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  1. Ok so I was given the medication metronidazole, this particular one is manufactured by Teva. My doctor and her assistant both tried to look it up for me and neither could find anything on it. The pharmacist was clueless. She did offer to call the company, but it was closing time on Friday so we didn't think anyone would answer. I am so frustrated! It happens like every time I go see the doctor for the most simple issue. There are lists of gluten-free meds online I know, but this wasn't on the list, does that just mean it wasn't available on the market at the time the list was last updated? So tired of this, thanks everyone for reading and hopefully I can get some insight. :)

  2. Among many other foods, I am allergic to oysters, white mushrooms, and straw mushrooms. What makes it seem even more strange is that I tolerate other shellfish just fine. And I can eat some varieties of mushrooms like cremini. Not to mention Oysters and mushrooms are both really healthy for you. Has anybody else discovered they have an allergic reaction to an obscure food like that?

  3. I am a 19 year old celiac and have had it for five years. Prior to being diagnosed, I was asymptomatic. While a lot of people may consider me lucky for never having to deal with the crappy feeling of being "glutened," it does have its downsides. For example, I am never sure whether something I ate had gluten and sometimes, I feel I exhibit some symptoms of being "glutened" but am never sure.


    Well, today I have been feeling terrible. I have seriously gone to the bathroom around ten times today not feeling well and am itchy and sweating a bit more and I feel hot. Of course, I am wondering if maybe I did somehow eat gluten and that is the cause or if it's just regular food poisoning or just a bad bout of something. And that's my issue......I never truly got a feel for how it feels to be contaminated so when I have stomach pains or something along those lines, I never am sure whether it could be gluten or something else.


    So I guess I am asking......can someone give a summary of how they feel when they eat gluten? How do you differentiate this from something else?


    PS: I know the symptoms are all over the web and I have looked many times at them and it just gets so confusing. I just thought personal help would be better for me to understand the actual symptoms of the disease, as I never truly "experienced" them knowingly ever.

    I am also an asymptomatic Celiac. But while I was eating gluten before my dx I felt horrible all the time. I was afraid to go to the doctor because I thought I might have intestinal cancer. After a few months gluten free I realized I hardly had a reaction anymore. But I know I have celiac, I had every classic symptom plus complications that could not have been anything else, so I avoid it at all costs. Its hard to tell when I've eaten gluten, sometimes my feet and hands ache but even that might only last a couple minutes. Several times I have had random symptoms like itchy skin. By contrast, my other allergies involve hours of intense stomach cramps, nausea, or vomiting.

  4. I'm kind of puzzled that you are still going thru this after so many years. That being said, I have totally been in your position. I was starving, my friends had nothing to offer but pizza, and I didn't have money to go to a store nor did I have a ride home. I had packed food but had finished it hours ago. Now, I learned to pack extra food than I need, any time I step outside the house. Even if I'm only driving a short distance away, I think "well, my car could break down and the tow truck guy could take forever!" Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Some of my friends felt bad the last time I had nothing to eat. They said they will take me to the grocery store so I can buy stuff to leave in their cupboard. I noticed you said you don't eat a lot, bad Idea, just eat right before you leave for the day.

  5. No Kareng, I was never diagnosed, I'm still waiting for a gastroenterologist to scope me.


    Thank you all for your replies. 

    I can see 2 changed over time and one remained the same.

    I asked because the young gastro doctor I saw last week said I don't fit the Celiac profile.

    And a friend keeps saying I don't have Celiac because my symptoms are no longer the classic ones I had as a child - teen.


    Your responses were helpful.

    happy to help out anytime!

  6. Hi CeliCat! yes this lifestyle is a huge adjustment but it gets better as you go along. I have been doing this gluten free thing for over 1 1/2 years so I pretty much achieved expert status by now :) There are a lot of things you can try for your mood. Dairy comes from a pregnant animal so it has a whole bunch of pregnancy-related hormones, especially GMO dairy. Caffeine and alcohol may also affect your moods. Try giving up these foods at least for a couple weeks or so. If you have  a question about celiac or gluten free, feel free to send me a message :)

  7. Absolutely. My mom says that she remembers seeing changes in my health even when I was 9 years old, at the time it was D and behavior problems that were misdiagnosed as ADHD. By the time I was diagnosed a couple weeks before entering college, my symptoms were totally different: constipation, heart burn, stabbing pains after eating, almost fainting, shortness of breath....well, its a very long list. I also was always a skinny kid but then started to get sort of a belly, which is gone now, yay!

