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  1. Hi Dilettantsteph -- thanks for your reply. I should clarify that I'm not posting here on this for me. I'm posting this because a lot of folks online are suggesting just washing the beans to magically remove the gluten, while Jane Anderson is saying that trace amounts may remain. I just want to...
  2. For what it's worth, I suggest getting a gluten-free testing kit and checking to see if your beans are safe after washing. It's the only way to be sure. Jane Anderson at About.com claims that washing (soap or no) does not really remove the gluten: http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/Gluten-Free...
  3. Symptoms from gluten can take a while to leave your system, you could also have other food intolerances or conditions. SIBO is one associated with leaky gut, which comes from intestinal damage from celiac. So many possibilities. The only sure way to know is to take all this to your doctor and...
  4. I made rice crackers from cream of rice baby cereal, olive oil, and water. It's surprising edible!

  5. I'm a 35-year-old woman with hereditary hemochromatosis. I'm supposed to have zero problems til menopause, but in my 20s I had severe iron overload. After the bloodlettings, things went along OK. But now I'm diagnosed celiac and gluten-free...and my celiac anemia tendencies are removed, allowing...
  6. Yours may be better than mine, of course.
  7. I'd love to know more about this, too. I can't seem to eat much, and the docs here won't put me on an elemental diet because I'm in a US military medical system and they don't support it (the GI used the words "tip of the spear" twice to refer to the medical care available...apparently the elemental...
  8. I tried Celiact this week. For two and a half days only -- and then I had to stop. It seemed like a great idea. It has a ton of stuff in it, all of which I was taking separately and some of which I had on order and didn't have access to. I don't have anywhere to buy gluten-free vitamins, since...
  9. Just had my first Larabar!!

  10. 5 wks in: still C and blotating BUT BRAIN FOG IS GONE. Wow. So this is what living feels like.

    1. Chaff


      Ha! "Blotating."

  11. Chaff

    Cheese Requiem

    I've lost cheese! I put two and two together and am now on a two-week casein elimination diet. HOLY COW. It's day 4. (On day 2, my rennet arrived in the mail. It was a sad day.) I just made a dinner for my husband and me that took an army of hands. There was my gluten-free pasta, his...
  12. No, there are a million of these, aren't there? But thanks for the tip -- I'll steer clear of that one!
  13. Rats. Now I have to do a casein challenge. There go my cookies for two weeks. :(

  14. My first gluten-free toast with olive-oil "butter"! IT TASTES LIKE REAL FOOD. =)