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  1. amybeth

    Potluck Help

    Fruit dip.... 1 8oz container strawberry cream cheese, 1 container marshmallow fluff, and 1/2 container of KoolWhip...
  2. amybeth

    Meatloaf Recipes? Anyone?

    We just discovered a gluten free meatloaf recipe on allrecipes.com Uses ground turkey and quinoa as the binding agent...
  3. When I'm traveling or do not have access to a full kitchen, I buy perdue short cuts and mayo...with some salt and pepper...
  4. amybeth

    Apple Crisp Recipe

    I make the apple betty from the Pamela's website. It's pretty good! Next time I will double it, b/c I like it a little...
  5. amybeth

    Typical Weekly Menu?

    Our menu gets pretty repetitive, but I think that's because I don't take the time to try new things. I mostly use...
  6. amybeth

    Share Your Favorite Cold Meals

    Tuna Pasta Salad 2 5oz cans tuna drained and flaked 11 oz tinkyada spiral pasta 1 1/2 c. cucumbers sliced thin...
  7. Will you be in Bensalem, or nearby --- I live near there. I would recommend the following which all have Gluten Free...
  8. We are slowly introducing our one-year-old to table food and trying to get away from baby food. Normally for dinner...
  9. Anyone else having a SuperBowl party? It's right around the corner! What's on your menu? We are trying to mix up...
  10. Used Pamelas Baking/Pancake mix...Wonder how much of a difference that would be.
  11. RDR, I tried that dough....used less butter than the recipe called for, cooked it 15 additonal minutes, and it was...
  12. amybeth

    Celiac Mom With Baby - When To Introduce Gluten

    A pediatrician and a nutritionist both (independently) said to introduce gluten to my guy like I would to any child and...
  13. The holidays can feel so stressful and with a big Nor'easter coming, shopping time is cut even shorter this year! I...
  14. amybeth

    Breakfast/brunch Ideas?

    Hatfield is a brand. All these delicious ideas are making my tummy grumble!
  15. amybeth

    Breakfast/brunch Ideas?

    Search allrecipes for Oven Baked Eggs.....Easy, doesn't need to be watched over, and can add any combination of ingredients...