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  1. Hi all! I am newly pregnant (6 weeks). I have been strictly gluten free for about 2 years (since official dx) Since I have been pregnant, my gut is way not happy. I'm having some of the same symptoms I had pre dx (D, gas, belly pain). I am absolutely sure I have not been glutened. I have been eating more dairy than usual bc it's a quick protein snack. I had been tolerating dairy without issue. I'm planning to cut back and/or get lactose free products to see if that is the cause. Any other suggestions for possible triggers? I have appt with my GI in early Oct.
  2. I'm not an expert, but I have noticed that the longer I am strictly gluten free the more sensitive I am to smaller and smaller amounts of contamination.
  3. Going gluten free did help my migraines some. But, then they came back. My neuro says that almost every migraine sufferer is magnesium deficient. I take MigRelief which is a supplement that contains feverfew, B2 (I think, it's riboflavin, anyway), and magnesium. This has helped along with my preventative meds.
  4. I'm another one who gets (well got) sick every time I ate there. Despite employees changing gloves, washing hands, etc. I just gave up. It would be nice to be able to eat there since the rest of my family loves it and it would be a nice place to add to the few on my list that I know are safe. Oh, I am in the DC-NOVA area as well.
  5. Mine did get better going gluten-free (took about 4 months to be completely resolved). Now, that's one of the ways I know if I've been CC'd or accidentally glutened (along with some other not so nice GI sx), it comes back.
  6. I did not have any problems with dairy until I went gluten-free and started to heal. Now, I am slowly getting to the point where I can tolerate a small amount of dairy. But, if I over do it, I have almost the same symptoms as I do if I am accidentally glutened, except the headache.
  7. My first symptoms to go were chronic D, nausea, pain after eating, and bloating. I lost a pants size in the first month just from bloat. Migraines took a little longer to improve, but did improve (and then came back...yuck). I had a rash on my hand that cleared up after about 2 months gluten-free (pretty sure it is just eczema and not DH as it was not blistery). I didn't expect ANY of the digestive stuff as I originally quit eating gluten to see if it would help my headaches. The drastic GI response is one of the things that prompted my celiac dx when I finally went to see GI.
  8. Any recommendations? Our lovely (read with a LARGE amount of sarcasm) has decided not to approve my son's referral to his ped GI at Children's. I am trying to talk hubby into using the POS option and paying OOP for the visit, but he's not going for that at the moment. So, our option now is Hopkins (our plan is affiliated with them). Dr. Carmelo Cuffari is the one that comes to our local provider's office. A quick web search shows that his main interest is IBD. DS needs to be seen again for worsening GERD and I would like him tested for Celiac with my recent dx (which our ped won't do without me being genetically positive and the insurance is fighting with my GI about the genetic test...banging head against wall here). So, I would prefer a doc who is interested in Celiac research, etc. I did find there is ONE person in the department at Hopkins. I am willing to drive to Baltimore (it's about a 1.5 hour drive each way). We are in the DC/NoVa area. Any suggestions for a ped GI in the area would be appreciated (we have seen Dr. Kerzner at Children's in the past and I LOVE him and his approach).
  9. Actually, the biopsy could possibly still tell you something. But, it's an invasive test and there are risks with that, so you would have to weigh the risks/benefits. I had to have both endo and colonoscopy for other reasons. I had an endoscopy at 5 months mostly gluten free (mostly meaning a cheat every 3-4 weeks and not watching CC at all) and I had Marsh 1. That with my dietary response led the GI to dx celiac. My blood tests were negative b/c they weren't done until a month before the scope.
  10. My endoscopy and biopsies after 5 months gluten-free showed increased interstitial leukocytes (I did eat gluten the week before the testing, but not a whole gluten challenge). With this and my positive dietary response (see my sig for why I went gluten-free to start), my GI dx'd celiac. I wish my PCP (not my current one) had let me go to GI Dec 2011 when my symptoms were at their peak. I think I would have had positive blood work and a positive biopsy then. But, it didn't work out that way so here I am.
  11. Um, I just was diagnosed this year and I'm 34. So, 33 is not too old. I didn't have any problems until after my pregnancy. So it may be that you just had a trigger in the past few years. Endoscopy is where they go down the esophagus and look at the stomach and duodenum (first part of small intestine). The biopsies they take from the SI will show if you have any damage. They will also be able to look at the ulcer if there is one in your stomach. My reflux and stomach pain resolved and I was able to go off Nexium when I went gluten-free. I am back on a PPI now after my scope b/c I did have esophagitis and active reflux during the scope. But I don't have the painful symptoms any longer. Good luck with your appt on Thursday. It might not be a bad idea to ask and see a GI doc as well. They can coordinate with your surgeon. Surgeons don't always know the best ways to fix problems that aren't necessarily surgical, kwim?
  12. EGD and biopsy were done at 5/6 months mostly gluten free (meaning the occasional cheat and not paying any attention to CC). Biopsy showed interstitial lymphocytic infiltration which was nonspecific, but could indicate partially treated celiac. This combined with my gluten-free diet response is what led the GI to dx celiac. So I guess so, sort of?? GI doc has an appt to do a peer to peer review for the insurance. I doubt they are going to reverse their decision. Discussing with DH whether or not to do the testing through Enterolab.
  13. It won't make any difference in my choices. I will still be gluten free for the rest of my life. I want to know b/c I have a child and no one in my family has ever been dx with celiac. I also want to know b/c then I can encourage them to be tested for celiac too (my GI thinks my mom should be tested since she has osteoporosis and had autoimmune hyperthyroidism). This is purely for informational purposes. Not to guide any treatment decisions.
  14. Has anyone done the genetic testing through Enterolab? My insurance company and I are going round and round and round about the genetic testing that my GI doc ordered. The Enterolab price isn't bad, so I am considering going that route if I can't get anything done with the insurance.
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