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  1. Has anyone heard of this DNA test kit for celiac, and do you know anything about it? http://glutenfreehelp.info/autoimmune-disorders/home-genetic-testing-for-celiac-disease/

    I've seen a few different references to it now in my researching. It's supposed to be more thorough and 100% accurate. My alpha-gliadin IgA gluten test came back high and I just read on an article in this site that this test is 97% accurate for diagnosing celiac disease (and not just gluten sensitivity); is that correct? I have several autoimmune conditions and definitely react negatively to gluten with bloating, stomach pain and discomfort and arthritis very soon after eating it. I thought I had gluten sensitivity and have stayed away from it but am not ultra-diligent. However, after reading that, I'm wondering if I should take it more seriously and be more careful at restaurants, with cross-contamination, etc. I want to keep my autoimmune reactions as well controlled as possible.

    Thank you!! :)