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  1. Just got off the phone with them. So frustrating. I logged a complaint but I doubt it accomplishes anything. She said I can always call and check on a product. I told her that defeats the purpose of labels. I can't call every single time I purchase and what if they change facilities after I have checked an item? I said I felt that this was a purposeful attempt by Aldi to make consumers believe there was something special about this product. Wow! A gluten-free item that is affordable?! Thank you Aldi! When in fact they could harm my child with these misleading labels. It's one thing if they ad
  2. I went to Aldi because friends said they had a lot of gluten-free items. I bought Clancy's cheese curls thinking they were gluten-free but when I double checked before feeding my daughter the gluten-free logo looked different to me. It has the wheat in a box and gluten free is in a box next to that. The word naturally is above the box and the word food is below the box. It is located under the ingredient label. It does not say anywhere that it is processed in a facility that has wheat. I emailed Aldo and they checked with the supplier. Here is their reply. "The Clancy Cheese Puffs are produce
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