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  1. I am 100% off of gluten. I have made sure that I don't have any contact at all if I can help it. I still break out in these rashes. I don't know what could be causing it. The doctor says it's allergies. I am off gluten, chocolate, and anything with dyes or colors. It doesn't seem possible to live without breaking out in a rash. Sometimes I just wished I lived in a bubble. Does anyone else feel like that?

  2. I've had weight issues all my life. It took 6 years for doctors to find out gluten was my problem. I couldn't keep weight on and I was either not hungry or afraid to eat. I eat more now that I am gluten free and still not gaining which is fine for me but my doctors seem to think I need to gain weight. I don't know what to do to gain weight.

  3. I've had reactions last a long time. I took a vitamin with gluten in it for a month. Had no idea there was gluten in it until I went to throw the bottle away. The ingredients had changed. So now I make sure it says gluten free. It's been a month since I was glutened and the symptoms are just now diminishing. It seems like the longer you stay away from it the longer it stays in your system or the worse your reaction is.

  4. I'm 25 and have been gluten free for two years. I live in a dorm with five other girls and I want to eat what they are eating. I know that it will make me really sick. It's hard to eat gluten free when everyone around you is eating pizza and people bake sweets and bring them to us. When they find out I can't eat what they brought the only thing that they say is sorry and feel bad for me. I don't want people to feel bad for me but I don't want to beat myself up because I long for the things I can't have. Does it get easier to eat gluten free and not long for what you can't have?

  5. I am in an internship program now that accommodates for my Celiac the best that they can. I get out in May and would like to go to a university. I do not know how they would accommodate for me. If they would need a doctors note or something from the doctor. The doctor that did my colonoscopy and endoscopy said that she saw nothing but I was off of gluten when she did the test. I have been told I have Celiac by a doctor, a gluten intolerance by another doctor, and one of the doctors I had told me, "If it makes you sick, don't eat it." I'm going to be doing some research now.

  6. I'm also a college student living on a limited budget. We have breakfast and lunch provided for us four days a week. On occasion someone will come and cook for us. There are 13 of us. I attend a leadership internship so we are a small group. At first all I could eat was salad, salad, and more salad. They finally bought some gluten free bread so I can have the option of a sandwich for lunch. There has still been times where I have to worry about cross contamination. For dinner, I usually eat rice and vegetables. That gets old after a while. I bought a bag of gluten free pasta and added spaghetti sauce to it. I eat eggs for breakfast every morning. Rice cakes with peanut butter are good also. Corn tortillas are cheap. Wrapping lettuce with some kind of meat or rice inside of them are a good option.

  7. I went totally off of gluten and for a while had no breakouts or sores. Then the mouth sores, rashes on my stomach, back, and neck came back. It was the stinging without the sores when I put chocolate covered almonds in my mouth. Kind of thinking it's either nuts or chocolate on top of the gluten. Thank you for sharing. Was wondering if someone else has experienced this before.