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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I am not on any antibiotics (should I be?). Yes youre right I have some minor acne, but I did I write about it here? Seems that my gut is swinging back and forth between diarrhea and constipation. Right now it´s further on the constipation side of things...
  2. Yes I do take probiotics. I just find it strange that it went from C to D. Hopefully it´ll normalize with time.
  3. I don´t think so. Well, we are two atleast then...
  4. Hi I am 10 months gluten free, and starting about 2 months ago my stools became looser and looser. It is now bordering on diarrhea, although it is still kind of hard to get out, i.e. still a little constipated but not at all like it was 6 months ago. Is this normal?
  5. I am 10 months in gluten free, still not well. Stomach issues improved, but I´m still dealing with fatigue. I read that it´s recommended to quit dairy products. But what about lactose free dairy products?
  6. You are not alone dealing with fatigue long after diagnosis. Myself I am (almost) 10 months in and dealing with fatigue and exercise intolerance. I get so pissed with all these happy go lucky people that run marathons after a week off gluten and assume that´s how things work out for all of us. But I´m not jumping to the "Chronic fatigue syndrome" diagnosis just yet. This diagnosis should only be given when there´s no medical explanation for your fatigue, in other words when theres no treatment and all hope is out. We have an explanation for your fatigue * celiac * so don´t label yourself with a useless CFS diagnosis or trick yourself or your doctor to skipping all the testing and giving the lazy man´s diagnosis. There´s a lot of tests you could take to rule out all the diseases of the world that cause fatigue. I for myself I´m waiting eagerly to see the follow-up biopsy. If the villi healed, then we seriously need to look for other explanations, and there´s a lot of tests that could be done.
  7. When Did The D And C Get Better For You?

    Constipation started clearing up after 8 months for me. Still dealing with fatigue and exercise intolerance 10 months after diagnosis/start of gluten-free diet.
  8. I am 9 months into the diet and things are improving but it never happened overnight as I might have hoped at the beginning. At first I was worse, then gradually I started getting a little more energy. Then constipation started to clear up. Then I started gaining some weight. Still dealing with less energy than most, but not at all bed bound most of the day like I was a year ago. I even work now! For some people things clear up quickly, for others it takes more time. Its hard *I know* but one day you´ll be strutting with energy. Till then, take it easy on yourself.
  9. Hi nvsmom, You are 1 year into GFD and still have elevated tTG IgA. It may be that this is the cause of your fatigue. Is it improving or is it getting worse? Your triglycerides levels may be indicating issues with your hypothyroidism. I think there are at least two possible causes for your fatigue as you have both hypothyroidism and celiac. I am no doctor but I think the tests speak for themselves. What kind of doctor are you seeing? I guess you already know that "adrenal fatigue" and "DHEA" belong in the alternative sphere of medicine. I am no expert but it sounds kind of strange to prescribe cortisol when levels are normal. Didn't quite understand what you are doing with B12. Levels are normal, so now you are taking extra B12 supplements? Your doctor may be caught up in the wrong things. I hope you´ll feel better soon.
  10. Hi niese This probably takes more time than one month. I myself have been gluten free for 8 months and things have not resolved themselves completely yet, though I am improving. Your blood levels have probably not normalized yet, that means theres still an infection going on in your body.
  11. Frieze: They tested me for TSH, T3 and T4 various times, results were always within the normal range. GFinDC: I was already tested for food allergies: Egg whites, cow milk, cod, wheat, peanuts and soy beans. All negative.
  12. I've already been tested for hypothyroidism. What food tolerances should I worry about and how do I notice them_
  13. Thanks so much. It is normal then I suppose.
  14. Hi My blood values are coming down, but while the anti-deaminated gliadin IGG has come down to normal values, the TTG IGA is still lagging behind at 12 (should be <7). TTG IGA was 15 in January. Why is it that the anti-deaminated gliadin comes down before the TTG?
  15. The ttg iga is still at 12 (<7), while igg is down to 4 (<7), 7 months into the diet. I still have my limits, I'm struck down with fatigue if I exercise too much or overdo things.