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  1. Do you also drink flavoured coffee in Starbucks? Like white mocha or nut latte or mocha frappuccino? I live in Turkey and the Starbucks here has no idea about gluten so I try to explain it all the time but still do not trust their cleaned equipments used for frappuccinos.
  2. I am a huge fan of "well&good muffin mix", if you add raisins to the mix it is perfect! I love that toblerone flavors are all gluten-free and snickers is also a favourite. I also eat macarons, as far as I know they are naturally gluten-free. Chestnut, especially candied chestnut is also gluten-free and soooo good I am a huge fan of snacks as you can tell
  3. Hi, i have just been back from my Paris trip, and it was marvelous!! It would last pages if i start talking about it all but here is the part about eating:); the Helmut Newcake bakery is a wonderland! I tried many thigs and took away cereals and soup mixtures. I could not taste their lunch or dinner service as they are closed on mondays&tuesdays an they serve only brunch on Sunday. I loved their walnut cake and lemon pie! There are a few more alternatives for lunch and dinner in the city like Noglu restaurant, Fee Narure and La Timbre. I did not try them due to their schedule so i strongly advice u to check their timetables in advance. I was able to eat omlettes, french fries and drink coffee almost everywhere.. What i adored the most was their bio/natural shops with all the variety of gluten-free products. La Vie Claire was my favourite and the supermarket "Monop" also had too many stuff. I enjoyed their perfect coffee and madelaines a lot:) I also visited Eurodisney and they had special dishes packed for allergens and was very tasty. Bonsoir
  4. Hello, I am quite unexperienced about gluten-free diet abroad and I am travelling to Paris this weekend for 5 days. I live in Turkey and it is quite a "wheat based" country unfortunately. Here, I need to be carefull about local wines, and fresh cheese (don't know what they refer to with 'fresh' exactly) and even Turkish coffee due to the cc risks during packaging. It would be great if you could give me some advice about the safe foods in Europe. Can I trust every cheese and even cream cheese? Are all the coffees (like filter coffee, cappuccinos or mochas) ok to have?(I believe they should be unflavoured right?) Can I enjoy French wines or should I ask about their production process? Thank you all in advance!
  5. Absolutely inspiring!! Thank you again! I will check around for black garlic:)
  6. It is more clear to me now, thank you for your comments. I will always ask beforehead accordingly. @love2travel, it would be great if you can share risotto recepies, I am a huge fan
  7. Wow, you gave me a big relief!! The dietitian was quite paranoiac actually, she made me paranoiac about cheese also she said I can not trust every kind of cheese, and I am quite confused ( sometimes I wish I had the symptoms to make sure that things I eat do not have gluten.. ) I saw the same warning about hot coffee cups on our local celiac association (in Istanbul/Turkey). they say it is used as a glue for the side of these cups. Anyway, I think experience is everything here, so I will trust your kind comments and get my coffee to go! Thank you all!!!
  8. Hello, I used to love risotto in restaurants before my diagnosis. Do you know if it is definite that any risotto is gluten free? I am afraid they might have cream that is not gluten-free.
  9. Hi, My dietitian has once told me that the hot coffee cups (that are served in Starbucks etc) contain gluten in their edges. Do you have problems with it? I keep ordering coffee in mugs ever since, but I can not have coffee to go obviously. I have been diagnosed celiac 5-6 months ago insidentally and I do not have symptoms, so I am afraid I am getting glutened without knowing.
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