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  1. Hi, Im looking to get tested from enterolab to see if I have celiac or gluten sensitivities. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight. Been suffering for years, and have had no luck with doctors in the past because they thought I was making all my symptoms up. A friend that has celiac mentioned it to me years ago, but I thought you only had gastro problems, which I did have as kid-very badly. But now, my whole body is really sick, as you all know how that goes, and after doing much reading up on it- I swear I've finally found out what it is. Not to mention, my friend was right! I just want to have conformation for myself before I go gluten free. I also am going to try talking to my new doctor to see if he can run some blood tests. BUT, will be getting tested by enterolab first. That way, I can show him my results-proof. Im desperate to figure this out, as I cannot stand being sick any longer. I am only 24, and have been suffering my whole life. "Trying" to keep this short, sorry. So I'll spare all the symptoms, but what tests should I order? Anyone else used enterolab before?

    Thank you very much in advance! :)

    My daughters and I have had lots of luck with entero lab and I believe they are accurate with results. Call and talk to Kathy and she will tell you what test to take(99 dollars and 3 weeks later you get results). The number is972-686-6869. She is great and will help you. If you can find a doctor that gets the celiac gluten thing that would be helpful. In the wheat belly book by William Davis it tells you what tests to get for celiac panel. Another place that could help you find doctors and good infor is a celiac support group in your area. I go to mine once a month and it is great to get support from others that understand what you are going through.

    I was very sick 2 years ago and 2 years later I am on no meds just vitamins and have great energy. I had acid reflux, joint pain, stomach pain, brain fog, fatigue, rashes on hands, feet, knees/elbow, depression, and more. That is all gone. If I eat gluten by accident I get some of it back but then goes away in a few days. I am so grateful that I know about celiac. Otherwise I would be taking a drug for crohns disease right now because that is what the GI docs told me 2 years ago. I am so glad I did not take that awful drug. Start getting well by taking vitamins and eating well. It may take a while but it is all worth it. Good luck!!

  2. I went to the eye doctor yesterday simply to get an exam for contact lenses so I can use my glasses as a back up. While examining me, we got on the subject of wheat and how I think I may have Celiac. He suggested hypothyroidism, which I tested negative for, and explained why many doctors use tests that just aren't good for diagnosing it. (I do have ALL of the symptoms for hypothyroidism...).

    Anyway, as he was examining me, he did the light in my eyes thing to watch my pupils dilate, etc, and said that I had some issues with it (I forget what) and that is was a sign of adrenal fatigue. He asked if I had a lot of stress in my life (YES!!!) and then said adrenal fatigue can cause hypothyroidism.

    After reading about it, I just wonder if there is a hypothyroidism/adrenal fatigue connection to Celiac or wheat intolerance? He said some things can cause intolerance to certain foods.

    My symptoms:

    - Migraines - moreso when I am under a lot of stress; especially in my eyes

    - Dry, flaky skin and frizzy hair (it's straight and fine, but totally frizzed)

    - Very sensitive to temperature; cannot tolerate cold at all

    - Constipation unless I eat something very triggering - then painful, urgent diarrhea. When I have that kind of diarrhea, it makes my heart palpitate (so weird!) and drains my entire body. I feel so weak and lethargic the rest of the day. What is that? Usually the milk/wheat/fried oil combo makes me the sickest, the quickest

    - Nervousness/Anxiety

    - Depression at times/feeling low

    - Brain fog. Like I am lost and confused! Sometimes answering questions like, "What's your name?" can throw me.

    - Really bad memory. Short term memory is bad - even remembering a phone number.

    - General aching/fluish feeling

    - Sick to my stomach in the mornings; can't eat anything first thing

    - Pelvic pain - no idea if bladder, intestines, cervix (had partial hysterectomy due to endometriosis, but wonder now if the pain all along was actually this - same sensation)

    - Fatigue! I notice after I eat something genuinely wheaty - like real bread, I feel extreme exhaustion for the next 24 hours. Like lay down and fall asleep - cannot keep my eyes open.

    - Bloating. I'm always bloated!

    - Weight gain. This boggles me. I have always been underweight and have gained steadily about 20 lbs and I don't know why. sad.gif I can't seem to lose it regardless of dropping calories and exercise. Something is wrong. sad.gif

    - I double over in pain sometimes - it's not consistent or predictable. Like something is passing. I have wondered about an ulcer or something in my digestive tract. One place is my lower right quadrant, or lower left ... and the other is right below my rib cage on the right side. Sharp stabbing knives, burning in that one.

    - I have weird hunger cues. I will eat a big plate of food and be STUFFED, then 20 minutes later my stomach is growling. I know I'm not hungry. So I have strange eating habits.

