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  1. In The Pet Care Industry

    Thanks for all the ideas bartfull, but, yep separate toaster, toaster oven, cutting boards, condiments. But hadn't looked in the silverware drawer, that's quite a good idea, and yes, did find a few crumbs of something in there, so bang it's cleaned out now. I have the worst feeling that as long as this goes on and my gut does not seem to be healing the more sensitive I'm getting. Have never really felt "glutened" before although all the scopes showed damage, that's why I had no idea I had celiac. I had migraines, osteoarthritis, was always anemic then finally a colonoscopy showed the damage. Then this past month have gotten all the "bad" stomach reactions, diarrhea, gas etc etc. from unknown sources. This is my 2 yr anniversary of my diagnosis. Seen 2 drs, and 3 nutritionists, thought I had this pretty well nailed - guess not.
  2. In The Pet Care Industry

    My only problem is that I need to walk, feed and play with at least 25 dogs a day. Feeding twice and walking twice a day, washing my hands after each feeding is not really feasible, my hands are already shot from being wet so much as it is.
  3. I have run a boarding kennel for dogs for the past 25 years. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago. To the best of my ability, have been following all the guidelines from my doctor and nutritionist, and of course reading incessantly blogs such as this. I have a question though, since I am constantly surrounded by dogs that lick my skin, have to feed dogs their food that has gluten, and their treats that have gluten, am I making myself sick? I have had numerous colonoscopies, and endoscopies that show little to no improvement even after following all the rules of my food intake - is it the dogs that are making me sick?
  4. This is very true. My Dr. told me that sometimes you may have it since birth, but it takes some kind of change in your body to trigger it. In my case I believe it was my knee surgeries, some people report another kind of health problem which triggers it.
  5. Please o please watch the carbs and calories in gluten-free food. I was someone who had no clue that I had celiac until I was diagnosed after a routine colonoscopy. Then lo and behold, I found out that celiac can cause migraines (which I suffered from), osteoporosis,( which I have,) and anemia (which I've always been.) I went into a huge depression going to grocery store and stuffing the cart with everything gluten free thinking it had to be good for me - wrong! 20 lbs later I find out that the additives put in gluten free foods to make them tasty are high calorie high carb. Many restaurants these days are getting the hint that they need to address our needs. Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc etc all have menus to give you that list gluten free offerings, so it's getting better for us. I used Medifast gluten free meals to get the weight off, and another thing that helped was trying to follow the Paleo diets that are out there, basic food items & tasty ! Good luck to you, you'll need to read lables constantly to try to keep from getting glutened. If you read this forum you will see that many manufacturers are gluten free then something changes and they're not anymore.
  6. I Dropped My Guard... Bad Idea. Lol

    I know what you mean, I got careless and instead of picking up the Udis gluten free bread I grabbed a loaf of Rudis (not gluten-free) bread. I ate about half the loaf when I realized what I had done, I was out of town at the time and it took just a little while for the drowsy, stumbling symptoms. Then a migraine that started the morning I was supposed to take a 4 hour flight, although I take Imitrex, it takes a while to kick in, and one of the things I cannot do with my headaches is sit or lay down, not possible on a plane. Poor fellow I was wedged in with on the plane, I probably looked like I was gonna die - I felt like it! Why can't stores make up gluten free sections instead of mixing organic and gluten free together. And lord only knows why Rudis and Udis have to look so much alike.
  7. The Paleo Diet?!

    I too found that the Paleo diet was easy to follow. Being diagnosed 2 yrs ago with Celiac was a shocker to me because I had no stomach "disruptions" like other people. But osteoporosis, migraines, anemia was a way of life for me till I finally found the right gastroenterologist . Now anemia and migraines have gone almost completely. And the "doofies" as I like to call them - dizziness, stumbling, and tiredness have all disappeared. Wish I had known before I was falling about 4 times a week, sprains and a broken hand resulted. In regard to the nutrionists I had the same experience - I felt the whole time I was teaching them. I think the only way a nutritionist for celiacs should qualify is to actually have the disease themselves.
  8. Enzymes For Gluten

    Just an FYI. I saw an article that says a company by the name of BioLineRX, is doing clinical trials of an oral drug, BL-7010, that is said to mask gluten so that a person's immune system does not recognize it and does not react to it. You may want to check into that.
  9. Mojo Returning?

    I was amazed at how good I felt when I decided to go on the Medifast gluten-free diet. At first I thought it was the new influx of protein in my diet. And then I thought it was the pounds finally coming off, but now I do truly think it is the lack of gluten I am taking in. I keep reading as to how folks are feeling better once going truly gluten-free, and now I think I am finally joining the crowd! I have never had the outward symptoms most others have had, have always been anemic, have been plagued with migraines for the past 10 yrs., and osteoporosis has made me have both knees replaced at 53. But now I am truly feeling like actually moving around, exercise is not the torture that it had been. And I find that I am accomplishing things in my days that I never thought I'd be able to complete. So if this is gluten free - I am willing and able to continue with the new lifestyle.
  10. I would like to remind people that feel that following a gluten free diet because I have celiac disease is not a choice but I am trying to save my life. That if I don't follow my diet to the letter that I will continue to have stomach damage possibly to the point of giving myself cancer. It's like quitting smoking it's life saving - not a choice.
  11. Different Levels Of Celiac?

    I'm trying hard not to just read the bad stuff in this paper, but I'm a little alarmed. This paper as a layman is trying to read it says that the different cells involved can mutate to become lymphoma cells? I am someone who is not responding to a gluten free diet. I have only been 1 year into it, but last endoscopy shows a worsening of the villi, and although I have been eating gluten for 57 years I have never shown any gastric distress but have been diagnosed with anemia, migraines and osteoporosis and until an unrelated endoscopy just found out I have celiac disease. So am I in the group where I should be looking out for lymphoma ?
  12. Scd Success Partner

    I have also been looking into the SCD diet. I keep hearing about how going gluten-free will stop the symptoms, but really won't help heal my damaged stomach. The only problem is that I was overweight to start out with, then when I went gluten-free crazy eating everything gluten-free in sight I gained at least another 20, not watching carb intake at all. Now I'm on Medifast gluten-free, have lost 20 but have another 20 to go. I am feeling wonderful, what symptoms I did have are gone. But not ready to give up my Medifast yet, but kudos to you, I hope it shows some healing progress for you. Good luck!
  13. Aroma!

    I can't stand the rice pasta, it's just not the same texture - but I find that the corn pasta is good, found at Trader Joes. Still searching for a good bread, Udis, Rudis, tapioca bread, yuck.
  14. Oh so true and nice to hear - I'm 58, and have lived with anemia, arthritis, migraines, and now osteoporosis. My Celiac was only found while looking for an unrelated problem. I couldn't believe it took all these years for someone to finally hit the nail on the head. But all my life I have been the one known for having an "iron stomach". Nothing really bothered me like what the other celiacs are describing, and I have no clue if I've been "glutened". It's like walking around with blinders on !
  15. Always Bring Your Own Food!

    And truly don't you think it takes a weight off of the host or hostess of the dinner that they don't have to try to make something "special" just for us ?