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  1. Thank you so much for your responses! I don't know exactly what blood test the doctor did, but I am going to call him on Monday to get a copy of the results. Another question I have is, can some people have "flare ups" related to celiac? I guess what I mean is, sometimes I can go for a week or two and feel pretty good, then for some reason all my stomach problems come back. I avoid soda and tea and eat pretty healthy since I always feel worse if I eat to much or eat to much junk. I am a huge carb fan, though and I did try going gluten free for about a week and felt ok, but it was around that time that my doctor told me my labs were normal, so I just gave it up cause I didn't think that celiac could be the cause of the problem. I just want to feel normal!
  2. Hi, I have suffered with gastritis for 4 years. It all began 4 years ago when I had a total thyroidectomy due to Graves disease. Since then I have had repeated flare ups of gastritis. I am dealing with my latest flare up since May. I am also iron deficient anemic, suffer from hair loss, constipation and frequent headaches. My two endoscopies showed gastritis, but they didn't biopsy for celiac at the time. Also negative for h. pylori. I was blood tested for Celiac and it was negative, genetic testing was not done. My mother told me recently that my grandmother was diagnosed several years ago with Celiac, not to mention there is a strong genetic history of autoimmune diseases. My problem is, I have more trouble with constipation than diarrhea, so could it still be celiac? My gastro said with the negative tests, she said it was probably not celiac, but that if I continue to have problems that we will do a repeat EGD and test for celiac. Any insight would be much appreciated!