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  1. It's a sugar cone - it worries me that the school was meant to be educated about this and still let this happen. I would be mad too. And as for the poster who said you were, and the world does not revolve around celiacs- shame on them - it's a child!
  2. I would notify the head, this is unacceptable from them. My daughter's school has been amazing - it helps that her nurse and teacher are on board and they call me if something is beng offered that is questionable. They were fully informed about it - they have no excuse. I would call for a interview with the head.
  3. Same sort of thing going on here. It annoys me so much tbh that grown adults cannot accomodate a child. Really - I would go out of my way for others if they had an allergy. Some people also think it is a "fad" uh no - it's not a fad. We have missed out on a ton of stuff because it really was not safe for her to eat at certain places as they would not accomodate celiac clients. And for relatives to do that as well - it stinks.
  4. If his IgA came back as low/deficient, then the celiac test cannot be trusted. IMHO I would keep him gluten-free. With the side effects - they can vary from person to person, and it can be very hard for a little person to tell us what is going on. If you can do the stool test, that will tell you a lot about his gut, and that will help with some of the puzzle. Good luck! We take packed lunches in for my daughter - maybe the preschool will let you do that?
  5. Quick question - how much gluten was your son ingesting before taking the test?
  6. TBH, I decided that even though we had a negative response on the celiac test, we decided not to let the others have gluten at all, especially as a sibling has it. It may be worth looking at a comprehensive stool sample test as well - we did ours through Great Plains. Our doctor also advised them going gluten-free as the low IgA means they could be celiac. Good luck with your choice mama. I wish we lived in Italy - it's law there that gluten free food be available in schools, hospitals, etc.
  7. And this would not be a cut and paste scenerio, as not everyone has low IgA.
  8. Basically - if you have low IgA - your body will not mount a defense to the gluten, so the antibodies will not be there to test for - kwim? Hope I explained that right lol, super tired right now. There is a higher prevalence of IgA deficiency in those with celiac disease than in the general public, and there is a higher prevalence of celiac disease in those with IgA deficiency. So it could "poss" be a marker of celiacs.
  9. Two of mine have low IgA also - basically our doctor has said that this means any Celiac test may give false results. As their sister has confirmed celiacs, we have been advised to keep them gluten-free. A stool test showed the youngest has a problem, and she may have celiacs - they all have at least one celiac gene as well.
  10. Well, I spoke with her teacher, and they want me to speak with the nurse again. They do not think the other children are mature enough to deal with personal space near her...
  11. I am going in again on Friday, so will also speak to the staff. I think part of the problem is that they know she has this, and do not want to be liable for anything as well.
  12. I have been to lunch with her, the seats are very close. She does have other people on the table with her, just not sat directly next to her. So she is not toally isolated, that would freak me out for sure.
  13. My 6 year old goes to a local school, and I have been told my some family members that I am being too cautious re her lunch situation. All of her other classmates eat gluten - the school menu is full of it, so, I requested that she does not have people sitting directly next to her. I do not want her to be on her own, but am also weary of the fact that kids will be kids, and I do not want her to get glutened every day at school. I am so tired of being the vigilant one, and people not getting how serious it is, it is very wearing being told you are over reacting. Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. My two youngest tested negative, as did I. We had only been eating one slice of bread a day though for 2 weeks, so not sure if that was why, but my 6 year old came back very positive on that. With my youngest two, they also have low IgA, so we were told that a negative Celiacs test could be false because their low IgA could mess the test up. Stool tests have shown that they both have very bad guts, and some of the results with my youngest at 18 months, were indicative of Celiacs. The whole house is gluten-free, it just seems the responsible thing to do.