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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    Sorry not sure why that posted again
  2. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    Yes, seemed like every time I started the steroids again as soon as I was done rash came back and was usually worse than when it started. Is there a reason it's worse at night? Also does the dh rash burn and tingle?
  3. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    Yes, seemed like every time I started the steroids again as soon as I was done rash came back and was usually worse than when it started. Is there a reason it's worse at night? Also does the dh rash burn and tingle?
  4. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    I have had shots and the decreased dose of steroid. As soon as I am done comes right back
  5. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    Even high dose as soon as I stop the rash comes right back. I don't want to take Dapsone after what dr told me about it I won't take it
  6. Super Itchy Rash Going On 4 Years Now

    Would like to say that I have done the steroids and unless I am on a super high dose it does nothing for my rash. It has gotten worse in the past few months. Gonna see the dermatologist in a few months now knowing I need to be steroid free Dr. Put me on low dose thinking it might help which it hasnt. The worst of it is in the evening not only does it itch but my skin burns and tingles does this happen to those who have dh?
  7. I had a biopsy about 2 years ago it was inconclusive for DH. The dermatologist did biopsy because as soon as he saw my rash he said it looked like dh. It has gotten worse over the years. I have it on my arms, waist, breast, eyes, hands, wrists always on both sides of my body. The skin usually starts to itch before rash even apears. I take about 50mg of benadryl a night just so I can sleep. Every evening the itch is so bad I feel like ripping my skin off. It always wakes me even with the benadryl. Going to new Dermatologist hopefully soon hoping to have another biopsy done how can I ensure it is done correctly
  8. ugh wish I knew about oral steroid and that it would effect results.
  9. My son has had 4 pulpectomoies and of course the dentist blames the breast feeding. I come from a long line of digestive issues in my family most of my bro/sis has some sort of tummy issue as do my kids I have been to the hospital with at least 3 of them in horrible tummy pain only to find out they were extremely constipated we also have food allergies and horrible eczema. I am not only trying to figure out his issues, but also my own. Which has been a ok g process with no answers yet and it's been over 2 years. We got his CBC back and his blood work was good that was the blood work is pediatrician ordered I am sure the GI will do more i am scared they will want to do a feeding tube. Just hoping to get some answers and get everyone healthy
  10. Well the test the dr ordered are neg. I am going ask for them to be redone since I was on prednisone during the test. I am so frustrated so tired of not feeling good and constantly itching
  11. That's what I thought I hate that there is such conflicting info out there. Hoping the steroids don't effect the test. Having some sort if answer would be great
  12. The lady at the lab said steriods have no effect in the celiac panel not so sure I believe that, but we will see. My mother has crohns and all my brothers and sister have some sort of stomache problem. The more I think about the symptoms I would not be surprised if my mother had Celiacs
  13. My almost 2 year old was recently diagnosed with FFT seeing a GI in April I am waiting on test results for myself. He weighs 20 pounds and is 33 inches he still breast feeds and trying to get him to eat anything is like pulling teeth. He chews the food then spits it out or flat out refuses. He has had 4 crowns on his front teeth and needs more fillings on his molars. 4 of my other kids have the same teeth issues I also have a 13 year old who was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. When we go to the Gi what should we expect? Sorry if this is jumbled I hate seeing dr and getting no real answers been dealing with my Heath issues for yeas and all the dr are clueless. Hopefully my little one will get some answers Anyone else have a FFT child that was diagnosed with Celiacs?
  14. Thankfully I am still eating gluten I knew that If more tests were run I would have to keep eating it. Just not sure what tests to ask for to be run so tired of the dr's just looking at me and saying sorry have no clue what is wrong, but here are some steroids to help for a minute. I have been on and off steroids for almost 2 years it is the only thing that helps. I have the typical rash that looks like dh and then I also have a rash around my eyes that itches really had and hurts my eyes crack and bleed and the skin flakes and peals it is awful it is also around my mouth some mornings i wake and my lips are swollen. I have been to an allergist and the IGA blood test was high I also am allergic to black pepper, oregano, cinammon, almonds, apples, bananas, oysters, plums. I have taken these out of my diet and I still have no change in my rashes. The tests the dr ordered are CBC Celiac disease panel If I am on oral steriods will it effect the test?
  15. Well my biopsy was neg after learning how it should be done I realize that it was done wrong. Now I am not sure what to do this rash is unbearable it comes and goes and has left scars is this typical for dh? Would really love a diagnoses but if I don't get one soon I think I may go crazy! I am planning on going on the gaps diet to see if it helps What other test should I ask my dr for