    The most recent thing though is when I eat wheat - like a big portion of genuine wheat (bread, etc), that evening I feel this strange sensation in my muscles and bones. It feels like ... jittery, but not shaking as with caffeine. More like... being tickled from the inside. Not quite numb and tingling ... but something along that line. Like I need to just get up and seizure or something - shake wildly to satisfy it. What on earth is that??

    I have had the gluten panel, but it came back negative. Like not even on the charts negative. But I had been gluten free for about 6-8 weeks at that point. The test made me doubt myself so now I keep changing my mind because I am uncertain.

    Will an endoscopy/colonoscopy absolutely diagnose you? Or can that have false positives too? If this isn't wheat/gluten... what else is it?

    I know that stress intensifies it (my reactions to wheat) about tenfold, if not more. Maybe that is my variable ... the level of intensity of symptoms. They are always there - it's just a matter of how much.

    I am so tired of being bloated, fatigued, low energy and generally not feeling good. I wouldn't have known this wasn't normal except I went off wheat for three days and felt GOOD all day! It was insane. I have not had that feeling since though...

    We eat 90% unprocessed, chemical free but have been slacking after life got really chaotic. Overall though, we stay away from packaged foods. I have had blood work in December from a endocrinologist and then blood work again in April from an internist. Both said I am absolutely normal. Everything looks great.

    Thanks all!!! I appreciate your time and insight.

    I would try and go gluten free for a while. You sound like you could be celiac and the tests are not always accurate. The true way is to go off of it 100 percent and if you feel better then you know. You might have other food problems and could have a elisa food test.When i did the blood test and stayed away from foods I was reacting to I feel so much better. If I am glutened by accident I cannot sleep, get dry mouth, gums hurt, and the next day I get some joint pain. It is well worth it to eat healthy and get off of gluten. No one should eat the poison. Dr. william Davis that wrote Wheat Belly is so awesome writing that book. If I were still eating gluten I would be on many different drugs and would be very sick right now. I feel great and am on no meds except synthroid for my thyroid. The doctors told me 2 years ago I had crohns disease and I am so grateful I did not listen to the doctor because he wanted me to go on Imuran for the rest of my life which is a horrible drug that can cause cancer. It was gluten that made me so sick all of my life and I feel so good now.I do not trust doctors like I use to. I truly believe that if we eat whole foods, exercise, do yoga or something that is relaxing, and have a good attitude, we will not get sick. Drugs are not the answer.

  3. Does anyone know which test is better? Please let me know if you had the test and found it helpful. I had the elisa test and found it to be very accurate. My daughter just had the al-cat test and they never asked her about medications or did any fasting, which makes me think it is not as accurate. The elisa testing they had me fast, wear no make-up, lotion, no brushing teeth, and no medications until after the blood draw. I was much more impressed with the elisa test. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  4. I agree with you Irish! However, I would add that as much as I respect Dr. Green for his medical knowledge of Celiac, he is an AMA doctor and I don't always agree with him 100% with regards to things like this. I also do not agree with his stance on endoscopies. He is adamant about having one for diagnositic and follow up reasons but I don't agree. Not everyone on the planet needs to be scoped. Doctors have become too reliant on them and now they won't even render a diagnosis and use their little brains to figure things out using the many other avenues available because they want to "see" damage to believe it. This is the mentality that keeps millions from obtaining a diagnosis and their suffering goes on.

    I have been using a very high quality, expensive probiotic for 25 years now because a long time ago, when I was having horrific stomach problems, my doctor decided to do stool testing and discovered I had virtually no good bacteria in my gut, due to the then undiagnosed Celiac and other problems I had. I started using them and never stopped because I find that my plumbing works better with them included in my diet. As far as I am concerned, you can never have too much good bacteria in your gut! There is so much crap in our food, antibiotics are taken too frequently (for some) that I think it a good idea for those with stomach problems. If you are having trouble with them, then by all means stop but that should be investigated because good bacteria should not cause problems in your system.

    As far as the age old stance of the AMA in that anything not blessed by the FDA and the AMA is dangerous and the ingredients cause for worry....bunch of horse pucky. If you use a good probiotic from a reputable company, that should be sufficient to not cause worry. The FDA constantly approves drugs that go on to kill some people or cause serious harm so the FDA needs a dopeslap...it's all about control for them and a piece of the money pie.

    I agree with you. After 2 years of staying off of gluten and taking probiotics, my gut is healing. The doctor I got the probiotic infor has gluten intolerance himself. This is what he takes, so I trust him.It is by Ortho Molecular Products and is called Ortho Biotic. I have had food sensitivities and it is getting better. Once I am all healed up, I expect I will be able to eat many things again as long as I rotate my foods.

  5. Thanks Porkchop, but, as I said in my post, I live in the UK, where maltodextrin always wheat-based, so I doubt think it's a corn issue.

    I have been rotating my (very limited range of) foods as much as possible, but my dietician said there wasn't a way to test for food allergies :S ???

    Thanks again for the advice.

    Your dietician is wrong.You can be tested for food allergies or I should say delayed food sensitivities. It has saved me. You can be tested through Entero labs (stool sample)and that is IGA which is more digestive and that is how my daughter found out she was gluten intolerant. When you do the blood test it is IGG testing and helps you figure out foods that you might react to a few days after you eat them. Sometimes you just can't do it on your own even if you journal which I do everyday. You might need to ask a different dietician or see natureopathic doctor or chiropractor. Someone has to do this testing. Go on line and google it. Hope this helps.

  6. My daughter is 18 years old and went gluten free a year ago and does not have anymore stomach aches, and very few headaches. She was tested through Entero labs(stool sample) and found out she was gluten intolerant last year. She was feeling better but now is having fatigue and anxiety at school. She is too young to feel that she does not have energy. I think she has food sensitivities and she will find out in a few weeks, as she was blood tested (al-cat).

    Anyone that was tested through al-cat and feeling better because they are not eating the foods they were sensitive to? I am very concerned that she will have many foods that she likes that will be off limits to her. It will make it challenging to prepare food that she enjoys. Any ideas?

  7. Does anyone else have a problem with maltodextrin?

    I'm in the UK and have had pretty severe 'D' for days now. I think I've traced it back to ingesting products with quite large amounts of maltodextrin (it was the second listed ingredient, behind water). I'm in the UK so it's wheat-based maltodextrin.

    Will definitely avoid from now on!I'm a VERY sensitive recently-diagnosed coeliac, I seem to react to anything that isn't naturally gluten-free.

    I am also very sensitive and found out 2 months after going gluten free that I could not have corn. Corn is in everything. Maltodextrin is corn most of the time. If you are not sure, call the 800 number on the product. Be good at reading labels. It has saved me many times. If you are celiac, then you can be sensitive to other foods. It is good to rotate your foods to give your body a break if you are sensitive to a food or do the IGG blood test and eliminate the foods that you are sensitive to. I have been lucky with Elisa food testing. It is expensive but it is well worth it if you want to feel good again. Good luck.

  8. Hi,

    Has anyone with celiac reacted to any of the archer farm nuts? I seem to react to the raw almonds inspite of the fact it says the allergens are other nuts and nothing about being on the same line as wheat. I ate some the other day and I had severe brain fog for hours. Sometimes I get cramps or other symptoms. Where can I get safe nuts that are gluten free and not terribly expensive? Thanks much.

  9. This article makes me angry. Says the testing may not be accurate but doesn't say why. Just like celiac testing may not be accurate. Because if you don't eat gluten prior to the test it may not be!

    This article has caused people to call me crazy and say I'm am idiot for believing my test results.

    I just know that I got better after the test. YMMV.

    I agree. I was food tested for IGG and it helped me. I never would have figured out tapioca, turmeric, nutmeg, and artificial flavors were a problem? I know it is true because I write down everything I eat and how i feel. There was a definite connection. I did the test several months later and found out I can eat these things again, but now have problems with honey and a few other things. Meanwhile my gut is healing and eventually I will not have these food problems anymore. It is so important to rotate your food, which then you get different nutrients. I know many celiacs who are good with their diets but are still suffering from food sensitivities. They have brain fog or are easily crabby. I did the Elisa Food testing and you can go through them with your own doctor. Look up "Better Lab tests now" You get a kit and your doctor can do the blood draw.

  10. Try a mixture of 1/3 tapioca, 1/3 buckwheat, 1/3 amaranth, or

    1/4 tapioca, 1/4 almond meal, 1/3 buckwheat, 1/3 amaranth, or

    1/3 buckwheat, 1/3 potato starch, 1/3 garbanzo or white bean flour

    All of these are "stickier" than rice flours and need less gums. You can take a teaspoon of chia seed (or more) per cup of flour mixture used, and soak it in cool tap water, to make a "chia egg" gel to use in place of eggs. Or flax meal soaked in warm water. Then you will need leavening, such as vinegar and baking soda, or baking powder.


    this recipe needs no gums or eggs, yet it works. And it can also be used in "bun in a cup" in the microwave.

    gluten-free Grainless Buckwheat Pancake or Flatbread, sans Eggs

    heaping tablespoon of gluten-free buckwheat* flour

    heaping tablespoon of potato starch (not potato flour)

    heaping tablespoon of preferred bean flour, such as garbanzo (can sub drained, rinsed, well mashed canned beans, other types, use a bit less water)

    dash salt

    pinch of baking soda

    pinch of cream of tartar

    tablespoon of olive oil

    1/2 teas pure apple cider vinegar

    sweetener to taste, whatever type is preferred, a little honey, agave, stevia, molasses, if desired

    pinch of spice, if desired ( I like cumin and chinese 5-spice)


    *buckwheat flour can be made from gluten free buckwheat groats or cereal, by whirring it in a coffee grinder, if you have trouble finding it. Don't use the Bob's Red Mill brand, unfortunately, it is cross contaminated with oats :(

    Mix the ingredients together, and add enough water to create a thick pancake batter. Cook in olive oil in a hot pan (dedicated cast iron makes nice pancakes). Cook on one side until edges dry and bubbles come thru, flip to cook other side. Makes 1 large pancake or flatbread.

