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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Jule's Pizza

    Anyone have an issue from eating at a jule's pizza? Our toddler vomited shortly after lunch, and continued for a few hours. This is her first episode since her diagnosis 5 months ago. We aren't really sure what to look for in her glutening as it seems everyone is so different. Her mist obvious symptom pre diagnosis was vomitting. We are really careful with her diet. Thanks!
  2. My daughter vomitted while still sitting at the table eating her dinner (of something gluten) on several occasions, which is what lead to the testing in the first place. she was still eating gluten regularly at that point but she wasn't vomiting every time she ate it.
  3. My 3 year old had red circles under her eyes all summer before her diagnosis. They definitely got worse as her symptoms increased to frequent vomitting. After her diagnosis in sept.and immediately after going gluten free they disappeared. No vitamin defeciency found. Of course we associated the eyes with gluten, but an allergist with CHOP assured us it is not a symptom of celiac. I am not convinced. Today she had red eyes and said her tummy hurt.
  4. My daughter had not gained a single ounce from the age of 1.5 to 2.5. In the first weeks on a gluten-free diet she gained about a pound a week. She stopped vomiting. She immediately lost her dissented belly a few days into the diet. The circles under her eyes were gone within weeks. Her mood stabilized although she is still a toddler and she regained an appetite. It has been an amazing transformation and such a relief! Now we aren't sure what symptoms to look for if she is accidentlly exposed., if it will be a full blowing vomit episode or a belly ache....
  5. Hi: Does anyone experience redness of the skin around the eyes when exposed to gluten? My toddler gets so red it can look like a mask for no apparent reason. It hasn't happened often since we started the gluten-free diet. An allergist told us it was not gluten related, but we have reasons not to trust her information (written report full of inaccuracies) She did test positive for tree allergies but it is winter. Any ideas?
  6. Vomiting, dark rings under the eyes, severly dissented stomach, refusal to eat even her "favorite" foods (pasta, pizza, bagels...), failure to thrive are all symptoms we saw intensify up until diagnosis.
  7. Great advice mommida, so true... Nothing breaks your heart like a 2 year old crying because it's " not fair" everyone else can have cake, etc. Betty crocker makes great gluten free cake and brownie mixes. I bake one, cut it up and freeze the individual pieces, then whenever there is a party I am set to go with her own piece of cake. Just top with icing and she has no idea hers is different. I always call ahead to ask what is on the menu to do my best to match it. But agreed it is too easy to let the sweet stuff make her feel better. We are fairly new to the gluten-free diet. We decided as soon as she was diagnosed to upgrade to a smartphone and it has been a lifesaver. Fooducate allergies is an app that you scan the barcode and the product info pops up along with a star color coded to tell us if the product is gluten-free. The find me gluten free is helpful but we always call. Alot of times gluten-free means a steak, seafood, chicken breast- things my toddler won't eat.
  8. Do You Buy Kraft?

    sa1937- we called the number on the jello pudding box.
  9. Do You Buy Kraft?

    There are so many blogs and Celiac sites praising Kraft for their labeling, giving us parents of newly diagnosised celiacs a false sense of assurance in their products. Only after going on their website did I see their ambiguous statement about not guaranteeing that their manufactures/ suppliers do not use gluten. Today we called and were told not to use any of their products with the terms natural and artificial colors and flavors, and spices. Seriously Kraft needs to step up and hold their suppliers accountable. So no, I will no longer by Kraft.