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  1. I think since some of my symptoms are bloating and gas he wanted to make sure it was from dairy? I've always had a intolerance to dairy, mainly milk or ice cream. I can handle them in small doses. With milk, the lower the fat content the easier it is for me to digest. I also have less problems with organic milk.

    I think regardless, I'm going gluten free. I'm tired of all the symptoms.

    Thank you for your advice it is greatly appreciated!

  2. I had my EGD yesterday to check for celiac. My antibody levels are very high which is why I was referred to a gastro. After the procedure, the doc said he saw scalloping in various spots in the third and fourth level of the small intestine. He took sample of them. He said he was suprised he didn't see more scalloping because of my lab results. He put me on protonix 40mg twice a day and told me to avoid all dairy for a week and then restart.He said to call and let him know if it relieved any of my symptoms. I mentioned the gluten free diet and he told me to wait. Is this a normal to cut out dairy but not gluten in the beginning. If not eating dairy does not change anything, shouldn't I proceed to a gluten free lifestyle?

    I'm trying to wrap my brain around the diagnosis of celiac disease and the changes I will be making, but what is the usual process for someone newly diagnosed?

    :unsure: :unsure: