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  1. Also you might be getting cross contaminated by things in your kitchen. Your cutting board, your pasta drainer, inadvertent crumbs from other people. Believe it or not, affectionate significant others who consume gluten can spread gluten to you. Gluten is very sneaky.
  2. I have found gluten free ibuprofen at various places... Walgreens, Target...just look at the boxes. The liquid gels are NOT usually gluten free though. I do not look at children’s Advil, just regular generic ibuprofen. I have also found gluten free generic Tylenol products. Again, read the boxes. They are there.
  3. Well, sounds like you if something works for you, then keep doing it... but, one thing struck me. you described the feeling of having a lump in your throat. That is something that folks with thyroid problems sometimes feel... and having a swollen thyroid or nodules can affect swallowing... which can make one swallow more air. just a thought... something other than diet to think about. There are thyroid problems that do go hand in hand with type 1 diabetes, although more common in women. It’s the autoimmune thing. but it also could be something other tha
  4. I also have had this. I had had issues with vitamin levels and with back/joint problems. My doctor and I keep a close eye on my vitamins, my sugar levels, and I make sure to get enough sleep and try to keep stress under control. I would suggest having a chat with your doctor and see if he/she will check things. it is certainly a weird sensation, isn’t it.
  5. If they make you feel bad, don’t eat them. I know. Not particularly helpful 😊 but really, each person reacts differently to different things. My suspicion, in your case, from what you said, is that you might be one of those folks who also reacts to oats. Some do. Make sure they are certified gluten-free oats (not all are) and if what you have had are for sure gluten-free oats, then I’ll bet you react to oats. Also, if you are using lactose free dairy milk... cow’s milk, then you might be reacting to something in the milk besides the lactose. Try switching to a plant based milk... not
  6. Well, if those were the only tests run, I would have to say it is possible you are celiac but the tests you had done are not enough to say for sure. You need more diagnostic work done. You have the chromosome for it but that doesn’t mean you have active celiac. as for the nausea, yes, nausea is a symptom for some people. There are a lot of symptoms. Don’t stop eating gluten until after you are tested with a celiac panel and have an endoscopy. If you stop before, it’ll mess up results.
  7. Interesting. When I was fingerprinted for a background check for my job, nothing they did could get the machine to read my fingerprints... just too faint. I figured it was the forty years of constant hand washing as a preschool spec ed teacher that wore them off. Maybe not!
  8. Might want to have your thyroid checked as well as vitamin levels.
  9. No, you don’t need to be eating dairy and soy to be tested for celiac. Yes, damage from celiac can cause lactose intolerance... the part of the villi in the small intestines that digests milk is the top part and it is the part that shows the damage. Yes, there are lots of people with celiac who have other food intolerances. Yes, in my opinion, it is worth getting a diagnosis. It is too bad you didn’t have the blood tests run while you were eating gluten... perhaps you could do them as a part of your work up after eating it again for a few weeks. Yes, and endoscopy is worth it to see if there i
  10. Yes, celiac runs in families. You can have testing done to see if you carry the chromosomes that predispose you to it. There are many folks who have the chromosomes who never develop celiac, but it is my understanding that if you don’t have those chromosomes then you probably don’t have celiac.... with the caveat that they are finding more genetic markers as time progresses. If your brother has celiac, you are at risk, but not guaranteed to develop celiac disease. All celiacs have to be extremely careful about accidental contact with gluten. It can be debilitating. Some of us are extremel
  11. Well, I would think your GI doc would want you to have been eating gluten before both the blood test and the endoscopy . That said, this is how my experience went down: I had symptoms and was misdiagnosed for years and years. I met a new friend who suggested going gluten free. I did so about a year before changing doctors and getting tested. My GI doc didn’t care that I was gluten free because he didn’t think anyone was completely gluten-free. I tested negative. He had me have the chromosome test and I tested positive. He had me have a endoscopy as a part of a colonoscopy that he was doing any
  12. I agree. Keep eating gluten. But don’t let Dr Internet diagnose you. Keep an open mind. It might be celiac... but then again it might not be. Might be vitamin deficiencies. Might be you are not taking in the right form of B12 or need folate instead of folic acid. Might be your diet includes something else you are allergic to or sensitive to. Have a frank open minded talk with the GI doctor but keep eating gluten... but also try to decrease processed foods and increase simple Whole Foods. See what sits well with you. Your primary care doctor can check your vitamin levels and see if they are ok.
  13. It seems that you have complicated symptoms... there may be more than one thing going on. Perhaps you could find a physician who could work with you to figure out what is what. It might not be celiac. It sounds like you need to have all of you vitamin levels run and a bunch of body systems looked at in my unprofessional medically uninformed opinion. It is terribly frustrating to not feel well and not know why... it’s awful. Find someone who will work with you.
  14. Have you kept a food dairy and tracked what you were eating and drinking before you had diarrhea? Does anything make you feel better? If you are having nonstop diarrhea, you may need medical help to calm you gastric system down. If you could figure out what you CAN eat safely, you can base your meals around that and gradually add things in to see how you react. For me, it only took a few days of strict gluten free to have the diarrhea stop... but I also had to stop dairy because I was lactose intolerant. You could be lactose intolerant without being gluten sensitive or with it... it can
  15. Fatigue can be related to low B12. Joint and muscle pain can be related to low vit D. Being low in both vitamins is common with celiac. There are also other sensitivities that cause gastric problems... dairy, and corn are common... but these also can go along with celiac. Get tested by a doctor. Keep eating gluten until after you get test results and find out a diagnosis. See if you can figure out what foods are triggering your diarrhea so you can tell the doctor. Good luck!
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