  8. You are most definitely not the only one! At a party I was being pushed to 'just try a little' of this lady's special dip. Everyone else tried it and were scowling at me expectantly. I figured I would just have a dab on the end of a veggie stick....WRONG. Whatever the hell it had, I was gassy , bloated and had heartburn nonstop for hours, I had to go home early because it was was getting embarrassing. Never made that mistake again lol.

  9. My friends' daughter is 7 or 8 I think. Whenever I come over now she puts a snack in my face, usually a cupcake or something and is like "Here you go!" And I am always like No thank you! We tried to explain to her, nothing with wheat or dairy but she doesn't understand really what that means. We also said I mostly eat fruits and vegetables too. Her parents also feel guilty that they couldn't find anything in their kitchen that I can eat ( take out, tv dinners and cereal) and she might have caught onto that. Its an interesting situation, since even adults are clueless about wheat ( "can u still have white bread?") so explaining my condition to a small child is especially challenging. Anyone else went thru this?

  10. I have always been quite careful with cutting my pineapples. Not because of any awareness of them being toxic if they aren't ripe, but because they are freakin expensive and taste bad if they aren't. I just drop them into a paper sack and roll it up and put them in a corner somewhere until they are beautiful and gold and smell like awesomeness. I haven't had any accidents with cutting an unripe one, but this is good to know. At least you found out pretty easily what was bothering you and it wasn't gluten! :D

    I agree they are heavenly when perfectly ripe. This was my first time buying a whole pineapple and cutting it myself, since I usually buy canned. and yea I'm glad it wasn't gluten too

  11. Honestly, I get stomach cramps etc but I just have to tough it out and be more careful. Over the counter digestion aids all have soy and corn and other allergens. and more natural enzymes from the health food store can be 20-30 bucks a bottle. So I drink a lot of water and rest, avoid stress and go to bed early if necessary. Yoga also helps. Some poses increase the blood flow to your abdomen, aiding digestion.

  12. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Celiac. I tested positive for Celiac with 2 blood tests. I have not had an endoscopy, and my symptoms seem so different from everyone that I have read on here. I have severe abdominal pain after eating gluten for about 2-4 hours, but then it goes away. I have seen that some people stay sick for a few days after, is that just one of the many symptoms that people can have? I know that Celiac has a variety of different symptoms, but I just don't know if I can fully wrap my head around the fact that this is happening to me. Maybe it's a little bit of denial...anyone else have symptoms like me?

    I'm also in college, with a meal plan and no kitchen to cook. This makes it extremely difficult to avoid all gluten because every time I go into the Caf I am at risk of getting glutened. I have just been googling all the foods that they are serving, but even then, it is buffet style, so I know there is a risk for cross contamination. Anyone have any tips?

    Hi, I am 19 but I go to a community college, we don't have meal plans and I'm not sure what that involves. Do they make you buy cafeteria food? I have not found anything safe to consume in my cafeteria but fruit, juice, tea, coffee and boiled eggs. Granted, I have other allergies, and like to eat healthy ! I basically just cook all my own food and bring nuts and fruit and stuff at school. you should really get a crockpot and maybe a food processor . If they have a microwave that will help out a ton. theres bags of veggies now where you just cut slits in the bag and steam it in the micro. I don't blame you for avoiding the buffet layout, that's one sure way to get contaminated!

  13. so yesterday I was feeling pretty bloated after lunch, I was mystified but just shrugged it off, I couldn't have eaten anything the least bit questionable. so I probably just had to take a #2. It went away after awhile. Today same thing after lunch but it was much worse. There was bloating, aches and I had to take a couple trips to the bathroom and it lasted longer than the day before! I did some research and found that pineapple, if its not totally ripe, is toxic!! I had no idea! I had been using up a pineapple that I accidentally cut before it was ripe but didn't want to waste. This is what I found "

    Eating the fruit or drinking the juice of an unripe pineapple can be extremely dangerous. In fact, the Drugs.com website explains that it's quite toxic to humans, often causing excessive diarrhea and severe vomiting." Wtf! Just thought I would share this with you guys.

  14. Thanks but Lea & Perrins was the one I looked at lol. And natural flavors is far from harmless. In fact it is a blanket term for anything manufacturers don't want to be seen on the label, including: common allergens, MSG, corn syrup and castoreum.


    Lea & Perrins has malt vinegar (gluten) in Canada and the UK. The US version has distilled white vinegar and is gluten-free.


    The sweetener in both versions is sugar. Remember sugar, from before the corn industry pushed so many manufacturers to use HFCS instead of sugar? Some products still have it.


    ETA: "Natural flavors" are often proprietary, almost certainly gluten-free, and not a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Not a worry for me.