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About Me

1996  traumatic incident, after which I became gradually to highly lactose intolerant

1998  severly lactose intolerant, missed days of work with small amounts of dairy

2002  stress, anxiety and overall feeling of something very wrong

2003  pregnancy allows for relief of stress and anxiety "happy pregnant woman"

                        post pregnancy vision issue, MRI clear

2005  2nd child, post pregnancy problem with right hand

2006  lactose intolerance 'cured' with a probiotic treatment lactagen

2008  0%working gall bladder removed, clear the room type passing gas, suspect lactose issue returned

2009  my increased intake of  calories for nursing my third child ended as he is weened

                         I drop weight too quickly

                         flu like symptoms persist

Diagnosed Celiac


2012   after an unprovoked crying fit, and facial numbness from cheeks to forhead, MRI spinal


Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis





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