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  1. Constipation is my issue! My sister has Celiac and she always had diarrhea so that is why I thought I didn't have it. By I do. I thought once I was diagnosed and eliminated gluten, I would get "regular". But it has been almost 6 weeks and I am still not. I need to take iron but am afraid that will make it worse. I am taking probiotics and trying to be patient. Uggg

  2. Thanks everyone! I am sure my frustrations have to do with more than just questions from others. I am still adjusting and learning...and waiting to feel better. Anyway, my friend who always asks how my tummy is texted again today. I took her question as genuine concern and responded with a thorough explanation. I got a "wow" response. I feel better thinking that she is really concerned and not insensitive, and I am looking forward to explaining it to the lady at work who "would die if she couldn't eat a donut."

  3. I am newly diagnosed and am looking for suggestions on replies to other people's comments, such as "what happens if you eat wheat?" Or "how can you do It? I'd die if I couldn't eat wheat!?" Or " how's your tummy?" I want to scream. My tummy? It's not a stomach ache! Are people really that uninformed? Even before I was diagnosed I knew what Celiac was.. Yes, my sister and brother have it, but I think I would still know something about it? And, no, it isn't easy, but I don't have a choice. I don't want to be insensitive or rude in my replies, but I am having a hard time.

  4. I am newly diagnosed (1 month). I am iron deficient, as well as all the regular deficiencies Celiacs have. My dilemma is iron supplements cause constipation and that is what I am trying to get rid of. I just want to be "regular." My doctor advised me to wait to take iron until I am "regular" and take a multi vitamin, vitamin D, and Calcium. But I am worried about the iron. I am so tired and borderline anemic. I think iron would help, right? Any suggestions?