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  1. Thank you all so much for your suggestions! We are actually going out of town to my brother-in-laws in the DC area. We staying almost a week. My husband and I have already been pulling up all of the bakeries and restaurants on my find me gluten free app. He gets as excited as I do about being able to safely eat a more variety of food. We live about an hour from Asheville, NC which is AWESOME for our community. Love them. We frequent it a lot and hubs always eats gluten-free with me. <3


    My husband is also very, very observant when cooking and cross contamination. In the ten months since my diagnosis, he has never glutened me. Now, myself, I have caused cross contamination to myself a few times. :rolleyes:


    I'm beginning to feel less nervous. I've heard him and his brother discussing the meal. We decided I will take a lot of my own foods too. I'm addicted to rice chex so breakfast will be taken care of. I think it just feels so good to not be treated like I'm causing problems. My own family I feel like I'm not taken seriously.


    Again, thank you all so much for your help, suggestions, and support. I love the overall support in this community. :)

  2. I know Thanksgiving is only a month a way, but I'm already becoming anxious. I have gluten-free since my celiac diagnosis in January. I have never had meals at other family/friends home since becoming gluten-free. That is mainly because my immediate family on my side just refuses to get it. Only my husband and teenage daughter get how serious it is and have seen how sick contamination makes me.


    This year we were invited to my husbands brother's home for Thanksgiving. My husband immediately volunteered to cook the turkey so he knows it will be gluten-free. His niece graduated from culinary school in NYC last year and took a semester in gluten-free baking, cross contaminiation, and all other aspects. Her bff was diagnosed Celiac while they were in culinary class together. So, in a sense I do feel safer with them as I feel they will take my condition seriously and not treat me as if I'm doing this on purpose like my side of the family does.


    My question, do any gluten-free vets out there have any suggestions of how to enjoy the holiday without making myself sick?



  3. I feel like I post on here so much with my crazy questions but I'm just starting this new life with celiac. I'm going on 3 months of gluten-free. I'm quickly figuring out when I've been contaminated or accidently had gluten. It only took one time to make me OCD about being careful.  My question is this? Can old symptoms reappear with out ingesting gluen as one is healing? I'm personally sticking to a whole foods diet. I've discovered it's easier on my stomach. Things I had no problem digesting four months ago now hurt my stomach (non gluten foods) as soon as it hits my stomach.


    This newest old symptom to reappear is tender, sore ankles that have now led to swollen ankles.


    I'm so confused..just as I think I'm figuring things out..poof! <_<

  4. Are you sure that it wasn't an allergic reaction to something?


    I guess it could have been. Anything is possible. Seems I'm having allergic reactions to medicines since going gluten-free. Never had a problem before..as for now, nothing new in my diet, soaps, detergents, shampoos, ect.  Just trying to locate the source...I hate itching!


    BZbee...my scalp was itching like crazy, too!

  5. I'm  new on this whole gluten-free journey. I'm 2+ months into the celiac disease diagnosis and the diet. I've been able to identify that horrendous reflux is one of my signs that I've been contaminated or glutened. I'm fairly positive I was contamined last night. My husband and I were out of town and we ate dinner out. I thourghly question staff, even talked to the chef last night about gluten and cross contamination. Last night about 5 or 6 hours afte dinner, I started by having itchy palms and feet, then it progressed to my thighs, stomach, arms, and back...in that order. I also noticed a fine petichae rash wherever I was itching. This lasted for hours!! It was still present today but not as bad. Benadryl has it under control right now.   Can this happen from cross contamination, is this even associated with celiac disease?

  6. Thanks Gemini. Luckily, I've never had fertility issues and as far as this miscarriage, it was twin to twin transfusion. Pathology also indicated a chromosonal defect. Still doesn't make it easier but I was super nervous it was from the Celiac. All of my blood levels are within normal limits. They were before my diagnosis. The only change from October to now is that my folate and B12 are on the lower end of normal. I've already added extra supplements in addition to my prenatal. We plan on trying to get pregnant again as soon as I have my first post D&C period. 


    I hope I get to where I can tolerate oatmeal again. It's always (since childhood) been one of my favorite foods for anytime of the day. :)

  7. The chocolate I had was in Pamela's chocolate chip cookies and the oatmeal was certified gluten free. I think maybe half a cup. I'm having a hard time figuring out what I can eat and what is hurting my stomach. When I was diagnosed two months ago, I was pregnant at the time. I didn't know it until a few days later. When I'm pregnant, my stomach can handle anything. I can eat spicy, chocolate, oatmeal, and so on. I was following the gluten free diet a few days before the biopsy came back. The reflux was gone in a matter of days. Sadly, I had a miscarriage a month ago. So, now it's like starting over as to what my body is able to handle. I guess I will now add chocolate and oatmeal to the do not eat list.  Any flavorful suggestions on how to get fiber now? I've thought about getting some flax pills for it but is that as good as eating non gluten containing grains?

  8. Just curious if anyone has ever had a gluten type reaction to eating gluten free oatmeal? I'm having horrendous reflux since eating some this morning. I've also notice chocolate does this to me too...normal?


    I never had a problem with either before my diagnosis with celiac disease. This is also the first time I've ate the oatmeal since going gluten-free in January.



