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  1. Ok so I asked my doc. it can help with the auto immune reaction but you need more than just z glut to deal with that. basically when we eat gluten it creates a cytokine reaction that opens up tight junctions in your gut that creates the whole body autoimmune reaction by letting the gluten pass through to the blood stream. Im not a doctor but i am relating it as well as I can. The Zglutn is an enzyme + herb + vitamin blend that reduces the reaction both autoimmune and inflammatory. I am going to try with the other pills that my doc recommended next time and let you know what happens. T
  2. [quote name='1desperateladysaved' timestamp='1357064245'] I did like my nutri-val test which analyzed my need for supplements in great detail. Some common for celiac ones that I am on are: Pancreatic enzymes (could that be what you tried?) Vitamin B Vitamin D Coenzyme Q10 Magnesium Probiotics I am also on a special series that my chiropractor tests me for. I I think that I am now hoping that the nutrients are getting in. I like the idea of the nutrient tests, so that one is not spending more than they ought to. [/quote] I am taking B complex, D, ascorbic acid,
  3. I had a similar experience with corn chips. they had bread in the bowl before they put the corn chips in it and only whiped it out with a cloth. I'm thinking it was probably cross contamination
  4. Ok for those of you who do not know me I travel a lot. So from time to time I accidentally ingest gluten in one form or another. For instance I found out today that Sodium Starch Glycolate is technically gluten and can cause a full reaction in someone who is as sensitive to it as I am. Thanks to #glutenfreeinsc post I now know what I was getting in my diet that was causing a reaction. So I've decided to start trying different things that can help me either get better faster once I ingest gluten or reduce the reaction if taken daily. Keep in mind that I am a little bit eccentric at times.
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