    This recipe can also be cooked in a small ramekin or single serving bowl in the microwave, to make a "bun," (grease the bowl lightly, first) for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to a minute +, test for doneness by sticking a knife into it to see if it has cooked through.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give this to me! I will try it today. Have a great day!

  11. Hi

    Sorry to write such a long post, but I want to make my experience as detailed as possible so that it's easier to answer!

    I just wanted to ask a few questions about allergies and leaky gut. About 5 months ago I was having a lot of digestive problems, fatigue, depression a lot of weight loss (which is not a good thing for me because I was already quite skinny) and was eventually given a blood test for celiac which came back negative. I went on the gluten free diet anyway and most of my symptoms went away within about a week except for my stomach bloating and gas which lasted 2 weeks. During this time I had been eating lots of gluten free processed food, lactose free milk and going out for dinners and it was all perfectly fine so I was happy and started eating a lot and managed to gain back quite a bit of weight until I got glutened again while eating out. After this I stopped eating out as much and felt much worse than I did the first time I went off gluten, but after 2 weeks I was again completely better. Another week later I was back on my weight gaining regime and ended up getting glutened by putting my bread in the toaster that my parents use which I thought wouldn't happen since I do not have celiac disease, but regardless I have since completely avoided any form of cross contamination that I can think of.

    The problem is I haven't really healed this time and it's been over a month. Sometimes when I have eaten something that contained absolutely no gluten in it my stomach would just swell up 10x it's normal size (while it was already quite swollen) and I would get really bad stomach pains and other problems... I sort of figured out that it may have been corn since cornflour was often used in my meals when this would happen, but sometimes when I ate cornflour it didn't do this at all. After about a week of no corn (and pretty much no processed food at all) I didn't experience any pain but my stomach was still very distended. I decided to cut out dairy. I had been eating lactose free but not dairy free and thought maybe this was the solution to my problems. It's been almost a week and my stomach has not gone any flatter, but my fatigue, depression and insomnia has come back which I am thinking might be because of withdrawal from dairy? I am really hoping it isn't something else. A lot of my gas has gone away since cutting out dairy, but I still feel like there's something lingering in the background and the fact that I have barely any symptoms besides constant bloating makes it harder for me to determine what it could be. I have been eating a lot of rice, eggs, nuts and night shades (mostly potatoes and tomatoes) and am wondering if this could be the problem, but I'm so scared to cut anything else out because every day that I don't stuff my face with food I seem to lose almost a kilo (2 lbs?).

    I know a lot of people experience leaky gut and other allergies popping up, but I'm just wondering if it sounds like I could have one of these problems or are my symptoms too mild and I should just wait to see if it goes away before cutting anything else out of my diet? I know I haven't been dealing with this as long as a lot of people, but I'm just worried if I do nothing about it it'll get worse and if I do start cutting out food I may end up losing all the weight I gained back for nothing >< I am quite depressed at this point and could really use some advice...


    I have been gluten free for 2 years and dealt with food sensitivities. You should try one of those foods that you suspect and take it out for a week or more and see how you feel. If no different , then try another one. The you won't feel deprived. If it does not work, then you could have more than one food problem. I know it is expensive but i did the IGG blood test and I am feeling good. I cannot have honey, nutmeg, raspberries, turmeric, and arifical flavors. i never would have figured this out on my own. The Elisa food testing is a good one. I did it through a chiropractor. She had worked with Dr. Mark Hyman years ago. You can get really good info form the ultra wellnesscenter .com about mark Hyman. He knows the gut and is a great doctor. My daughter is dealing with many allergies now and if she does not get well, I am going to his clinic in Mass. It is expensive ,but her health and well being is more important. Rotate your foods so at least you are giving your body a break from the ones that are bothering you. Also, Carlsons cod liver oil , fit D drops by encapsulation are pure, and if you were to see a natureopathic they would have you taking enzymes to break down the proteins so you can digest better. L-glutamine powder is for healing the gut too. I was told but nutritionist to eat your heavier meals for breakfast and lunch and eat smaller at supper. If hungry bone broth is very healing. you need to give your gut a rest so it can heal and so your detoxify. My daughter and I are getting good at not eating at night. If we do, fruit or something small. hope this helped.