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  1. I was able to add both dairy and eggs back into my diet AFTER I found the rest of my intolerances and AFTER some major healing had taken place .

    I am realistic enough to know that with my intolerances I will ( probaly ) not be able to vegan and healthy. Being healthy is what it is all about :) So I am grateful that eggs and dairy are something that I can currently tolerate .I am currently vegetarian and I am good with that :D

    My suggestion is : if you are not showing any signs of other intolerances add dairy and eggs back ONE at a time . Keep a food journal and see how it goes.

    I recently I attempted to add corn back into my diet ,,, with my system clear of other intolerances it did not take long to know that corn TRULY DOES NOT work for me :ph34r: at all :blink: ever :wacko:

    Thank you so much, your post makes me feel more at ease about this. I'm sorry you couldn't regain corn. :( I strongly suspect I'll be the same with dairy. But I won't know if I don't try. I think I'll test eggs soon but the dairy may wait until after the Holidays. My reaction to dairy has been pretty ugly and immediate.

  2. Hugs, Fire Fairy. It's natural to want to please those you love. But you gave eggs and dairy up because your body rejected them. How much fun will you be to be around if your intestines are tied in knots and you have the hershey squirts? Anyone who slams you for your diet, no matter what way you chose or need to eat, is not your friend. Your boyfriend's family not only accepts you but tried to accomodate you. The person you are is what matters. He souns like a good guy! :-)

    Thank you. I plan to gently test eggs by one day eating a piece of Udi's bread. If that goes well 2 pieces, and if that goes well I'll will go from there. In the past the reaction to eggs was just very loose stool the next morning but who knows having not had any for so long it could be much worse now. Definitely going to be careful.

  3. Quoting Bartfull

    "If it was just an elevated risk of lymphoma, well, it would be up to you. But there are so many other horrible conditions that eating gluten can lead to! Gluten ataxia, which mimics MS, rheumatoid arthritis which is SO painful, DH, which they call the suicide rash because the itching and pain are so bad. Continuing to eat gluten can lead to dementia. It can lead to other cancers. And so many other things!"

    You should really keep all that in mind when you think about giving in. I'm 38 and have Gluten Ataxia. I have already had a couple mini strokes as a result and I know I'm lucky no permanent damage was done. Celiac could kill me, but I will not let it. I look at food I know has gluten as poison, deadly poison. If it may have gluten I think "well that may be poison". It's not worth the risk. I have no children but as you do when your thinking about caving to peer pressure think about how much your children need you. Personally I just think about the pain and how much I don't want to die anytime soon.

    It does get easier, and as you start feeling better you will realize it's worth it.


  4. Hi, this is Fire Fairy. I can't seem to get back into my old account. This thread looks like a good spot to update everyone on what I've been up to and ask for some feedback. Doubt I can make this long story short but I'll try.

    I did the vegetarian diet all the way through Lent in 2011. At the end of Lent meat tasted like ash to me. I was eating a lot more eggs to make up for not having meat and realized I had an intolerance to that as well. In June 2011 I went completely Vegan. I've made lots of new Vegan friends online and have seen and read enough that I will most likely never eat meat again. Going Vegan was a big step and I thought it out for a long time. It was a direction I choose because I felt at the time I was the only person it affected. That wasn't completely true.

    My father who loves to cook has completely stopped cooking. He and my mother only had a Thanksgiving dinner after my mom put her foot down. Not only is my father not cooking, he's barely eating. And since he isn't cooking my mother (who is likely Celiac as well) is living off Chicken and Dumplins and Shells and Cheese. Neither of them will eat my food so there is no point suggesting I cook for them. Now I pretty much accepted that this was their prerogative and not all my fault but....now I have a man in my life. :) And his family bent over backwards to accommodate me at Thanksgiving. I know how hard it is to find food for someone like me so I truly appreciate all they did and tried to do. And now I'm finding there is a part of me that really wants to be able to add back the dairy and eggs to make things easier. I've not touched either in over a year now.

    I know my Vegan friends would be so very upset and let down by this. The fact is I didn't give up dairy and eggs out of choice but necessity. Sure the things my Vegan friends have told/shown me about the industry are very upsetting, but if everyone was Vegetarian those problems would (assuming logic holds and supply and demand act out the way I expect) take care of themselves. I don't really want to be able to drink a glass of milk and eat scrambled eggs, I just want to be able to eat gluten free bread and similar items that most folks would assume were fine and safe for me.

    All that said last time I was exposed to dairy I could not make it to the bathroom even when I was only 15 feet away but that was awhile back now. Eggs on the other hand gave me very lose stool just like Irish Moss is doing now.

    So friends any thoughts? Am I being weak wanting to add these two back? By weak I mean both wanting to please others and missing some of the treats I could once more enjoy if I could add these back. Am I being ridiculous even thinking I could add them back? If I do try what would be the best way to go about it?

    PS In my defense, the only "Vegan" I know in person, the only one I've actually spent time with, the one I learned what it was to be Vegan from, is my life long BFF and though she has been "Vegan" since age 18 she still consumes dairy, honey, and doesn't pay attention to eggs in products.

    PSPS Vegans please don't eat me alive for this, feel free to be as critical as you want but don't get angry.