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  1. medaevalmom

    Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

    WOW. That inital post, and many after could have been written by me. i love the title Post-Wheat-Syndrome! just...
  2. medaevalmom

    Have I Gone Gluten Crazy?

    I am sure this is what is happening. I (briefly) dated a guy in high school who had an anaphalactic allergy to dairy...
  3. I am sorry Ì don`t have much to offer, as I am so new to this ... but May I suggest that along with the great advice ...
  4. medaevalmom

    Igg Intolerance Testing?

    I am writing from Canada, so can`t help on Specifics like testing in your country...but I have a suggestion. Have you...
  5. Actually, thes past couple weeks that has crossed my mind. I realy would like to get to a point of a wheat freeégluten ...
  6. I sort of did that... not a FULL elimination, but quite restricted but i suspect not long enough. i was keeping a good...
  7. medaevalmom

    Sugar And Fruit Problems

    hi Celiac mindwrap, i just want to say, though i am so new at this gluten-free diet and all the fun () that goes with...
  8. Hi! I am new to this forum. I am looking for advice. My dr completed a Celiac panel (bloodwork)on me back in June. the...