. Despite the fact that I take very good care of my health, and eat a well balanced diet. So, I went gluten free; Today marks about 1.3 months of being gluten free. About 2 weeks after taking gluten out of my diet, I went out to eat at a mexican restaurant with my husband (which, we very rarely ever do), and ate some corn chips. Well, I hadn't thought of the fact that they'd been fried in the same oil as flour tortillas and there's no telling what else. Also, that restaurant corn chips are probably not JUST corn. About 4 hours late, I was in the worst pain of my life. The bloating in my stomach was unbearable. It was worse than labor pains. I felt dizzy, confused, and in so, so much pain. If I hadn't thought that it was caused by the gluten, I would have definitely went to the emergency room. So, a few days ago I visited with a naturapthic doctor; she feels that I do have a sensitivity to gluten. And said there are a few ways to find out 1.eat some gluten, see what happens 2. a biopsy 3. blood test. So, I've decided that I should get a blood test. However, browsing around the internet, reading about other's experiences had been discouraging. False readings seem to be so common. Right now, financially, I'd like to take whatever tests are necessary and figure it out ASAP. What test have the best, most accurate results? For celiac, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Which should I request? Have any of you taken the stool test? Do I need to start eating gluten again before the test can come back with an accurate reading? For how long, and how much? Please share your experiences, what worked for you, and any advice you may have. Thank you. Have a blessed day.