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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. mug root beer is my go to laxaxtive .. just sayin :-D no brain fog though like i normally get with gluten
  2. Eggs?

  3. Eggs?

    It's no in your head, if tour super sensitive (like me and my son) then you are grtting slightly glutened by the eggs (which sucks because we LOVE eggs. I have been purchasing cage free grain fed chickens and I do feel glutened after eating them but only last a shott while but its a indefinate reaction and its still there ugh! We have a local co-op store I am going to try theres next time and will not be buying eggs from our local supermarket anymore this winter .. I hate bejng so sensitive.. Its also there with some meats!
  4. Anxious Every Time I Come To Work!

    lol that guy is hilarious can definetly relate..:-D my coworkers are def not understanding as id like them to be. Especally my roomates i simply ask "hey has anyone stuck there knoge in this mayo jar (because it was my special one i bought and stuck in the back of the fridge) and they were like nooo why? and I proceeded to explain the whole cross contamination thing and overheard one of them telling someone on the phone on thanksgiving about having special accomidations for me because I was a little "paranoid" (dont think she meant it mean) but it still sucks :-/
  5. Ok, i have been gluten free now for 3 months due to thyroid issues and strange symptoms when i ingest it. My heart starts pounding i shake i get dizzy and when im completley gluten free for a couple weeks i fet calm, feel normal , iron levels come up and feel great. but sometimes like back when i ate it if i would eat toast and crackers for bfast first thing in the morning , id get extremley sick! for hours dizzy racing heart, cant think straight and feel like my eyes are swelling but by the end of the day i can eat gluten like at night and not much of a reaction at all to the same thing ? like my body builds an immunity to it through out the day or something? is this normal or just anxiety,? sometimes it races like to 130 for hours but no symptoms at night ? please someone maybe can help thanks
  6. From what I was told and am currently trying is a rotation diet.. and yes it starting to work as I am now able to tolerate more foods than I could when I started. (Which is not good for me bc i tend to go overboard on them knowing there all I can eat) Anyways high starch anything is bad when dealing with leaky gut. I recommed lean meats lots of salmon some low sugar high antioxident fruits, RAW veggies very important even if you have to juice them and lots of garlic.. as for supplements I go for aloe vera juice, (thats what first stared fixing my gut) garlic, onions, a good vitamin gluten free of course i recommend "deva vegan multivitamins" (i just take a half one a day its packed full of veggies too like spinach) , vitamin c is good, slippery elm and marshmellow root (have not tried yet) and keifer or a strong organic yogurt once a day diet will thicken the gut over time we just have to heal it. I know someone who fully was healed in 60 days by eating plain chicken and fish everyday for 2 months by the end of the 3rd month he could eat anything he wanted w no ill effects but remained gluten free anyway bc he felt better on it.. good luck also look into the paleo diet and auto-immune paleo.
  7. Hershey Candy

    I am aware how old tbis posting is but thought this may be helpful: as of march 2012 Herheys has a dedicated gluten free list: http://m.thehersheycompany.com/brands/special-nutrition.aspx#/Gluten-Free