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  1. My experience is similar. 13 years since diagnosis. Although nausea has been a symptom for me vomiting is not typical. I was glad to see this post...when I have an atypical reaction it is easy to doubt myself. After eating out, I awoke in the early morning very nauseous and finally ended up in...
  2. I had similar neuropathy issues. Doc checked for MS, lupus etc all negative. Endocrinologist work kept coming back normal. Finally diagnosed hypothyroid a year or so after celiac Rx. It took several years on gluten-free diet for many of my symptoms to subside. i had severe deficiencies by the...
  3. I had hair loss but it was a secondary response to my Celiac disease. I was so anemic and malnourished that I had significant hair loss, including on legs, forearms, the fine hairs on the finger and toe joints. I also developed thyroid issues which took significant time to diagnose even though I...
  4. My youngest was always at the 5% or below until she was finally diagnosed celiac at 9 years. When she went gluten-free she grew 4 inches, next year 4 inches, next year 4 inches. I nursed her until she was two (she had solid food as well of course) ....she was so small....I remember people seeing...
  5. We have all been warned about tricksy stunts included in fine print. We all know someone who has been duped by a some technical legal speak. But what about the in your face statements that are just plain misleading? When it comes to gluten free statements, errors whether accidental or intentional...
  6. My first blog takes me back 5 years ago when my youngest daughter started her freshman year of high school. She had been diagnosed Celiac for 5 years at this point, by now I was sure my daughter had come to terms with her restrictive diet. She was happy-go-lucky Madeline, ever smiling, always...