  9. My contacts do that at times. Have you tried using clear care solution to clean them? It's more like an enzyme and will seriously clean them. As for eye sight...I have both of you beat! My glasses are a -8.0 and my contacts are -7.5.  I'm so blind, I sleep with my glasses on so I can see when I wake up! :P

  10. Within a few days, my reflux and gas disappeared. Over a few weeks, depressiona and anxiety started to life. The mental fog also went away within a few weeks. I'm two months into my gluten-free lifestyle and I've noticed I no longer have issues with neuropathy or even knee pain. Crossing my fingers that with time maybe my PVCs will even go away...oh and I'm starting to loose weight without much effort. :) I was a Celiac that couldn't loose weight no matter how much I tried. Now after diagnosis, it's coming off. :)

  11. I'm confused when it comes to using gluten free makeup, shampoo, and soap. Do all those with celiac disease need to use these or is it just the ones with the skin reactions to gluten? I don't have a reaction via skin and I've never had the rash but I also don't want to use gluten products if there is a chance its affecting my recovery. I'm new this and finally feel like I'm getting a good handle on my diet, cross contamination, and even toothpaste to use...now this.


    Any advice?

  12. I've only been gluten-free for about six weeks, when I was diagnosed. I've already noticed a HUGE difference!!


    No more depression! I was actually taking meds, no more!


    My neropathy that I thought was left over from before I had my back surgery...gone. No more meds for that.


    Reflux is gone! No more meds there either.


    Brain fog..oh my, it was bad.  Gone. I think clearly and my work (fairly new job) has dramatically improved.


    More energy!!


    gluten-free is so worth it just to feel human again. :)

  13. Hmmm...I was extremely lactose intolerant as a baby/toddler but seemed to have out grown it. Until several maybe even ten years ago. I can eat egss and things baked with dairy, no probem. If I have more than one glass of 2% milk or ice cream...I'm get the runs. :unsure: The lower the milk fat, the easier I can tolerate it...I do even better on organic milk. I was recently pregnant ( had a miscarriage last week) and noticed as I did with my first two pregnancies...I can handle milk and ice cream like it's no one's business. I was drinking almost a gallon a day and gluten free chex was my go to food. Wonder what that is all about. 


    I can also drink coffee, although keeing that to a minimun, acidic foods haven't been a problem since going gluten-free. My GI doc thinks we just caught the celiac disease in its beginng stages. I havent' had symptoms for more than a year, two at most. I have an excellent primary doc who automatically ran a blood test when I came in complaining of severe relux, nausea, and fatigue. He's a godsend


    Sorry for getting off topic. I'm just kinda curious how some with celiac disease can handle dairy, soy , citrus...etc and some can't. Does it have something to do with how long the celiac disease has been untreated or undiagnosed?

  14. I've been doing some research on this topic and wonder if anyone has any input on the subject.


    I started my gluten-free diet two days before my official diagnosis of celiac disease. That was January, 20. What I didn't know is that I was almost four weeks pregnant at the time. I've stuck to the gluten-free diet very well. I'm still trying to discern my syptoms as to if I have been cross contaiminated and I believe my first clue was reflux but with pregnancy, it was hard to determine which was which.


    Sadly, I lost my twins this week. The doctors think it was a fluke and something went wrong in the dividing process in the very early days. I'm trying to figure out was this due to untreated celiac disease and then only knowing to start treatment after becoming pregnant. :(


  15. I'm having a MAD craving for crinkle cut and restaruant made french fries...with ketchup! My question is, how do I know if they are ok to eat. My husband has a restaurant and I love his fries. He told me he uses pure vegtable oil, but it's also the same oll that's used to make onion rings and mozerella sticks. I'm assuming that's a no no??

    Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated!!

  16. I have family members who are driving me crazy!! I was diagnosed after an edno on the 17th of this month. I had been studying everything I could find after the blood antibodies came back elevated. I knew celiac or not, gluten was a problem. I began explaining this to my mother, sisters, chidren, and husband who seemed to understand how serious this is. Once the biopsy results came in, my husband really seem to understand. My teenager is good at getting it. The rest of my family blows it off like it is nothing. My sister recently made a comment about after learning I'm pregnant that she will make beautiful cupcakes for my baby shower. I told her she could make whatever she wants as long as they are gluten free and she takes the time to learn about cross contamination. Her reply? "You can make whatever you want, I'm making regular for everyone else. I don't know how to make gluten free mixes, only icing." SERIOUSLY????

    Maybe it's my hormones but I was mad. It's hard enough to work and live with other non celiacs who can eat all those foods I'm craving but to purposefully say that??

    Today...my MIL who is staying with us for a bit (she's from overseas) decides to clean my kitchen. She takes the family toaster FULL of crumbs and dumps it on my counter. Then proceeds to take a dish cloth with water only to "clean" it up and spread all of that over the rest of the counters and table. I completely freaked out and immediately started santizing behind her. She started yelling in her language and then started crying.

    I don't have the time or the energy to continually go behind her and disinfection gluten products...

    So frustrating!

  17. Thanks for the link!! I'm actually taking that brand of prenatals. I feel great to have found a product on my own that is safe!! Empowering.

    The app that said sprite zero has gluten said it was from the "natural flavors" ...this is about the only drink that will settle the morning sickness. I don't drink much, water is my main drink, but it still freaked me out.

    I tend to believe other celiac'ers about what has gluten and what doesn't than a phone app.

  18. I was formally diagnosed with Celiac's about two weeks ago and started a gluten free diet. I found out last week that I'm pregnant. I went to the pharmacy to get a prenatal vitamin, I read the ingredients on the label and I fairly certain it is gluten free...my question, is reading the labels on a medicine bottle enough?

    I also just realized by playing around with an Iphone app that sprite zero has gluten. :(

    I think I will start scanning everything I buy now...even if it says gluten free.