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  1. It seems that you have complicated symptoms... there may be more than one thing going on. Perhaps you could find a physician who could work with you to figure out what is what. It might not be celiac. It sounds like you need to have all of you vitamin levels run and a bunch of body systems looked at in my unprofessional medically uninformed opinion. It is terribly frustrating to not feel well and not know why... it’s awful. Find someone who will work with you.
  2. Have you kept a food dairy and tracked what you were eating and drinking before you had diarrhea? Does anything make you feel better? If you are having nonstop diarrhea, you may need medical help to calm you gastric system down. If you could figure out what you CAN eat safely, you can base your meals around that and gradually add things in to see how you react. For me, it only took a few days of strict gluten free to have the diarrhea stop... but I also had to stop dairy because I was lactose intolerant. You could be lactose intolerant without being gluten sensitive or with it... it can also cause the runs... as can corn and corn products in some people... well, also other things, like too much oil or fried food. Don’t need to be celiac or gluten sensitive for that either. The thing is, if you plan on getting tested for celiac, you will need to be eating gluten before hand so the immune reaction can be found in your blood tests. Chronic diarrhea can be a symptom of many things... some are really best treated by doctors (parasites, non-food related things). I hope you can find a solution.
  3. Fatigue can be related to low B12. Joint and muscle pain can be related to low vit D. Being low in both vitamins is common with celiac. There are also other sensitivities that cause gastric problems... dairy, and corn are common... but these also can go along with celiac. Get tested by a doctor. Keep eating gluten until after you get test results and find out a diagnosis. See if you can figure out what foods are triggering your diarrhea so you can tell the doctor. Good luck!
  4. I did. I had been gluten free or mostly gluten free for a couple of years prior to testing, though. After the negative celiac blood tests, the GI doc gave me the gene test to rule out celiac and was surprised to have that come back showing I had the genes. He then did the biopsies and was even more surprised to find the damage ... he then diagnosed me with celiac. Five years later I had another endoscopy with biopsies and he was tickled to see that all the damage had healed... so he felt he had made the right call and I was following the diet carefully. I had horrible D and all kinds of symptoms until I was healed.
  5. It means you have the potential for developing celiac. Many folks have the genetic variants but do not have celiac... some develop it eventually, some do not. So, now you know it is possible for you to develop celiac, get tested for the disease. You need to be eating gluten during the testing stage.
  6. Fresh baked artisanal bread... fresh from the oven fresh warm cider donuts or better yet fresh warm yeast donuts... the kind with raspberry filling fresh warm bread sticks with Parmesan grated on top to dip in marinara sauce pizza crust must be thick, yeasty and well risen... like home made but not as much work involved Graham crackers ritz crackers wheat thins crackers ooo... green bean casserole made with real traditional gluten filled ingredients oh, a warm thick soft pretzel a big old cinnamon bun thick and yeasty and gooey and full of gluten... oh my... I didn’t realize I was missing so much until I thought about it hmmmm.
  7. Definitely get her tested for celiac but don’t automatically assume that is what is causing this. There are other things which can cause these rage reactions in kids. Has she had a strep infection? In rare instances it has been known to cause neurological problems. We had a child at my school who had this happen and it was terribly frightening for the family. Here is a link to a group with more info: http://www.pandasnetwork.org/understanding-pandaspans/what-is-pandas/
  8. Keep eating gluten until you are tested and until you have an endoscopy if the doctor calls for one. If dairy if bothering you, you can give that up before celiac testing... but I don’t know about other testing. As far as the redness... that sounds like a reaction you should discuss with your doctor.
  9. Yes. But I had a negative blood test before the biopsy. I had been gluten free for a year, but not as careful as now. I also had the genetic test run... he said if I did not have the genes then I didn’t have celiac... but I had them and I had damage in my gut per the biopsies.
  10. That is correct as I understand it. The genetic testing only shows if it is possible to become Celiac. My doctor had me do it to rule out celiac... I had been gluten free for a year when I talked to him about the possibility of celiac. My blood rest was negative (because of being gluten free). After the genetic test showed that I carried the genetic disposition, he had an endoscopy done. That confirmed the celiac diagnosis as I had damage and celiac indicators in there. That was 5 years ago.
  11. rehh05

    Vegetarian Roll Call!

    Wow, this is great! Thank you! I think I'm having trouble processing the extra fiber as it seems to all go right through me really fast. Digestive enzymes is a goood idea. I guess it will just take time for my little microbes to decide that veggies are just the way it's going to be.
  12. rehh05

    Vegetarian Roll Call!

    I am celiac and trying to transition to a vegan/vegetarian diet. I've been gluten free for about ten years. I've just started introducing vegetarian dishes and phasing out meat/egg based ones in my family. My problem is that my tummy is not adjusting to the transition. Any idea how long it will take my insides to adjust to the different foods? I have not even really started with legumes yet in a major way since I figured those would take a real adjustment.
  13. I used to drink Crystal Light all the time too. And I couldn't figure out why I was sooo achy and tired and sore all the time. It said gluten free so I wasn't worried about gluten too much, but then I started having constant head aches... and thought about the sweetener. So I stopped everything with aspartame... the only artificial sweetener I allow now is a small amount of Stevia. Guess what.. aches and soreness and headaches are muuuuuuch better. Much more energy too. Seems I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners... so no more soda or diet soda for me... I did find a Stevia sweetened lemonade that I use once in a while but not often.
  14. If your blood tests do come out as negative, and they might, you can ask for genetic testing to rule out celiac and an endoscopy to check for damage. I was in a similar situation years ago. I was gradually getting more and more tummy problems, a friend suggested cutting back on gluten and bam, I felt better when I did. So, when I finally was able to find a doctor who was willing to believe I didn't just have IBS, I already knew that if I ate gluten I had major diarrhea problems and pain... so went basically gluten free. I told that to the doc and he didn't believe me... but my blood tests all came back negative. Then he did the genetic tests to rule out celiac... they came back positive. Then he did an endoscopy and found damage and diagnosed me... and sent me to a dietitian who knew less about going gluten free than I did. I've been extremely careful since then.
  15. Right side pain under the rib can also be gall bladder. I had problems with that before finding out about my celiac and thyroid issues. It can be extremely painful.