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  1. I know there's no gluten in tap water But I was curious if anyone else found that tap water irritates their stomach? I've tried getting rid of that problem by putting it through a brita water filter but I still find problems. I often feel a little better with bottled water or properly filtered water...
  2. tonight I'm cooking pork apple salad with quinoa. I've just used a bit of salt and pepper and cut up the pork into squares, then I'm going to cook that with a bit of olive oil, some pecans, broccoli, green pepper, (wish I had green beens etc) then I'll let all that cool down and mix it in with...
  3. I haven't been tested yet because of the cost of the blood work. I am pretty sure I am gluten intolerant or have celiac so I stopped eatting it completely last April. There are actually quite a few blood tests that OHIP doesn't cover because they take a lot of time and work in the lab. So I think...
  4. Some tunas have broth in them and sometimes broths contain gluten in the form of barley or wheat. So you have to be careful not to get the ones that have broth in them because the indregients just say broth.